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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Cleora D'Arcy Champaign Agriculture 0 Rate
Charlie D'Souza Champaign Chemistry 3 Rate
Rakesh Bhatt Champaign Linguistics 0 Rate
Richard Hindle Champaign Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning 0 Rate
Kami Hull Champaign Chemistry 3 Rate
Carolyn Beck Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Jennifer Grant Champaign French 1 Rate
Robin Jarrett Champaign African-American Studies 2 Rate
Ali Kavruk Champaign Mathematics 13 Rate
Lena Folwaczny Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Kelsey Rademacher Champaign Spanish 0 Rate
Martin G. H. Wu Champaign Accounting 17 Rate
Susan Davis Champaign Information Science 4 Rate
Kara Ferdermeier Champaign Psychology 1 Rate
Douglas Simpson Champaign Statistics 6 Rate
Michael Roth Champaign Philosophy 1 Rate
Steve D'Arcy Champaign Finance 0 Rate
Rhona Seidelman Champaign History 0 Rate
Robert Eisinger Champaign Statistics 4 Rate
Justin Davidson Champaign Spanish 0 Rate
H Gaskins Champaign Biology 4 Rate
Kathryn Rybka Champaign Business 0 Rate
M. Christina White Champaign Chemistry 11 Rate
M. Burak Erdogan Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Seyed Yousefian Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Paul Peterson Champaign Finance 2 Rate
M Quinn Brewster Champaign Mechanical Engineering 3 Rate
Rebecca Johnson Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Dustin Smith Champaign German 1 Rate
Kim Graber Champaign Kinesiology 3 Rate
Thomas Kuhlman Champaign Physics 0 Rate
Umit Tursun Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Peter Adshead Champaign Physics 0 Rate
P. R. Kumar Champaign Engineering 2 Rate
Diane Koenker Champaign History 0 Rate
Roderick Wilson Champaign East Asian Studies 19 Rate
Timothy Stelzer Champaign Physics 6 Rate
C Zhou Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
William Sullivan Champaign Architecture 5 Rate
Derek Long Champaign Media amp Cinema Studies 0 Rate
Keith Cadwallader Champaign Food Science 0 Rate
Ling Meng Champaign Engineering 1 Rate
Noah Isserman Champaign Social Work 19 Rate
J. Stephen Downie Champaign Information Science 0 Rate
Cynthia Buckley Champaign Sociology 16 Rate
Brent Roberts Champaign Psychology 11 Rate
Ceridwen Hall Champaign English 0 Rate
John Crawford Champaign Biology 1 Rate
Daniel Schneider Champaign Urban & Regional Planning 7 Rate
T. McCarthy Champaign Philosophy 0 Rate
Elise Kramer Champaign Anthropology 6 Rate
N. Sri Namachchivaya Champaign Engineering 10 Rate
Elizabeth Quick Champaign History 0 Rate
Karle Flanagan Champaign Statistics 120 Rate
W. P. Chen Champaign Geology 5 Rate
Yvonne Carey Champaign Education 6 Rate
I In Chiang Champaign East Asian Studies 0 Rate
I-Chen Wang Champaign Business 0 Rate
Andrew Greenlee Champaign Urban Regional Planning 5 Rate
Clair Sullivan Champaign Engineering 1 Rate
Joseph Mahoney Champaign Business 5 Rate
Stephen Clark Champaign Finance 0 Rate
Laura Schaposnik Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Dennis O'Dea Champaign Economics 0 Rate
John O'Neil Champaign English 5 Rate
Benjamin O'Dell Champaign English 5 Rate
J.W. Morrissette Champaign Theater 0 Rate
Rosemary Guzman Champaign Mathematics 46 Rate
S. Balachandar Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Valeri Werpetinski Champaign Engineering 1 Rate
Michelle Martinez Champaign English 1 Rate
Larry Fahnestock Champaign Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Rebekah Gilbert Champaign Mathematics 20 Rate
C.K. Gunsalus Champaign Law 7 Rate
C Miller Champaign Biology 0 Rate
Philip Rodkin Champaign Psychology 0 Rate
Peter Garrett Champaign English 0 Rate
Sheldon Katz Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Eva Telzer Champaign Psychology 0 Rate
H.J. Kong Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Neal Dalal Champaign Astronomy 0 Rate
Trevor Park Champaign Statistics 0 Rate
Jill Bowers Champaign Human & Community Development 4 Rate
John Rogers Champaign Materials Engineering 0 Rate
Selma Richardson Champaign Information Science 0 Rate
Mark Smith Champaign Finance 14 Rate
F.K. Lehman Champaign Anthropology 12 Rate
Phillip O'Connor Champaign Kinesiology 1 Rate
Ned O'Gorman Champaign Communication 5 Rate
Peter Lasersohn Champaign Linguistics 4 Rate
Evgueni Filipov Champaign Civil Engineering 3 Rate
John Karam Champaign Social Science 0 Rate
Robert Wengert Champaign Philosophy 0 Rate
Brian Ogolsky Champaign Human & Community Development 0 Rate
Erin Lamboi Champaign Linguistics 0 Rate
Derek O'Connell Champaign Philosophy 3 Rate
Matthew O'Brien Champaign English 0 Rate
Tariq Ali Champaign History 7 Rate
Valerie O'Brien Champaign English 5 Rate
U. Milo Kaufmann Champaign English 0 Rate
H. Adlai Murdoch Champaign English 0 Rate
Iwona Jasiuk Champaign Mechanical Engineering 5 Rate
Emily J M Knox Champaign Information Science 4 Rate
Satish Nair Champaign Biochem. & Molecular Biology 9 Rate
Daniel Schiller Champaign Information Science 0 Rate
S. Max Edelson Champaign History 0 Rate
Billie Spencer Champaign Civil Engineering 8 Rate
Hailey Wilder Champaign Bioengineering 0 Rate
Beth Lindquist Champaign Chemistry 0 Rate
Nicole Cooke Champaign Information Science 0 Rate
Charles Davis Champaign Information Science 0 Rate
Carl Vieregger Champaign Business 0 Rate
Kortney Jones Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Wendy Yang Champaign Biology 0 Rate
Susan Cohen Champaign Business 1 Rate
V France Champaign Finance 0 Rate
Romana Autrey Champaign Accounting 0 Rate
M Bagchi Champaign Medicine 0 Rate
Terry Weech Champaign Information Science 1 Rate
Amanda Cronkhite Champaign Communication 1 Rate
David Goodman Champaign Ethnic Studies 20 Rate
Karen Rodriguez'G Champaign History 0 Rate
Gregory Freund Champaign Pathology 0 Rate
Millicent Davis Champaign African-American Studies 2 Rate
Jose Izaguirre Champaign Communication 4 Rate
Kristina Boerger Champaign Music 1 Rate
John D'Angelo Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Michael Haney Champaign Engineering 11 Rate
J. Michael Holmes Champaign Music 0 Rate
Benjamin Wyser Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Janeen Salak-Johnson Champaign Animal Science 6 Rate
Meghan Grosse Champaign Cinema 5 Rate
Roy Axford Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Douglas Mitchell Champaign Chemistry 9 Rate
Emily Warren Champaign Agriculture 0 Rate
A. Lane Rayburn Champaign Crop Studies 0 Rate
Rodrigo Schneider Champaign Economics 0 Rate
Claudio Paiva Champaign Economics 0 Rate
James Simon Champaign Law 0 Rate
Andrea Miller Champaign Psychology 0 Rate
Jeffrey Carlson Champaign Economics 0 Rate
Marsha Barrett Champaign History 0 Rate
Megan Garguilo Champaign Spanish 0 Rate
Laura Gallant Champaign Communication 0 Rate
Cris Hughes Champaign Anthropology 0 Rate
Shankar Nair Champaign Religion 0 Rate
Vikram Amar Champaign Law 0 Rate
Karen Rudolph Champaign Psychology 4 Rate
George Gollin Champaign Art History 0 Rate
Matthew Goodman Champaign Materials Engineering 11 Rate
Aaron Campbell Champaign Communication 0 Rate
Amanda Mabry-Flynn Champaign Advertising 2 Rate
Jennifer Davis Champaign American Studies 6 Rate
J. Fred Giertz Champaign Economics 11 Rate
C.J. Hawking Champaign Labor Employment Relations 0 Rate
Alison Dunn Champaign Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
A.J. Hildebrand Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Minh Dao Champaign Economics 0 Rate
Kyle Johnston Champaign English 0 Rate
Yann Chemia Champaign Physics 0 Rate
Paul Selvin Champaign Physics 2 Rate
Aileen Ruane Champaign French 0 Rate
Elizabeth Alvarez Champaign Communication 0 Rate
Yann Chemla Champaign Physics 0 Rate
Dennis Quinn Champaign Information Science 0 Rate
Pamela Chiang Champaign Social Work 0 Rate
Erinn Nicley Champaign Geography 5 Rate
Y Lui Champaign Astronomy 0 Rate
Daniel Liberzon Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Alison Anders Champaign Geology 8 Rate
Chelsea E. Farmer Champaign English 0 Rate
Spencer Anderson Champaign Accounting 2 Rate
Gregory Webb Champaign English 0 Rate
Sarah Cassinelli Champaign English 0 Rate
Adam Kruse Champaign Music 0 Rate
Melissa Murray Champaign Biology 0 Rate
Rustom Irani Champaign Finance 3 Rate
T Pilborw Champaign Anthropology 2 Rate
Alexander Lo Champaign Agricultural Economics 0 Rate
Mark Bell Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
John Hummel Champaign Psychology 5 Rate
Ahmed Elbanna Champaign Civil Engineering 5 Rate
W.E. Dunn Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
E-Jung Choi Champaign French 0 Rate
Kris Lambert Champaign Crop Studies 4 Rate
Jayne Wachtel Champaign Speech Hearing Sciences 3 Rate
Douglas Parrett Champaign Animal Science 0 Rate
Linda Smith Champaign Information Science 4 Rate
R.C. Fraley Champaign Psychology 0 Rate
Porshe Garner Champaign Communication 0 Rate
Samuel Wilson Champaign Communication 0 Rate
Kyle Garton-Gundling Champaign English 0 Rate
Davod Strauser Champaign Kinesiology 0 Rate
Jeffrey Brown Champaign Finance 14 Rate
Joseph Robinson-Cimpian Champaign Education 0 Rate
J Litchfield Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
David O'Brien Champaign Art History 0 Rate
O. Mendiola-Sanchez Champaign Spanish 0 Rate
Deirdre O'Sullivan Champaign Community Health Sciences 2 Rate
John Fountain Champaign Journalism 0 Rate
James O'Dwyer Champaign Biology 0 Rate
Russell Giannetta Champaign Physics 0 Rate
Bogdan Udrea Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Margaret Kelley Champaign Sociology 4 Rate
Harry Wildblood Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
R.S. Sreenivas Champaign Engineering 6 Rate
Henry Schenck Champaign Mathematics 0 Rate
Malay Dey Champaign Finance 19 Rate
Jessica Birkenholtz Champaign Asian Studies 0 Rate
Elizabeth Reutter Champaign Food Science 0 Rate
F Jaher Champaign History 0 Rate
Gabriel Juarez Champaign Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Laurie Samuels Champaign Speech Communication 0 Rate
Adam Martinsek Champaign Statistics 1 Rate
jose Andino Martinez Champaign Chemistry 0 Rate
Karen Chapman-Novakofski Champaign Nutrition 0 Rate
Douglas King Champaign Engineering 0 Rate
Arif Nelson Champaign Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Edmund Seebauer Champaign Chemistry 1 Rate
Aditya Parameswaran Champaign Computer Science 4 Rate
Stephen Downie Champaign Biology 21 Rate
Richard Rodriguez Champaign English 14 Rate
Paul Demere Champaign Accounting 0 Rate

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