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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Paula Higa Music 6 Rate
Jim Eddy Computer Science 18 Rate
Alicia Ebert Biology 8 Rate
John Finn Statistics 3 Rate
Alan Tinkler Education 0 Rate
Donald Hellerman Art History 6 Rate
Z. Philip Ambrose Classics 7 Rate
Bethany Rice Secondary Education 2 Rate
Nell Novara English Language & Literature 2 Rate
Jackie Horton Computer Science 31 Rate
David Dummit Mathematics 9 Rate
Karen Nordstrom Nutrition 7 Rate
Owen Myers Physics 1 Rate
S. Lynn Bearman Education 14 Rate
Charles Hulse Medicine 2 Rate
Glenn Walberg Accounting 10 Rate
Binta Colley Education 1 Rate
Lisa Dion Computer Science 18 Rate
James Wilson Mathematics 13 Rate
Patti O'Brien Medicine 4 Rate
Jeanette O'Conor Health Science 7 Rate
T.L. Read Music 6 Rate
James Swenson English Language & Literature 2 Rate
Jillian Donnelly Sign Language 4 Rate
Wanda Heading-Grant Social Work 2 Rate
Nicole Conroy Nursing 16 Rate
Robert Skiff Secondary Education 1 Rate
Kenneth Allen Health Science 7 Rate
Janet Murnane Communication 1 Rate
Julia Walberg Communication 2 Rate
Wayne Williams Education 1 Rate
David Pratt Chemistry 8 Rate
Anthony Gierzynski Political Science 20 Rate
Justin Foster Mathematics 1 Rate
Marcus Elia Mathematics 5 Rate
Gregg Rashad S. Sanders Geography 3 Rate
John Summa Economics 20 Rate
Hung DO Business Administration 4 Rate
Jonathan Leonard Communication 1 Rate
Adrian Del Maestro Physics 2 Rate
Patrick O'Grady Biology 3 Rate
Kathryn Fox Sociology 20 Rate
Jean Bessette English Language & Literature 5 Rate
Ilyse Morgenstein-Fuerst Religion 22 Rate
Amy O'Meara Nursing 2 Rate
Gretchen Gross Education 2 Rate
Ann Lerner Anthropology 1 Rate
Daniel Fogel English Language & Literature 8 Rate
Kieran Killeen Education 14 Rate
C Zhang Business Administration 11 Rate
D Savin Chemistry 17 Rate
Karen Lounsbury Medicine 9 Rate
Colin Van Oort Mathematics 0 Rate
Lindsay Van Leir Mathematics 5 Rate
Ellen Black Neurological Sciences 11 Rate
Joseph Brayden Medicine 1 Rate
Alan Steinweis History 4 Rate
Elliot Boutin English Language & Literature 4 Rate
Roger Cooke Mathematics 0 Rate
Gary Widrick Social Work 3 Rate
Carole Kulikowski Continuing Education 1 Rate
Jill Preston Biology 2 Rate
Jason Parker Environmental Science 2 Rate
Peter Tkatch Theater 1 Rate
Peter Moses Medicine 0 Rate
Thomas Borchert Religion 20 Rate
John Perry Astronomy 50 Rate
Anthony Kvedar Business 1 Rate
Amy O''Meara Nursing 4 Rate

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