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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Alan Park English 3 Rate
John Morgan Economics 1 Rate
J.G. Farr Literature 1 Rate
Polina Todorachko Mathematics 6 Rate
Ugo Perego Biology 60 Rate
Janet Kjar Fashion 5 Rate
sharon giles Mathematics 5 Rate
Benjamin Solomon English 28 Rate
Berdje Bezdjian Business 5 Rate
Jesse Morris III Geography 3 Rate
John Woodhouse Communication 0 Rate
John Binns Computer Science 2 Rate
Clinton Schmidt Geography 18 Rate
Hakeem Ishola Law 1 Rate
Signe Jacobsen Fashion 2 Rate
Nathan Reynolds Developmental Studies 11 Rate
Nathan Jones History 1 Rate
James Reddoch Film 14 Rate
John Vincent Art History 1 Rate
Simone Suddreth English 20 Rate
Melissa Brandenburger Mathematics 3 Rate
Megan Avery Education 5 Rate
Jessica Berryman Biology 25 Rate
William Drew English 1 Rate
Adam Wilson Mathematics 22 Rate
David Stoddard Communication 14 Rate
Matthew Wright Mathematics 2 Rate
Bonnie Berrett Mathematics 3 Rate
Eric Gemmell Health 5 Rate
David Jackson Philosophy 10 Rate
Joseph Menelle English 3 Rate
Cherie Byars Biology 6 Rate
Cara Greenwell Family amp Human Studies 0 Rate
S. Russ Telfort Mathematics 0 Rate
Andrew Wilson Not Specified 0 Rate
Andrew Wilson Not Specified 1 Rate
Vyas Avanindra Mathematics 1 Rate
Larry Egelund Computer Science 7 Rate
Melissa Schaefer Anthropology 22 Rate
Steven Holland English 2 Rate
Mary Barker Political Science 6 Rate
Andrew Wilson Art 2 Rate
Anthony Smith Philosophy 2 Rate
Jeffrey Yancey Health 9 Rate
Jeffrey Davis Economics 38 Rate
Trent Williams Finance 7 Rate
Marsha Maxwell English 6 Rate
C. Wade Bentley English 0 Rate
Ronald Bohannon English 10 Rate
David Baites Education 1 Rate
A. Burr Dallof Communication 19 Rate
David Kuralt Mathematics 24 Rate
Corinne Knight English 1 Rate
rami shorti Mathematics 0 Rate
A. Scott Damon Mathematics 4 Rate
Aubrey Hales English 2 Rate
Nicole Shon Chemistry 9 Rate
L. Williams Communication 20 Rate
Thomas Partridge Social Science 12 Rate
David McClintock Criminal Justice 1 Rate
Roger Hansen Business 2 Rate
Tanya Parke Accounting 5 Rate
Teresa Potter Anthropology 47 Rate
Ronald Bartee Criminal Justice 6 Rate
William Jackson History 25 Rate
K.C. Jensen Business 25 Rate
Adamson Robert Art 0 Rate
Randall Moffett Humanities 18 Rate
Ben Jorgensen English 15 Rate
Daniel Edwards Languages 5 Rate
Steven Hall English 20 Rate
Daniel Baird English 20 Rate
Paul Lerdahl Business 21 Rate
Frank Buckler Welding 4 Rate
Thomas Sanborn Mathematics 7 Rate
Jeana Mascio Geography 3 Rate
Betty Aguirre-Maier Languages 4 Rate
Julie Heaton Film 21 Rate
A. Costello Mathematics 3 Rate
Ananda Spike Humanities 52 Rate
Emily Johnson Communication 6 Rate
Daniel Haring Graphic Arts 3 Rate
Robert Dastrup Geography 5 Rate
leasa banks Mathematics 14 Rate
Wesley Sanders Chemistry 31 Rate
Thomas C (tc) Perry Biology 6 Rate
Richard Prazen Fine Arts 0 Rate
Mark Lengel Finance 18 Rate
Thomas Flanigan Anthropology 0 Rate
Spencer Wall Humanities 1 Rate
Rachel Rowan Sociology 2 Rate
Patricia Stranquist Health 21 Rate
Timothy Hutchinson Physics 4 Rate
Dennis Wilson Economics 26 Rate
Curtis Elifritz Mathematics 0 Rate
Michael Burton Mathematics 5 Rate
Dan Pope Computer Science 14 Rate
Stephen Tilson History 13 Rate
James Vann Sociology 15 Rate
Rachelle Handley Anthropology 8 Rate
Natalie Toth Geology 3 Rate
Preston Lindhardt Health Science 9 Rate
Aaron Ballard Physics 11 Rate
Robert Powell Accounting 4 Rate
Joseph Featherstone American Sign Language 5 Rate
Aaron Gasper Health 1 Rate
Johanna Hillen Humanities 1 Rate
Matthew Merkel Communication 34 Rate
Paul Inkenbrandt Geology 17 Rate
Michael Caldwell Biology 5 Rate
Kathy Mercurio English 7 Rate
L. Kaye White Education 1 Rate
Eugene Tachinni Fashion 2 Rate
T C Watt Mathematics 5 Rate
Ronald Carpenter English 7 Rate
Frederic Wilson Humanities 3 Rate
Don Skousen Jr Not Specified 1 Rate
Michael Kirby Mathematics 0 Rate
Deborah Graham Anthropology 18 Rate
Matthew Harris Criminal Justice 1 Rate
Nichelle Reed Anthropology 2 Rate
Helena Hall Communication 1 Rate
Ellen Smith Criminal Justice 11 Rate
Dee Fuhriman Learning Success 2 Rate
Mark Jarvis Family & Human Studies 61 Rate
Jamie Kay English 5 Rate
A. Kyle Costello Mathematics 129 Rate
Martin Phillips Criminal Justice 11 Rate
Ronald Tate Art 4 Rate
Willy Saxton Communication 5 Rate
Eric Kawamoto Chemistry 21 Rate
Justice Morath Psychology 31 Rate
Jessica Cummings Psychology 4 Rate
Sara Mickelson Health Science 0 Rate
Jonathan Glick Athletics 0 Rate
Rebecca Sommers Biology 8 Rate
Kent Hart Law 4 Rate
Mathew Wright Mathematics 3 Rate
Thomas Paskett Agriculture 1 Rate
Clark Timmons Biology 11 Rate
Benjamin Kuhlman Study Skills 1 Rate
Olga Sanchez Humanities 17 Rate
Samuel Chung Mathematics 4 Rate
Jonathan L Mckenzie Finance 2 Rate
David Giles Computer Information Systems 6 Rate
Gregory Fedderson Athletics 1 Rate
Lyndsi Canevari Not Specified 11 Rate
Holly Guile English 2 Rate
Richard Roper Mathematics 82 Rate
Dallas Wall Engineering 1 Rate
Miles Fore Mathematics 6 Rate
Jessica Gordon Humanities 5 Rate
Donald Gren Business 3 Rate
Jolynne Berrett English 20 Rate
Nnabuife Ikeme Economics 6 Rate
Heather Schumacker Economics 51 Rate
Lenore Bennett English 13 Rate
Robert Tippetts Mathematics 7 Rate
Michael Hilbert English 2 Rate
Sarah Donohue Art 2 Rate
Merrill Wilson Engineering 1 Rate
Jason Roberts English 29 Rate
Kevin Okleberry Chemistry 16 Rate
David Shuler Anthropology 12 Rate
Stephanie Meanhardt English 2 Rate
Dana Erskine Psychology 17 Rate
James Erekson Art 18 Rate
Emily Koon Humanities 5 Rate
Karen Peterson Communication 10 Rate
Craig Osborne Computer Information Systems 2 Rate
Carlene Worthington Biology 4 Rate
Robert Armstrong Geology 1 Rate
Tamara Ferweda Psychology 3 Rate
Hilary Moore Mathematics 1 Rate
Scott Pettit Geography 0 Rate
Karen Larson English 2 Rate
Carleen Mumaw Mathematics 2 Rate
B Bezdiji Finance 0 Rate
Cindy Briggs Business 0 Rate
Daymon Smith Anthropology 11 Rate
Alena Balmforth English 1 Rate
Rachel Hanson English 3 Rate
Edward Zeitler Education 2 Rate
Jean Bowen Biology 1 Rate
Erin Colberg Mathematics 7 Rate
Deanna Anderson Science 8 Rate
James Beatty English 29 Rate
Thomas Roybal Mathematics 10 Rate
Jamie Ormsby Education 2 Rate
Christie Bogle Writing 24 Rate
Melanie Hall Health 0 Rate
Pam Su'A Continuing Education 0 Rate
Kurt Shirkey Political Science 7 Rate
Brian Skog Business 4 Rate
Daniel Waldis Music 11 Rate
Catherine Giddings Education 23 Rate
Michael Hill Philosophy 3 Rate
J.R. Goff American Sign Language 1 Rate
Ken Anderson Biology 4 Rate
Darren Hunter Computer Science 27 Rate
Sharyl Stacey Mathematics 3 Rate
Wendy Crapo Family & Human Studies 0 Rate
Arch Cheney Art 20 Rate
Teresa Ryan Fine Arts 0 Rate
R. Turman Sands Mathematics 7 Rate
Clint Johnson Writing 13 Rate

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