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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Susan Barfoot Social Work 1 Rate
Emily Kelley Art History 9 Rate
Stephen Clipper Criminal Justice 6 Rate
Milad Esfahani Engineering 16 Rate
Burku Keskin Business 1 Rate
John Dew Business 0 Rate
Brian Monroe Psychology 12 Rate
Janis O'Donnell Biology 18 Rate
Michael Wood American Studies 0 Rate
David Ngong History 0 Rate
Janice O'Donell Biology 0 Rate
C.J. Daane Education 2 Rate
Peggy Jessee Human Dev & Family Sciences 2 Rate
L Shao Economics 0 Rate
L Morley Engineering 0 Rate
Erik Peterson History 39 Rate
K Derouen Political Science 0 Rate
Margo Rumerio Psychology 0 Rate
D.S. DeWitt Business 0 Rate
Ryan Hartman Engineering 1 Rate
Caitlin Malone Communication 1 Rate
Ryan Jones Engineering 0 Rate
Harold Stowell Geology 5 Rate
Nicholas Kerr Political Science 8 Rate
Karen Brooks Telecommunication & Film 2 Rate
Rosianna Gray Biology 64 Rate
Shane Stinson Accounting 22 Rate
William Morgan Spanish 0 Rate
Adam Hauser Physics 26 Rate
Austin Reitenga Accounting 9 Rate
J B. Gray Business 2 Rate
Scott Bridges Music 8 Rate
John Pfeiffer Biology 0 Rate
Lauren Neal Psychology 0 Rate
Jonathan Payne American Studies 0 Rate
Catherine Roan Literature 0 Rate
Ian Rogers History 1 Rate
Stephen Reaugh English 0 Rate
Jason Johns Consumer Science 10 Rate
Charles Hanby Finance 0 Rate
Jake Kinstler Health Science 0 Rate
LeNa' M Powe Communication 0 Rate
Ryan Broussard Journalism 2 Rate
Brandon Reid Mathematics 2 Rate
Samuel Webb History 0 Rate
Sarah Miesse Communication 21 Rate
B Graham Engineering 0 Rate
George Daniels Telecommunication Film 0 Rate
J.K Terrell Social Work 7 Rate
Cindy Tekobbe English 5 Rate
W. Lowell Baker Fine Arts 0 Rate
Brian Eddy Computer Science 0 Rate
John McGuire Music 0 Rate
Thomas Vaid Chemistry 60 Rate
Gary Moynihan Engineering 0 Rate
Robert Lyman Psychology 0 Rate
Ariel Fink Advertising 3 Rate
C. Justice Tillman Management 2 Rate
Richard Bradt Engineering 2 Rate
L. Fuentes History 0 Rate
R. Donahoe Geology 0 Rate
R Rand English 0 Rate
Brandy Fields Human Dev & Family Sciences 0 Rate
Daniel Levine Political Science 17 Rate
Randall Huffaker Advertising 9 Rate
Robert Dunn Communication 0 Rate
William Ulmer English 0 Rate
Patrick O'Rourke Communication 0 Rate
Gary Sloan Biology 7 Rate
Josh English English 0 Rate
Kari Boyd History 3 Rate
Jennifer Cox Psychology 0 Rate
Sara Wenger Humanities 4 Rate
M.K. Foster English 9 Rate
Jeremy Reid Communication 11 Rate
C.D. Mitchell English 20 Rate
Robert Eastman Health Science 0 Rate
Phylisicia Carter Mathematics 8 Rate
Randy Smith Computer Science 9 Rate
Daniel Clay Criminal Justice 9 Rate
Marquette Jones Telecommunication & Film 4 Rate
Joseph Chesney Theater 0 Rate
C. P. First Music 0 Rate
James Mixon History 0 Rate
Marian Davis Literature 0 Rate
C. Heath Turner Engineering 6 Rate
Erin O'Connor Arts Sciences 0 Rate
Candace Elizabeth O'Brien Women's Studies 8 Rate
F Dezoort Accounting 25 Rate
Jason McCall English 0 Rate
Patrick Cecil History 9 Rate
John Van Zee Engineering 26 Rate
John Wortham Spanish 0 Rate
Ian McDonough Psychology 18 Rate
J Taaffe English 0 Rate
Laura Watley Mathematics 13 Rate
Takesha Shannon Education 4 Rate
Jessica Boyle Psychology 3 Rate
Reginald Tucker Management 0 Rate
Matthew Millard Political Science 0 Rate
James Clements Engineering 2 Rate
Marc Skipwith Computer Science 0 Rate
Luke Brewer Materials Engineering 0 Rate
Ralph Lane Nutrition 0 Rate
J. Henry McKeen Psychology 19 Rate
Aislinn O'Donohoe Political Science 0 Rate
Rachael Smallwood Communication 23 Rate
Patrick Mitchell Information Science 1 Rate
Caroline Titcomb Psychology 0 Rate
William Hooks Geography 0 Rate
Timothy Harris Music 0 Rate
Steven Daniewicz Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Allen Rotter Political Science 28 Rate
Tiffany Guidry Sociology 18 Rate
Anastasia Summers Anthropology 6 Rate
Sam LaMura English 0 Rate
T. Graham Science 0 Rate
Brandee Easter English 0 Rate
Andrea Glenn Psychology 0 Rate
Blake Nielsen Psychology 2 Rate
John Hill Marketing 4 Rate
Melissa Bridges Human Dev Family Sciences 7 Rate
James Cashman Business 0 Rate
Michael Nicholson Political Science 8 Rate
Keith Woodbury Mechanical Engineering 14 Rate
James Bates Advertising 4 Rate
Andrew Fletcher Political Science 20 Rate
J.C Abdallah Communication 0 Rate
Mary Bryan Communication 0 Rate
Kaleb Murry Psychology 0 Rate
William Butler Physics 2 Rate
Arthur Allaway Business 0 Rate
Claudia Martinez Spanish 0 Rate
Dara Dewberry Health Science 0 Rate
Jennifer Colvard English 0 Rate
J Silver Economics 0 Rate
J. Boxmeyer Mathematics 51 Rate
Sara Stromeyer Psychology 1 Rate
Leslie Dollar Human Dev & Family Sciences 0 Rate
Mark Folse History 4 Rate
Douglas Williams Political Science 13 Rate
Kyle Macy English 0 Rate
Diamond Forde English 0 Rate
Paul Renigar Spanish 0 Rate
Ashley Persons Anthropology 0 Rate
Sondra Washington English 7 Rate
Lance Nesbitt English 0 Rate
E Duggan Management 0 Rate
Phillip Harris Science 36 Rate
Andrew Lewis Mathematics 0 Rate
L Skinner Marketing 0 Rate
T. Allen Henry Management 0 Rate
Zheng O'neill Engineering 0 Rate
Jameka Hartley Women's Studies 0 Rate
William Northington Marketing 2 Rate
Chris Whaley Economics 36 Rate
Branton Baird Spanish 0 Rate
Jake Kinstler English 7 Rate
Kayla Lindsay Health Science 0 Rate
Juanita McMath Consumer Science 8 Rate
O. Kimball Armayor History 0 Rate
Kate Kocyba Art History 23 Rate
Sharon O'Dair English 0 Rate
Stanley Jones Engineering 5 Rate
William Dooley Arts & Sciences 0 Rate
Elizabeth Papish Chemistry 5 Rate
Mollie Tinney Women's Studies 0 Rate
Nancy O'Brien Honors 0 Rate
William Lambert Geology 0 Rate
Allison Kelsey Music 0 Rate
Mildred Switzer Nutrition 3 Rate
Steve Krause Languages 0 Rate
Wei Hsia Mathematics 0 Rate
Anne Hartnett English 0 Rate
W.S. Donaldson Business 0 Rate
Paul Ray Engineering 20 Rate
Daniel Turner Engineering 2 Rate
Rachel Delacy Psychology 0 Rate
Rachel Deale History 0 Rate
Amanda Berger English 0 Rate
Mickardo Streete Economics 0 Rate
Deborah Keene Anthropology 0 Rate
Rachel Robbins Art History 17 Rate
R Webster Geography 0 Rate
Casey Totenhagen Human Dev & Family Sciences 9 Rate
David Babcock English 0 Rate
C Sox Management 0 Rate
J. W. Harrell Physics 0 Rate
Jennifer Wheelus Engineering 4 Rate
James Crank English 4 Rate
Erin O'Rourke Spanish 8 Rate
Emma Bertolaet American Studies 8 Rate
John Rambo Communication 0 Rate
Julia Lindsey Business 0 Rate
Lauren Kois Psychology 24 Rate
Pam Tran Communication 0 Rate
Charles Katica Kinesiology 0 Rate
Charles Clark History 93 Rate
Lucie Heath Biology 0 Rate
Rebecca Smith Education 0 Rate
Morgan Hall Theatre Arts amp Dance 0 Rate
Adamu Shauku Political Science 22 Rate
Jennie Fisher Women's Studies 0 Rate
Evan Wujcik Engineering 1 Rate
Philip Coulter Physics 0 Rate
John Alexander History 23 Rate
Erica White Psychology 20 Rate
Sarah Szurek Anthropology 0 Rate
Kimberly Laing Business Administration 0 Rate
J. Patrick Rafferty Music 0 Rate
Maria Sander Marketing 0 Rate
Andre Souza Psychology 0 Rate
Bobby Pelts English 12 Rate
John Staples Literature 8 Rate
Jerome Busenitz Physics 21 Rate
Giles D'Souza Business 0 Rate
Clay Greene English 3 Rate
Charles Schmidt Business 3 Rate
Stephan Davenport Accounting 1 Rate
Gene Byrd Physics 19 Rate
David Cicero Finance 4 Rate
Jon Handy Finance 0 Rate
Gregory Szulczewski Chemistry 6 Rate
Charles O'Neill Aerospace Eng. Mechanics 4 Rate
Phillip Westbook Honors 0 Rate
Ishita Chowdhury Political Science 14 Rate
Morgan Minton Engineering 30 Rate
Michael Brooks International Studies 0 Rate
Marvin Sasser English 27 Rate
Stacey Robinson Marketing 20 Rate
Ahmed Korba Engineering 6 Rate
Paul Allison Mechanical Engineering 1 Rate

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