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El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Martha Rinker Mathematics 2 Rate
John Perdue Government 2 Rate
Jose Landeros Government 0 Rate
Maria Espinoza-Schrock History 34 Rate
J A Orona Psychology 0 Rate
Crisol Escobedo Philosophy 30 Rate
David Raley History 34 Rate
John Nelson History 35 Rate
Rebeca Gonzalez Physics 0 Rate
Philip Mellinger History 0 Rate
Hector Romero Art 0 Rate
Melissa Esmacher History 31 Rate
Cynthia Garcia English 23 Rate
Alma Contreras Education 0 Rate
Thomas McIlwain Art 0 Rate
Thomas Jimison Mathematics 0 Rate
Karen Kaplowitz Nursing 7 Rate
Marian Zappala Biology 0 Rate
Terri Horn Sociology 0 Rate
Jorge Gomez English 28 Rate
Tawny Aguirre Economics 0 Rate
Jose Quinonez Government 0 Rate
Elsa Lopez Mathematics 22 Rate
Evelin Eichler Nursing 0 Rate
Efren Moreno Mathematics 9 Rate
Daniel Quinones Government 11 Rate
Nathaniel Long English 19 Rate
Luis Alarcon Government 10 Rate
Musa Hussein Geology 0 Rate
Charles Miller English 0 Rate
Arthur Soto Vasquez Communication 0 Rate
Berta Mendias English 6 Rate
Daphne Jones Nursing 0 Rate
Kellilin MacFarlane History 0 Rate
Barbara Williams English 0 Rate
Sergio Tarin Philosophy 1 Rate
Victor Avila Biology 0 Rate
Amy Brandon Government 2 Rate
Paul Hotchkin Biology 28 Rate
Cynthia Games Economics 0 Rate
Frank Vigil Economics 0 Rate
Alfredo Rodriguez Mathematics 23 Rate
René Castañeda Music 11 Rate
Cristinaa Sharp Education 9 Rate
Allison Bruce Physics 0 Rate
William Lukefahr Biology 0 Rate
Jerardo Navarro Government 41 Rate
Maria Castanon-Williams Education 9 Rate
Maria Engelbrecht-Medley Psychology 0 Rate
William O'Nick Education 0 Rate
William Corbett Political Science 0 Rate
Yasmin Flores Fine Arts 7 Rate
Crystal Robert Communication 2 Rate
Susan Selk Communication 7 Rate
Diego Reyes Biology 26 Rate
Beatriz Martinez Psychology 0 Rate
Joanne Bates Government 1 Rate
Riad Cattoche Chemistry 0 Rate
Harold Newman Biology 0 Rate
Lorena Stogner Communication 0 Rate
Lawrence Welsh English 10 Rate
Jerry Wallace History 32 Rate
Carlos Amaya Biology 21 Rate
Jesus Matus Engineering 0 Rate
Arryn Robbins Psychology 5 Rate
Olienka De la O Fernandez Physics 17 Rate
Paula Woods English 0 Rate
Victor Singleton Chemistry 0 Rate
Kerri Harrison Communication 0 Rate
Carlos Vargas Psychology 44 Rate
Sulaiman Abushagur Geology 17 Rate
Stephanie Legarreta English 0 Rate
Teresa Ponce Government 1 Rate
Donald Haney Mathematics 0 Rate
John Mastriani Business 0 Rate
Brian Smithson Languages 0 Rate
Mary Rosenbaum English 1 Rate
Abigail F. Cedillo English 4 Rate
Swanya Pitts History 0 Rate
Andrea Rico-Elizondo English 0 Rate
Juana Kasiuba Mathematics 0 Rate
Michelle Murphy Art 4 Rate
Josele Diaz Speech Communication 0 Rate
Ira Walker English 9 Rate
Carlos Espinoza English 18 Rate
Jennifer Rosales Psychology 22 Rate
William Fling History 0 Rate
Robert Flickinger History 28 Rate
Richard English English 0 Rate
Linda Chamblin Sociology 9 Rate
Robert Horstman Psychology 4 Rate
Diana Flores Government 10 Rate
Rocio Gallardo Mathematics 0 Rate
Elizabeth Acosta English 31 Rate
Leticia Flores Medicine 0 Rate
Kimberly Castillo Speech Communication 0 Rate
David Cotchery Education 0 Rate
Tina Carrick Geology 15 Rate
Jenaro Paz Mathematics 9 Rate
Mario Mallari Medicine 4 Rate
Terry Balderrama Psychology 5 Rate
Rosa Flores Social Work 0 Rate
George Holden Criminal Justice 6 Rate
Walter Davis Design 0 Rate
Shawn Dash Biology 20 Rate
Cristol Escobedo Philosophy 0 Rate
Leigh Cooper Biology 1 Rate
Rebecca Escamilla Biology 27 Rate
Nathan Garza Biology 0 Rate
Sara Jackiewicz Fine Arts 0 Rate
Lavonne Nelson Music 0 Rate
Miguel Vasquez Biology 33 Rate
Cynthia Unger Psychology 0 Rate
Velia Marin Mathematics 0 Rate
Katrina Weber Biology 0 Rate
Crystal Bustillos Government 0 Rate
Deborah Caskey Geology 0 Rate
Lois Dubray Government 0 Rate
Benjamin Diaz Biology 5 Rate
Joseph Bernal Philosophy 10 Rate
Lydia Vazquez Languages 0 Rate
Jaime Vigo Chemistry 0 Rate
Norma Fernandez Psychology 0 Rate
Patrick Pynes History 23 Rate
Keri Moe Communication 8 Rate
Heather Sinclair History 0 Rate
Jesus Adame English 0 Rate
Pamela Campbell English 6 Rate
Randy Kelley Economics 0 Rate
Joyce Lieb Nursing 0 Rate
Rebecca Munoz Education 2 Rate
Antonio Vargas Computer Science 0 Rate
Gary Galbraith Psychology 0 Rate
Kathy Meyer Government 0 Rate
Godwin Ubanyionwu Mathematics 0 Rate
maria maier English 1 Rate
Maria Castanon Education 0 Rate
Oscar Mercado Mathematics 0 Rate
Scott Mann Criminal Justice 28 Rate
Raul Holguin Mathematics 0 Rate
Rachelle Kernen Geology 2 Rate
Joshua Lara Science 0 Rate
James Sy Physics 0 Rate
Marco Santos Art 0 Rate
Clark Myers Architecture 0 Rate
Philip Pivovar Music 2 Rate
Victoria Natividad Philosophy 0 Rate
Luz Cadena History 0 Rate
Jacqueline Mitchell Art 7 Rate
Stephen Wells Engineering 0 Rate
Lorena Gonzalez Mathematics 0 Rate
Amadeo Ledesma Government 0 Rate
Danny Dominguez Computer Science 0 Rate
Michael Montes Psychology 11 Rate
Delia Diaz English 0 Rate
Cynthia Jabalie Health Science 0 Rate
Patrick Cereceres Physical Education 0 Rate
Jose Narvaez Mathematics 0 Rate
Joseph Crisafulli English 0 Rate
Barbara Bradley Mathematics 0 Rate
Francisco Carreto Parra Physics 12 Rate
Tracy Von Maluski English 0 Rate
Charles Hickis Psychology 0 Rate
Cynthia Gamez Economics 0 Rate
David Woods English 0 Rate
Sergio Perez English 4 Rate
Michael Gonzalez History 23 Rate
Bradley Lanigan Accounting 0 Rate
Kelli Wood English 26 Rate
Hamdan M. Ahmad Mathematics 19 Rate
Amabilia Valenzuela Psychology 0 Rate
Cruz Duran Art 7 Rate
Donna Munoz English 0 Rate
Gary Kieffner History 2 Rate
Oscar MacEdo Mathematics 26 Rate
Debra Farrelly Education 0 Rate
John Nuno History 0 Rate
Ricardo Rivera Philosophy 24 Rate
Adrian Villasenor Economics 0 Rate
Elisa Martinez History 0 Rate
Michael Feesl Accounting 0 Rate
Jaime Escalera Physical Education 0 Rate
Leo Wallace Physics 0 Rate
Armando Villarreal Biology 0 Rate
William Wolff Government 0 Rate
Trevor Duarte Biology 0 Rate
Adam Underwood Psychology 0 Rate
Roswitha Saenz Biology 0 Rate

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