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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
David Yaden Education 6 Rate
Jason Singh Physiology 2 Rate
Barrett Potter Engineering 7 Rate
Nathaniel Smith East Asian Studies 21 Rate
Matt O'Brien Marketing 0 Rate
Meghan O'Donnell Languages 1 Rate
Polly O'Rourke Social Science 1 Rate
Jennifer Aubrey Communication 1 Rate
E. Glenn Environmental Science 0 Rate
Elizabeth Labiner English 13 Rate
L Corcoran Mathematics 0 Rate
Mascha Gemein American Indian Studies 9 Rate
Laura Dorn Chemistry & Biochemistry 0 Rate
Sibele Schafer Spanish & Portuguese 8 Rate
Candace Park Aerospace Studies 1 Rate
Julie-Anne Plax Art History 12 Rate
Taylor Hermes Anthropology 0 Rate
Kehinde Salau Mathematics 6 Rate
Lisa Nagy Molecular/Cellular Biology 8 Rate
Stephen Torowicz Religion 0 Rate
Mary Kaitlin M Murphy Spanish & Portuguese 11 Rate
Katerina Dontsova Environmental Science 7 Rate
Tanya Quist Plant Sciences 15 Rate
Lisa O'Neill English 20 Rate
Michael Rosenzweig Biology 2 Rate
Luis Oquendo Chemistry 0 Rate
Alexandra Armstrong Microbiology 12 Rate
Mort Rosenblum Journalism 2 Rate
Charlotte Pearson Dendochronology 0 Rate
Michael Kothke Architecture 4 Rate
Hsin-I Chang Planetary Science 4 Rate
K.C. Hsieh Physics 0 Rate
S. Barr Art 0 Rate
H. Vasken Aposhian Biology 0 Rate
J Nicol Psychology 0 Rate
J. David Betts Education 0 Rate
Julia Annas Philosophy 11 Rate
Susan Knight Journalism 26 Rate
Nicholas Petry German 0 Rate
Katleen O'Brien- Ramriez Languages 0 Rate
D O'Neil Political Science 0 Rate
Katherine O'Donnell English 0 Rate
Hester Oberman Religion 80 Rate
Ryan Repucci Architecture 1 Rate
C. E. Poverman English 0 Rate
Deborah Dimmett Education 0 Rate
Michael Mandel Business Communications 20 Rate
Michael Letcher Public Policy & Administration 0 Rate
William Conant Willia Mathematics 0 Rate
Austin O'Malley History 0 Rate
K Lux Mathematics 0 Rate
R Patterson Music 0 Rate
Douglas Weiner History 6 Rate
N. Scott Momaday English 0 Rate
E. Robert Kursinski Science 0 Rate
D. Guertin Natural Science 0 Rate
Cassandra Rodriguez Information Science 4 Rate
John Taylor Education 5 Rate
Catherine Fakler English 8 Rate
Gerald Gaus Philosophy 0 Rate
Matthew Furlong Social Science 0 Rate
John Wiens Ecology Evolutionary Biology 6 Rate
Jason Gervase Education 34 Rate
Jr. Williams Law 0 Rate
Robert Canales Public Health 0 Rate
Alfred Quiroz Art 0 Rate
Craig Smith Public Policy & Administration 26 Rate
Gladys Guerrero Spanish & Portuguese 0 Rate
Lesli Pintor Business Communications 4 Rate
Beatrice D'Arpa Languages 17 Rate
Irène D'Almeida Languages 10 Rate
Therese De Vet Anthropology 0 Rate
D Pickrell Mathematics 0 Rate
T Maienschein Mathematics 0 Rate
Dave Seng Social Science 0 Rate
Cecilia Siruno French & Italian 0 Rate
Carlos Scheidegger Computer Science 0 Rate
Anna O'Leary Mexican American Studies 21 Rate
Flor Preciado Spanish Portuguese 0 Rate
C Hummel Education 0 Rate
M. Nieves Zedeno Anthropology 0 Rate
Chelsea Steinert German 0 Rate
Jordan Mudery Chemistry 0 Rate
Dan Brock Film 4 Rate
Ian Pepper Environmental Science 0 Rate
Jessica Malordy English 1 Rate
Jeffrey Milem Education 0 Rate
Jacob Miller Geography 0 Rate
Markus Jwander Business 0 Rate
Lee Ann M Hamilton Public Health 8 Rate
Megan Henley Sociology 2 Rate
J. Jefferson Reid Anthropology 9 Rate
T.J. Ferguson Anthropology 0 Rate
Diana Labrie Spanish amp Portuguese 1 Rate
John Urban Languages 0 Rate
Laura Lenhart Behavioral Social Sciences 22 Rate
I Sarcevic Physics 6 Rate
Christina Diaz Sociology 0 Rate
Emily Hirshman Nutrition Food Science 0 Rate
Eric Smith Psychology 33 Rate
Erika D'Souza English 0 Rate
S Hessel Not Specified 0 Rate
Henry Walker Sociology 11 Rate
Rod Wing Agriculture 1 Rate
Mark Evans Journalism 4 Rate
Eva Maggi Political Science 6 Rate
J Fellous Psychology 0 Rate
M. Gray Hunter Business 21 Rate
Leslie O'Toole Spanish & Portuguese 0 Rate
Shirley Fisher Education 0 Rate
Rob O'Dell Journalism 1 Rate
Mary-Frances O'Connor Psychology 13 Rate
Timothy O'Connell English 0 Rate
Janet Liston Mathematics 15 Rate
Stephanie Jensen Biochemistry 0 Rate
Victoria Pinkston English 0 Rate
P Bryan Heirdon Information Science 1 Rate
M. Anthony Lewis Engineering 2 Rate
Gates Stoner Communication 0 Rate
Raina Maier Environmental Science 1 Rate
Frank Jacobs Engineering 0 Rate
D Grant Sociology 0 Rate
C Blackburn Mathematics 0 Rate
William Roth Education 0 Rate
Corbett Landes Environmental Science 0 Rate
William Leonard Philosophy 20 Rate
Samantha O'Connor English 14 Rate
Timothy Ottusch Family Studies 6 Rate
William Alexander Anthropology 0 Rate
Brendan O'Connor Not Specified 0 Rate
Allison Hays Anthropology 3 Rate
Michelle Albertson Spanish & Portuguese 8 Rate
Jessica Mattix Languages 4 Rate
Gemma D'Ambruoso Chemistry 0 Rate
Jose Garcia Physics 0 Rate
Andrew MacLaughlin Mathematics 0 Rate
R Dennison Not Specified 0 Rate
Michael Anderson Epidemiology 0 Rate
S. James Anaya Law 6 Rate
Hamdi Ahmad Agriculture 0 Rate
Nancy Stanley Law 0 Rate
K Krasnow Waterman Entrepreneurship 1 Rate
Janalee O'Bagy Computer Science 21 Rate
Peter Corrigan Business 20 Rate
Stephanie Pearmain English 0 Rate
Jose Puerta Music 6 Rate
Patricia Stowers Education 0 Rate
David Venable Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 0 Rate
Aaron Rosengren Aerospace Studies 0 Rate
Ruth Carlson Nursing 0 Rate
Mona Hymel Law 0 Rate
Laura Bosworth Education 0 Rate
A Tukachinsky Communication 0 Rate
Joel Rayan Political Science 0 Rate
Maryanne Kelly Mathematics 3 Rate
Jamie Lee Information Science 0 Rate
H Gelfand History 0 Rate
M Lamb Mathematics 0 Rate
Michael O'Brien Engineering 3 Rate
Kathleen O'brien Behavioral & Social Sciences 0 Rate
Mary Kay O'Rourke Public Health 0 Rate
Clayton Morrison Computer Science 4 Rate
B VanDerLinden Mathematics 0 Rate
O''Brien Laureen Sociology 5 Rate
Jennifer Schnellmann Medicine 34 Rate

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