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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Doris White Accounting 1 Rate
Megan Adams Middle Childhood Education 4 Rate
Judy Craven Communication 2 Rate
Ronald Enz Computer Science 0 Rate
Elizabeth Boyd Management 5 Rate
Deayne Johnson Biology 18 Rate
Julie Fuller Instructional Technology 0 Rate
Thomas Reclaw Foreign Languages 0 Rate
Freeha Khan Instructional Technology 29 Rate
Susan Calvin- O'Connor Mathematics 0 Rate
T.D. Carmon Sociology 0 Rate
John Abernathy Accounting 21 Rate
S Pedoto Biology 0 Rate
Jay Waronker Architecture 6 Rate
Amanda Rollason Mathematics 16 Rate
Richard Hutchinson Sociology 77 Rate
T Lambert Psychology 0 Rate
Alison Lawson Chemistry 40 Rate
Michael Murphy Chemistry 6 Rate
T Loe Marketing 15 Rate
T Thomson Mathematics 0 Rate
K Kopelman Management 0 Rate
T Poddar Chemistry 0 Rate
K Duda Chemistry 0 Rate
K Schulzke Business 0 Rate
Susan Newman Education 0 Rate
Katherine Ingram Exercise Sport & Health Ed 19 Rate
Cortnie Hartwig Chemistry 0 Rate
Daniel Kuemmerle Engineering 27 Rate
A I Slomovitz History 0 Rate
C.A. Shinall English 0 Rate
R Scott Sociology 0 Rate
D Tang Finance 0 Rate
V Wakeling Economics 0 Rate
E F Anderson Mathematics 0 Rate
B.E. Flanagan Geography 0 Rate
R Mayani Accounting 0 Rate
L E Craton English 0 Rate
William Allen History 0 Rate
Timothy Gillman Communication 23 Rate
Mark Anderson Chemistry 1 Rate
BO Hayes Biology 0 Rate
Samuel Polizzi Not Specified 4 Rate
Amanda McGrew Freshman Seminar 0 Rate
Charles Thorne English 43 Rate
Lori Klingler Chemistry 49 Rate
Tim Lubben Sociology 4 Rate
Peter Emmanuel Engineering 20 Rate
Felix Lonji French 3 Rate
Shannan Rivera English 7 Rate
Shaconna Haley Sociology 14 Rate
Tracey M . King Marketing 1 Rate
C L Neal Psychology 0 Rate
S L Szalwinski Communication 0 Rate
Diana Lossner Mathematics 0 Rate
Kevin Stokes Physics 0 Rate
Edwin Akins Architecture 7 Rate
Denise Johnson Management 0 Rate
Lawrence Gold Business 0 Rate
M Ware Science 0 Rate
M Garber Computer Science 0 Rate
Jennifer Singh Sociology 20 Rate
Bess Walthour Criminal Justice 18 Rate
Robert Lowrey Health Science 0 Rate
L Earl Marketing 0 Rate
Meredith Ginn Communication 25 Rate
Justin Pettigrew Communication 24 Rate
Roy Abhra Economics 5 Rate
Roger Graham Political Science 0 Rate
Dana Woodruff Fine Arts 1 Rate
Alan Watts Spanish 31 Rate
C M Williams English 0 Rate
J C Montgomery Health Science 0 Rate
Brad Herring Theater 0 Rate
David Brown Early Childhood Education 0 Rate
Robert Johnson Physics 0 Rate
John Gaddy University Community 4 Rate
W.H. Partridge English 0 Rate
L Edwards Geography 0 Rate
Robert Myers Management 0 Rate
Peter Rorabaugh English 0 Rate
Jennifer Purcell University Studies 45 Rate
H.N. Ramaswamy Chemistry 0 Rate
U H Wilms Physics 0 Rate
Sarita Gregory Political Science 20 Rate
K Dennison Chemistry 0 Rate
R. Paul Biology 0 Rate
J Wachtman Art 0 Rate
J Sweigart Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
J Petrillo Health Science 0 Rate
P Dillingham Anthropology 14 Rate
J Gregg Johnson English 49 Rate
Julie Garrett English 20 Rate
Matt Duffy Communication 7 Rate
Bobby Otto Sociology 0 Rate
W Nicholson History 0 Rate
M. Kellen Williams English 0 Rate
M Wood Early Childhood Education 0 Rate
M Uddin Architecture 0 Rate
Dr Ross Education 0 Rate
Rebecca Johnson Psychology 0 Rate
Jeanette Wachtman Education 4 Rate
Leslie Porche-Smith Culinary Arts Hospitality 1 Rate
Smith M.E Smith Biology 0 Rate
Jeffrey Cebulski English 0 Rate
Tamara Hurst Human Services 0 Rate
C A Wailes Mathematics 0 Rate
E. Jonathan Arnett English 21 Rate
John Sippel Biology 0 Rate
C A Robinson Education 0 Rate
Pamela Joyce Theater 0 Rate
Jerushia Graham Art 0 Rate
K R McCrary Theater 0 Rate
Raymond Vermillion Science 0 Rate
D. Don Davis Biology 0 Rate
Charles Chang Political Science 3 Rate
Kathryn Negrelli Japanese 5 Rate
A Blakeney Education 10 Rate
Edward Charrette Exercise Sport & Health Ed 0 Rate
L Tucker English 0 Rate
L Guglielmo English 0 Rate
L. Wachniak Sociology 0 Rate
Michael Carroll Information Science 18 Rate
S. F. Roach History 0 Rate
C. Richard Cole Architecture 0 Rate
F Mirza Economics 0 Rate
K. Gwaltney Chemistry 0 Rate
F Scordato Foreign Languages 0 Rate
R. W Michalik Spanish 8 Rate
W. H. Rice English 0 Rate
Jennifer Vandenbussche Mathematics 28 Rate
J. Haseltine Chemistry 85 Rate
J Tate History 0 Rate
J Fowler History 0 Rate
P Grindel Communication 46 Rate
P Prime Economics 0 Rate
Geoffrey Adams English 16 Rate
Stephen Flaim Marketing 0 Rate
R Neira Chemistry 0 Rate
Robin Mathis Civil Engineering 10 Rate
A Yaghi Political Science 0 Rate
A Borden Sociology 0 Rate
C.J. Alverson Mathematics 0 Rate
Javier Concepcion Chemistry 0 Rate
G Ramirez Finance 0 Rate
J. A. Riley Sociology 20 Rate
Q Nichols Human Services 0 Rate
Chad Gibson Communication 0 Rate
Murry Smith Jr Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
David Schwartz Psychology 0 Rate
Rachel Kieran Psychology 31 Rate
Kevin Goldberg History 0 Rate
Kercey Terrence History 0 Rate
Canan Mutlu Management 4 Rate
William Nicholson History 18 Rate
J.C. Bradbury Economics 17 Rate
Jere Link History 7 Rate
Michael Harper Humanities 0 Rate
A. Bowdoin Van Riper Social Science 0 Rate
D L Wallsmith Anthropology 24 Rate
D A Denaux Economics 0 Rate
S A Kirsch Business Law 0 Rate
Judith Beale Early Childhood Education 1 Rate
April Johnson Political Science 28 Rate
Hollie Queen Early Childhood Education 0 Rate
J. Thomas Moore Accounting 0 Rate
David J R Short Visual Arts 0 Rate
George Stickel Chemistry 3 Rate
William Okie History 7 Rate
R. Luminda Kulasiri Physics 22 Rate
Michael Felts Communication 0 Rate
Bailey Player English 0 Rate
D. Lo Chia-Tien Computer Science 6 Rate
Shelby Schlact Law 0 Rate
T Watanabe Mathematics 0 Rate
D Hampton Health Science 0 Rate
Maureen Kperogi Political Science 10 Rate
Jasmine Younge Computer Science 0 Rate
John Long Freshman Seminar 7 Rate
T. Larosa Physics 0 Rate
C Ukeje Human Services 0 Rate
C Jachak Chemistry 0 Rate
John Marsh Music 18 Rate
J.D. Pool History 0 Rate
M L Lawson Mathematics 0 Rate
Alan V. Lebaron History 1 Rate
Denis Brosnan Freshman Seminar 0 Rate
G. Gabriel Chemistry 0 Rate
Susan Whitlock Physical Ed 42 Rate
Terrence Kersey History 0 Rate
Mary Murray Technology 0 Rate
Steven Riley Mathematics 22 Rate
Thomas Devaney Accounting 20 Rate
John Vande Ven Computer Science 0 Rate
Alfred McDonald Economics 0 Rate
Lucia Ribeiro Spanish 23 Rate
Earl Howell Business 0 Rate
Lynn Palazzo Freshman Seminar 29 Rate
S P McCullagh Biology 0 Rate
A Cruz-Abazeri Languages 0 Rate
L B Thomas Mathematics 0 Rate
Arief Setiawan Architecture 26 Rate
Benjamin Goldman Art 14 Rate
Natalie Parks Psychology 0 Rate
James Mallory Communication 5 Rate
Sailaja Pydimarri Technology 12 Rate
David Albert Business 0 Rate
Sandra Chandler Mathematics 67 Rate
Michelle T Judson English 0 Rate
Elizabeth Burleson Mathematics 6 Rate
I Rosenblitt Computer Science 0 Rate
Gabriel Ramirez Finance 13 Rate
M. Whitman Computer Science 26 Rate
M Ahmed Computer Science 0 Rate
David Mitchell Exercise & Sport Science 1 Rate
Aaron Graham English 30 Rate
Charles Setzer Computer Science 0 Rate
J Lewin Mathematics 0 Rate
Emily Hartmangruber Mathematics 50 Rate
Maria Suarez Chemistry 13 Rate
E Springer Finance 0 Rate
S D Calvin-O'Connor Mathematics 0 Rate
Phillip Harold English 13 Rate
S Ledford Mathematics 0 Rate
L Meda Chemistry 0 Rate
Susan O'Connor Mathematics 0 Rate
G. Simpson Science 0 Rate
C. Hair Chemistry 0 Rate
C. Xu Computer Science 0 Rate
Ligia Ryburn Spanish 20 Rate
Xuepeng Liu Economics 67 Rate
Vale Henson Human Services 0 Rate
M Gattis History 0 Rate
M Zimmerman English 0 Rate
M Muddei Languages 0 Rate
Y Huang Art History 0 Rate
Dana Russell Anthropology 21 Rate
Phillip Poskus Freshman Seminar 6 Rate
William Blackwell Health Science 0 Rate
Jacob Rump Philosophy 0 Rate
J Mullinex Construction 0 Rate
J Jaynes Biology 0 Rate
Max North Information Science 0 Rate
Ward D L Computer Science 0 Rate
L M Howell Education 0 Rate
Flor Hidalgo Mathematics 0 Rate
T S Ragsdale Mathematics 0 Rate
Denise Knapp Culinary Arts & Hospitality 19 Rate
Lisa Ganser Biology 18 Rate
Christopher Randall Psychology 0 Rate
K Laser-Hansen Biology 0 Rate
Haluk Bingol Political Science 7 Rate
Alison Hedrick Instructional Technology 0 Rate
D M Carter Mathematics 0 Rate
Julia Clem English 0 Rate
P. Seth Thompson Media Arts 2 Rate
A. Leila Borders Marketing 14 Rate
Rachel Kreiter Art History 0 Rate
Brian Artese English 52 Rate
Joseph Terantino Spanish 0 Rate
Daryl Foster Fine Arts 0 Rate
Jasmine Ward Health Science 0 Rate
Kyle Owenby History 6 Rate
Nathaniel Padilla Not Specified 0 Rate
Stacey Williams Psychology 68 Rate
Joseph Meeler History 0 Rate
E Nweke Mathematics 0 Rate
A. Shillingsburg Psychology 0 Rate
Luc Noiset Economics 49 Rate
P Laval Mathematics 0 Rate
P Morris Accounting 0 Rate
D. Stollberg Physics 17 Rate
D. Lynch Chemistry 0 Rate
D. Vogelien Biology 20 Rate
D. Holmes Biology 0 Rate
Maurice Leblanc Mathematics 15 Rate
Evelina Sterling Sociology 19 Rate
R Matson Biology 0 Rate
Mary Cagle Political Science 16 Rate
Jason Jones Chemistry 33 Rate
Carrin Harrison Psychology 21 Rate
Valerie Smith English 5 Rate
Joan Ledbetter Communication 11 Rate
Pearl Young History 17 Rate
J Gillis Geography 0 Rate
Victor Kane Political Science 0 Rate
Marvin Smith Early Childhood Education 1 Rate
Michaela D'Aquanni Special Education 2 Rate
Honnavally Ramaswamy Chemistry 8 Rate
Leslie Bates Freshman Seminar 0 Rate
Charles Chambliss Early Childhood Education 0 Rate
R Grant Business Law 0 Rate
James Bullins Theater 2 Rate
Claudia Spiro Mathematics 0 Rate
Flor Espinoza Not Specified 18 Rate
S Stockton Anthropology 0 Rate
Neeley Gossett Theater 0 Rate
Ryan P. Ronnenberg History 1 Rate
Felice Russell Education 2 Rate
Betsy Smith University Community 0 Rate
Corinne Williamson Psychology 0 Rate
Adriene Williamson Psychology 25 Rate
Corinne McNamara Psychology 41 Rate
Joanne Jezequel Biology 0 Rate
Richard Teter Management 0 Rate
Carole Hollingsworth Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
Cynthia Michota Political Science 21 Rate
Michael Patrono Economics 220 Rate
J Sparks English 0 Rate
Guy J.L Lagaud Biology 0 Rate
Cynthia Daniel Freshman Seminar 0 Rate
Francine Warner Engineering 0 Rate
June Laval Foreign Languages 3 Rate
Heather Kerr Anthropology 0 Rate
Ferdinand Danson Political Science 0 Rate
Roneisha Worthy Engineering 17 Rate
Jonathan Lartigue Computer Science 0 Rate
Gary Carrico Political Science 90 Rate
Greg Johnson English 0 Rate
Emerson Lindsay Mathematics 0 Rate
Matthew Marshall Engineering 0 Rate
David Worrall Health Science 0 Rate
Charles Kennedy Engineering 0 Rate
Laura Ritter Mathematics 0 Rate
Nathaniel Widener History 0 Rate
Scott Nowak Biology 24 Rate
T White Philosophy 0 Rate
T Viscelli Business 0 Rate
Tiffany Post English 17 Rate
Sharon Pearcey Psychology 14 Rate
Alesia Schnur English 0 Rate
Linda Evans Education 4 Rate
M.T Hendricks English 0 Rate
W Michalik Spanish 0 Rate
John Krolak Science 0 Rate
Lynda Brown Computer Science 6 Rate
W McMurrian Philosophy 0 Rate
Jeanne Bohannon English 11 Rate
Dawn Eskridge Theater 0 Rate
Ishan Vaidya Computer Science 5 Rate
Adrienne Williamson Psychology 36 Rate
Kasey Helton Freshman Seminar 0 Rate
Tristan Glenn Education 0 Rate
Andrew Kazemian Electrical Engineering 13 Rate
Anita Burch Art 1 Rate
Michael Morris Political Science 0 Rate
Thomas Hippchen Mathematics 0 Rate
Allison Garefino Social Science 0 Rate
Benjamin Pearce English 2 Rate
A Dutta Chemistry 0 Rate
Robert Buresh Health Science 0 Rate
Christopher Raymond Chemistry 0 Rate
H. Msimanga Chemistry 42 Rate
H. Sutton Biology 0 Rate
H. Mitchell Computer Science 0 Rate
B Shushan Finance 7 Rate
Achala Pandey English 0 Rate
Stephen Faim Management 0 Rate
Beaumont Hagebak Psychology 0 Rate
M Nwosu English 0 Rate
Behnam Aryafar Mathematics 0 Rate

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