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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Naomi Falk Art Studio 6 Rate
R.I.G. Hughes Philosophy 9 Rate
Julia Hubbert Music 0 Rate
Nicole Berge Civil Engineering 2 Rate
Christian Cicimurri Geology 44 Rate
Gabriel Fadale Music 3 Rate
Daniel O'Connell Philosophy 20 Rate
Mary O'Leary Mathematics 20 Rate
Jeff Mulliken Civil Engineering 6 Rate
Kelly O'Reilly Political Science 4 Rate
T.J. Clissen Theater 1 Rate
T Teso Media Arts 16 Rate
Charlotte Galloway Public Health 61 Rate
Jeremiah Southwick Mathematics 6 Rate
Ronald Schumann Geography 5 Rate
John Muckelbauer English 6 Rate
Jesse Kass Mathematics 22 Rate
Marian Manic Economics 12 Rate
Maggie Moore Chemistry 1 Rate
Douglas Thompson Political Science 32 Rate
V Bordwine Psychology 3 Rate
Richard Lussier Education 64 Rate
Nicholas Blasco Criminal Justice 13 Rate
Kathy Langston Management 31 Rate
Tracie Dawson English 8 Rate
Ryan Rykaczewski Marine Sciences 16 Rate
G Johnson Education 1 Rate
Evan Meaney Media Arts 10 Rate
Troy Huth Biology 1 Rate
Jeremy Bickford Art 1 Rate
Jacqueline McClary University Studies 2 Rate
Jeffrey Leatherwood History 10 Rate
Robert Green Chemistry 13 Rate
C. Steckenbiller German 4 Rate
Sandra Keller Languages 3 Rate
Jane Weatherred Journalism 9 Rate
Prasun Majumdar Room 336 (Horizon-I building) Mechanical Engineering 171 Rate
Leena Holt University Studies 4 Rate
Bruce Cole Business 14 Rate
P. Budzisz Communication 8 Rate
S. Priest Journalism 2 Rate
Tonya Mitchell Music 4 Rate
H. Speer Art Studio 6 Rate
H. Wheeler Law 2 Rate
James Atkins Mathematics 11 Rate
Sarah Wright Psychology 10 Rate
Matthew Endres Biology 3 Rate
Amy Foreman Biology 3 Rate
Alicia Walker Music 8 Rate
A Lehman Theater 15 Rate
Stephen Blackmon History 0 Rate
J. F. Dreiling Finance 6 Rate
J. Russell Leidy Mathematics 12 Rate
Donald Schepker Management 29 Rate
Jessica Green Psychology 20 Rate
Gregory Clark Mathematics 25 Rate
J Boyle English 19 Rate
J Callanhan Marketing 4 Rate
L. Watson Ethnic Studies 15 Rate
John Ross Computer Science 0 Rate
L McAbee History 6 Rate
L Salzsieder Accounting 15 Rate
L Tollefsen Philosophy 10 Rate
L Fowler Nursing 1 Rate
Michelle Hardee Marine Sciences 15 Rate
Frances Burke Social Work 0 Rate
K Dale White Theater 3 Rate
Alexander Wiedemann Mathematics 30 Rate
D. Ragan English 10 Rate
K. Alisa Lowrey Education 6 Rate
K. Childs Dance 4 Rate
Rejin James Computer Science 1 Rate
P. Chatterjee Marketing 2 Rate
Jennifer O'Neill Public Health 34 Rate
R Griffith Chemistry 1 Rate
Sharon Shackelford Mathematics 2 Rate
Nicole Kivita Psychology 7 Rate
Theresa Browne Social Work 0 Rate
Z'Anne Covell English 8 Rate
Maria Benavente Languages Literatures & Cultures 49 Rate
C. V. Patel Biology 18 Rate
Lynn Faller Business 38 Rate
E. Scott Heubner Psychology 7 Rate
E. Ravlin Business 7 Rate
J. Mark Davis Exercise & Sport Science 5 Rate
M Vieyra Biology 2 Rate
Sean Brown English 1 Rate
Jessica D''Atri English 0 Rate
Gregory Patteron East Asian Studies 0 Rate
Elaine Belton Psychology 19 Rate
Janet Hennessy Physical Education 0 Rate
D C Miller English 4 Rate
William Latta Social Work 3 Rate
Patricia Walker Speech 8 Rate
Pamela Bowers Art 2 Rate
Tyler Lewis Mathematics 4 Rate
Mark Peter English As A Second Language 0 Rate
William Hoskins Computer Science 20 Rate
Carl Sorensen Psychology 6 Rate
Jamie Levitt Hospitality 7 Rate
David O'Shields Music 12 Rate
J Holmes Management 1 Rate
J May Management 24 Rate
Sandra Pound Education 0 Rate
Lite Nartey International Business 4 Rate
Daniel Kamenetsky Mathematics 9 Rate
G. Wiggan Mathematics 11 Rate
G Losada Languages 13 Rate
Alexandru Atim Mathematics 33 Rate
Paul Reed Linguistics 1 Rate
Faye Riley Media Arts 7 Rate
Thomas Lannen Physics 3 Rate
Andrew Schramm Psychology 5 Rate
Joseph Padgett Sociology 97 Rate
L L Gaddy English 2 Rate
Gary Snyder Marketing Communications 0 Rate
M Naoumova Spanish 3 Rate
M Frongillo Biology 8 Rate
Raúl Rivera Spanish 3 Rate
Timothy Baker Accounting 17 Rate
Jacob Goldston Economics 3 Rate
Dennis Poole Social Work 1 Rate
Chandini Nixon Economics 100 Rate
Wesley Abercrombie Criminal Justice 1 Rate
Adam Ereth Geography 19 Rate
Lashonda Williams Psychology 0 Rate
John Abdalla History 108 Rate
A. Siebert English 6 Rate
B. Estrada Social Work 5 Rate
Kenneth Roberts Chemical Engineering 8 Rate
W Phillips Economics 2 Rate
W. Zhou Languages 4 Rate
W. Sandberg Languages 0 Rate
William Rauh Political Science 3 Rate
Tobin Lovell Humanities 5 Rate
G Stackhouse History 2 Rate
Tara Mortensen Visual Arts 10 Rate
James Perry Computer Science 1 Rate
Riane Bolin Criminal Justice 1 Rate
Shannon Bowen Journalism 4 Rate
X M Shen Chinese 5 Rate
Robert Gaines Theater 2 Rate
Dottie Weigel University Studies 7 Rate
S. Richman Mathematics 1 Rate
C. E. Outten Chemistry 5 Rate
Cameron Massey Psychology 2 Rate
Benjamin Schooley Engineering 2 Rate
J. Daniel Jenkins Music 1 Rate
Rachel Miller Communication 2 Rate
M. Angelina Lopes Languages 10 Rate
K Mangum Speech 6 Rate
Richard Southall Sports & Entertainment Management 8 Rate
Dawn Campbell Women's Studies 21 Rate
A Dutle Mathematics 4 Rate
Sterling Watson Psychology 22 Rate
S McGreevey University Studies 4 Rate
Catherine Gustafson Hospitality 5 Rate
Kitty Sutton English 0 Rate
Ryan Kennerly English 1 Rate
S Kim Psychology 4 Rate
C Young English 8 Rate
Lauren Olson University Studies 0 Rate
Jared Beard Physical Education 3 Rate
Allan Roeder Marketing 11 Rate
R. A. Webb Physics 6 Rate
Mary Korsgaard Management 0 Rate
Nicholas Macuch Business 0 Rate
David Shelley Geology 1 Rate
Joseph Kasko Journalism 7 Rate
Erika Lake University Studies 0 Rate
Laura Foxworth History 20 Rate
Mari Stuart Religion 5 Rate
Emily Mancil Psychology 9 Rate
Chelsea Scott University Studies 2 Rate
Pearse Gaffney Management 24 Rate
Jason O'Kane Computer Science 12 Rate
Zach O'Neill English 13 Rate
Maurice Robinson History 2 Rate
James O'Reilly Computer Science 21 Rate
Jim O'Connor Theater 7 Rate
T.J. Rice English 20 Rate
Alanna Breen Spanish 3 Rate
E. Scott Huebner Psychology 42 Rate
Pat O'Keefe Computer Science 25 Rate
T. Moliterno Management 4 Rate
Laura Savu English 12 Rate
Linda Hazlett Epidemiology 5 Rate
D. Stout Journalism 1 Rate
S Vaughan Speech 1 Rate
S. Hileman History 16 Rate
M Pia Art History 9 Rate
Dik Daso History 14 Rate
L Jennings Education 2 Rate
Elizabeth Barnes Communication Disorders 3 Rate
Carolina Perkins Early Childhood Education 1 Rate
Thomas Robinson Statistics 2 Rate
Melanie Morse Psychology 2 Rate
Krishna Nagar Computer Engineering 4 Rate
Stephen O'Hara Speech 3 Rate
Susan O'Malley Sports amp Entertainment Management 11 Rate
B Ligon Music 0 Rate
James Appel Psychology 0 Rate
B. Beltman History 0 Rate
Timothy Williams History 4 Rate
Charles Lomax Management 0 Rate
Sabra Custer Biology 0 Rate
Chinell Singletary University Studies 1 Rate
L Waller Education 7 Rate
John Dukes Political Science 0 Rate
Stacey Richardson Social Work 1 Rate
Douglas Anderton Sociology 5 Rate
Shanna Hastie Social Work 3 Rate
K Edens Education 20 Rate
Michelle Martin Library Science 5 Rate
Amber Mathias English 1 Rate
John Hoffmann Criminal Justice 1 Rate
P Guimaraes Economics 4 Rate
Jennifer Frey Philosophy 19 Rate
Karen Miller Library Science 2 Rate
Joseph Anderson Law 1 Rate
Sherri Weeks Spanish 0 Rate
Neema Kanapala Computer Science 21 Rate
Gregory Carbone Geography 0 Rate
R. Weyeneth History 25 Rate
G Schneider Music 5 Rate
Amy Long Accounting 0 Rate
Ashley McClary English 7 Rate
John Crawford English 3 Rate
JUDITH DENT Foreign Languages 0 Rate
R Kirkpatrick Speech 7 Rate
Stephanie Orozco Spanish 12 Rate

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