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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Jodi Stone Core Curriculum 0 Rate
Sarah Akers Criminal Justice 4 Rate
J Radford Political Science 0 Rate
J. Cox Nursing 0 Rate
J Rogers Biology 0 Rate
Anthony Shelton English 0 Rate
Sarah Redmond Biology 13 Rate
Lissa Huston Chemistry 16 Rate
J Childers Management 0 Rate
Susan Schoppelrey Social Work 3 Rate
Deneen Evans Social Work 5 Rate
Judith Collins-Cox Nursing 14 Rate
B Jay Settle Psychology 0 Rate
Cynthia Ptak Communication Disorders 0 Rate
K Poole Exercise Sport & Health Ed 0 Rate
S. Klaus Foreign Languages & Literature 0 Rate
S Fawthrop Mathematics 0 Rate
Nathan Dean Political Science 0 Rate
Ashley Rigdon Psychology 0 Rate
Laken Cooper Biology 1 Rate
Stephen Corwin Statistics 0 Rate
Eric Choate Mathematics 0 Rate
R. Deborah Overath Biology 0 Rate
Samantha Lynn Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Sarah Heidel Psychology 0 Rate
Kim Gainer Core Curriculum 0 Rate
Matthew Reppert Communication 0 Rate
M Turner Media Studies 0 Rate
S. Fast Mathematics 0 Rate
S Kirby English 0 Rate
Ann Brown Communication 3 Rate
K. Vernard Harrington Management 27 Rate
Charles DeSouza Core Curriculum 0 Rate
Andrea Kirtner Mathematics 0 Rate
J.P Palmer Management 0 Rate
Matthew Close Biology 11 Rate
Glenna Gustafson Education 0 Rate
Daniel Leslie Education 4 Rate
F Green Management 0 Rate
Sharon O'Donnell Nursing 0 Rate
Kim O'Donnell Criminal Justice 0 Rate
S Ferraraccio English 0 Rate
V Liogys Geology 0 Rate
Mythianne Shelton Physics 8 Rate
Stephanie Rigney Psychology 0 Rate
C Ching Computer Science 0 Rate
C. Tieman Sociology 0 Rate
Jane MacHin Marketing 19 Rate
V.S Curtis Sociology 0 Rate
S. Roger Hepburn History 1 Rate
R. Jones Biology 0 Rate
Douglas Brinckman Business Law 0 Rate
Katherine Smith English 0 Rate
John O'Connor Art 13 Rate
Langley Anderson Art 8 Rate
T Venteicher-Shulman English 0 Rate
Caroline Connell Core Curriculum 1 Rate
S Lupoli Information Technology 0 Rate
Brian Schimpf Philosophy 0 Rate
S Richards Computer Science 0 Rate
Chris Caldwell Criminal Justice 0 Rate
H. F. Webster Chemistry 0 Rate
I-Ping Fu Foreign Languages & Literature 18 Rate
G Kutlu Accounting 0 Rate
H Tong Marketing & Management 0 Rate
A Adema Communication 0 Rate
Carolyn Quinn English 0 Rate
Jonathon Webster Religious Studies 0 Rate
E. Shokraii Biology 0 Rate
Lawrence Eppard Sociology 0 Rate
Christopher Lingenfelter Core Curriculum 3 Rate
Joyce Caughron Biology 16 Rate
M Wierzbic Communication 0 Rate
Suzanne Graham Special Education 0 Rate
Bruce Brown Management 10 Rate
J Rossini Psychology 0 Rate
L Demarco Biology 0 Rate
K Mugnier Psychology 1 Rate
W C Long Military Science 0 Rate
Allen Wojtera Music 0 Rate
Elisabeth Cochrane Foods & Nutrition 0 Rate
Molly Hood Theater 0 Rate
Davis Spurlin History 0 Rate
Mary Meeks Communication 0 Rate
W Hrezo Political Science 0 Rate
Deana Jones Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Kevin Bowers Communication 7 Rate
Jason Fox Anthropology 0 Rate
R Spillman Information Technology 0 Rate
Christian Matheis Philosophy 6 Rate
M Hrezo Political Science 22 Rate
W. Bryan Murphy Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Mashooq Salehih Social Work 0 Rate
Matthew Turner Communication 13 Rate
Katie Katz Nursing 0 Rate
A Ray Information Technology 0 Rate
Sara O''Brien Biology 15 Rate
Theresa Burriss English 1 Rate
Rammy Haija Sociology 0 Rate

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