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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Annette Fromm Art History 2 Rate
Harry Rhea Criminal Justice 23 Rate
John Uharriet Management 0 Rate
Jose Eirin-Lopez Biology 39 Rate
Ang Adrian U-Jin Political Science 0 Rate
Christopher Buscaglia Business 0 Rate
George O'Brien Education 40 Rate
Kevin O'Shea Chemistry 26 Rate
M. O. Thiru Education 0 Rate
Tomas Snyder Economics 0 Rate
T. Chebbi Education 0 Rate
John Kominoski Environmental Science 0 Rate
Garrett English Chemistry 0 Rate
Vinh Nguyen Finance 0 Rate
Daniel Friedheim Political Science 0 Rate
C. Padungsaksawasdi Finance 0 Rate
Lucas Katz English 0 Rate
M. Orjuela Garabito Mathematics 13 Rate
Kristina Guo Management 7 Rate
Jorge Rodriguez Physics 23 Rate
Nathan Dodge Hospitality 22 Rate
Alejandro Martinez Education 9 Rate
Cherie Henning Business 0 Rate
Anne Ogden English 1 Rate
Christine Spadola Psychology 6 Rate
Erin Damman Political Science 0 Rate
R.W. Cox International Studies 0 Rate
Lynn Llon Education 0 Rate
Paul Miniard Marketing 61 Rate
Ronald Fisher Psychology 0 Rate
Mary Ann P Baker English 0 Rate
Richard Tardanico Sociology 49 Rate
H. Bruce Hayden Social Work 0 Rate
H Zahedi-Jasbi Mathematics 23 Rate
Sylvan Jolibois Engineering 0 Rate
Puck Reeders Psychology 16 Rate
Volrick Higgs Communication 0 Rate
Ken Johnson Finance 0 Rate
Lauren Doyle English 0 Rate
K. Phang Criminal Justice 0 Rate
J. Randall Jr. Martin Management 12 Rate
Alex Collins Health Science 3 Rate
Masood Hussain Science 0 Rate
William Siegmann Iii Philosophy 0 Rate
Angela Bullard Freshman Year Experience 17 Rate
Jessica Adler History 9 Rate
Adel Pena Science 0 Rate
Lukas Danner International Relations 25 Rate
Stephen Leatherman Environmental Science 15 Rate
Sandra Sol Social Work 0 Rate
Diana Johnson Science 0 Rate
Gregory Shaw Computer Science 84 Rate
Shane Landrum History 14 Rate
Jessica Klemfuss Psychology 0 Rate
J Mi Mathematics 40 Rate
Oren Maxwell Jr. Physics 0 Rate
William Maguire Fine Arts 0 Rate
Robert Lozada Politics International Relations 14 Rate
Michael Whitling Engineering 0 Rate
Cynthia Busch History 0 Rate
Leanne Wells Mathematics 0 Rate
Michael Pearl Law 0 Rate
Grisel D'Elena Religious Studies 20 Rate
John Cox Accounting 0 Rate
Eloisa Rodriguez-Dod Law 7 Rate
Bradley Bennett Biology 6 Rate
Israel Mitchell Health Science 0 Rate
Eric Brewe Education 14 Rate
N. Prabakar Computer Science 25 Rate
Federico Bonacossa Music 3 Rate
R Gardinali Piero Chemistry 0 Rate
Z Chen Mathematics 16 Rate
Alejandro Lozano Environmental Science 0 Rate
D Straghn Business 0 Rate
Muhammad Khan Electrical & Comp. Engineering 0 Rate
M Ventura Marra Health Science 0 Rate
Sabah Alsafar English 18 Rate
Mark D'Alessandro Hospitality 21 Rate
Andy Pham Education 0 Rate
Frederick Perry Business 26 Rate
Angela Heavey Business 0 Rate
Joseph Brown Health Science 2 Rate
Lara Chapman Communication 26 Rate
Juan Sanchez Business 2 Rate
Daniel Gorostiaga Art History 0 Rate
Elie Bardawil Orientation 19 Rate
Sky King Marketing 6 Rate
Ralph Rios Health Science 0 Rate
William O'Brien Hospitality 0 Rate
Gloria O'Connell Printmaking 3 Rate
M Vierk Economics 0 Rate
Maria Cendo Science 0 Rate
Cynthia Perez Student Success 0 Rate
Evelyn Arhin-Sam Religion 0 Rate
Ryan Cassell Chemistry 0 Rate
Joan (Joni) E. Esser-Stuart Social Work 0 Rate
Briana O'Dowd Psychology 4 Rate
Kevin Modlin International Relations 2 Rate
Jeannette Perr Science 22 Rate
Larry Johnson Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Teddy L'Houtellier Environmental Science 15 Rate
A Lora Education 0 Rate
David Jones Physics 0 Rate
C Delano Gray Accounting 0 Rate
Andrew Olsen English 5 Rate
C. Kalogeras Finance 0 Rate
Gina Duarte-Romero Education 0 Rate
Norma Caraballo Criminal Justice 5 Rate
Vrushali Patil Sociology 20 Rate
Marta D'Elia Biology 0 Rate
Matthew Felice International Relations 9 Rate
Kelly Mcintyre English 0 Rate
Peculiar Awa Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Anna Fernandez Psychology 0 Rate
Ricardo Castells Spanish 0 Rate
Stewart D'Alessio Criminal Justice 42 Rate
Cassian D'Cunha Chemistry 20 Rate
Agerneh Dagnew Engineering 5 Rate
Dev Roy Mathematics 0 Rate
D. Jason Berggren Political Science 0 Rate
Angel Paredes Accounting 0 Rate
Sheldon Fields Nursing 0 Rate
Danielle Clealand Political Science 16 Rate
S Won Health Science 0 Rate
Phyllis Baker Anthropology 150 Rate
Richard Olson Political Science 20 Rate
Robert Soloff Business 0 Rate
Raymond Rody Business 30 Rate
Margaret Reardon Psychology 0 Rate
John Berry Chemistry 3 Rate
Arturo Sighinolfi Hospitality 0 Rate
DeEtta Mills Science 0 Rate
Aylin Gurkok Engineering 4 Rate
Sabrena O'Keefe Public Administration 0 Rate
Julieta Hernandez Social Work 0 Rate
John Thomas Hospitality 22 Rate
Antonio Figueiredo Finance 0 Rate
Jacquelyn Johnston English 13 Rate
Hugo Ottolenghi Journalism 43 Rate
S. Christopher Ellis Business 3 Rate
Rene Herrera Biology 0 Rate
Peter Cistone Education 0 Rate
Gloria Deckard Health Science 20 Rate
Aaron Wirsing Biology 0 Rate
Roozbeh Moshaie Engineering 6 Rate
Luis Montenegro Communication 104 Rate
William Humphrey Business 4 Rate
Fatma Huffman Nutrition 0 Rate
A? Perez English 0 Rate
James Lee Biology 0 Rate
Kevin O'Neil Psychology 0 Rate
Frank Luque Spanish 0 Rate

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