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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Ian McPhail Psychology 17 Rate
Kyle McLeister Classics 0 Rate
M.J. Miket Mathematics & Statistics 20 Rate
Sean Murphy Education 0 Rate
Jennifer McAllister Music 0 Rate
Gregory Marion Music 0 Rate
Saeed Moshiri Economics 21 Rate
David McGrane Political Science 21 Rate
Curt McCartney Agriculture 1 Rate
Barbara Mills-Wotherspoon Education 0 Rate
Lucas Morneau Art 0 Rate
Krista Mathias Arts Sciences 26 Rate
Neal McLeod Native Studies 0 Rate
Reza Moazed Engineering 2 Rate
Min Maung Finance 0 Rate
Joyce McBeth Geology 11 Rate
Lachlan McWilliams Psychology 0 Rate
Trevor Maber Management 15 Rate
Stacey Anne McHenry Psychology 25 Rate
David Mykota Education 1 Rate
Dev Mishra Finance 15 Rate
Dwight Makaroff Computer Science 45 Rate
Lawerence Martz Geography 10 Rate
Peggy Martin English 0 Rate
Allan MacLeod Political Science 0 Rate
Liv Marken English 24 Rate
Dean McNeill Music 9 Rate
Marek Majewski Chemistry 20 Rate
Patricia Monture Sociology 0 Rate
Brenda McDougall Social Science 0 Rate
Brenda McLeod Native Studies 0 Rate
Alison Maingon History 0 Rate
Raymon Montalbetti Fine Arts 41 Rate
Katya MacDonald History 0 Rate
Kelsey Marr Anthropology 11 Rate
Nimco Moumin Marketing 0 Rate
Gillian Murza Biology 0 Rate
Donna Marie Nursing 0 Rate
Nina Mohr Biology 2 Rate
Brandy MacKintosh Accounting 52 Rate
Adel Mohamed Anatomy 0 Rate
Melanie MacLean Education 0 Rate
Dianne Miller Education 4 Rate
Merle Massie History 0 Rate
Tim Mutsvangwa Animal Science 0 Rate
Philip McLoughlin Biology 21 Rate
Gabriela Mangano Geology 60 Rate
Marlene Mahoney Biology 0 Rate
Roger Mortimer English 6 Rate
Davood Moghaddam Engineering 0 Rate
Adam Minke Geography 0 Rate
Emily Morris English 18 Rate
Maria Melenchuk Anthropology 0 Rate
Sean Maw Engineering 11 Rate
Sara McPhee-Knowles Political Science 2 Rate
Matthew Mitchell Political Science 6 Rate
Janet McVittie Education 0 Rate
Marc Mentzer Business 0 Rate
Keith McIlmoyl Computer Science 0 Rate
David Mould Computer Science 0 Rate
Farhad Maleki Computer Science 2 Rate
M. Marshall Mathematics & Statistics 0 Rate
Elizabeth Mooney Education 0 Rate
Michael MacGregor Psychology 153 Rate
Liz Mack Archaeology 0 Rate
Stan Moore Science 0 Rate
Melanie Morrison Psychology 19 Rate
Niall McCloskey Classics 0 Rate
Dave Myall English 0 Rate
John McKinnon Agriculture 3 Rate
Chima Mbagwu Accounting 0 Rate
Michael Mehta Sociology 21 Rate
Gord McCalla Computer Science 20 Rate
Darlene Meeds Social Science 0 Rate
Tony Murphy English 20 Rate
Linda McMullen Psychology 7 Rate
Lewis Mehl-Madrona Native Studies 2 Rate
Marla Mickleborough Psychology 28 Rate
Korina Moroz-Stadnyk Anthropology 0 Rate
Jay Maillet Plant Sciences 0 Rate
Simon McCrea Psychology 0 Rate
Jeffrey Michler Agriculture 0 Rate
Marlene McKay Education 0 Rate
Randy Morin Native Studies 5 Rate
Gail MacKay Native Studies 25 Rate
Doug MacLean Mathematics 20 Rate
Tammy Marche Psychology 0 Rate
Terry Mildare Linguistics 0 Rate
Michael McGarity English 0 Rate
Kerry Mazurek Engineering 20 Rate
Reehan Mirza Biology 0 Rate
Allison Muri English 20 Rate
Jens Mueller Chemistry 0 Rate
Igor Morozov Geology 4 Rate
Hans Michelmann Political Science 10 Rate
Kathryn McWilliams Physics 0 Rate
Heather Marshall Education 0 Rate
Susan McDonald English 60 Rate
Iryna MacKay Languages 0 Rate
Anne Mease Native Studies 0 Rate
Allan Manson Physics 4 Rate
Venkatesh Meda Engineering 13 Rate
Sasho MacKenzie Physical Ed 0 Rate
Joanne Marchand Biology 7 Rate
Bruce Montcombroux Fine Arts 0 Rate
Carl McRosky Electrical Engineering 1 Rate
Tim Molnar Education 7 Rate
Abdullah Mamun Finance 6 Rate
Leslie McBain Geography 0 Rate
Brad Murray Geography 0 Rate
Ashlee McLardy Kinesiology 0 Rate
Caroline Mitchell Physics 0 Rate
Todd Morrison Psychology 29 Rate
William Murphy Business 11 Rate
Colleen Murphy Psychology 0 Rate
Raha Moazed Linguistics 0 Rate
Clifton Mark Political Science 13 Rate
James (jim) Merriam Geology 1 Rate
Victoria Mowat Sociology 0 Rate
Rob Morley History 0 Rate
Ali Motalebi Damuchali Civil Engineering 1 Rate
Ian McQuillan Computer Science 15 Rate
Natasha Martina Dramatic Arts 0 Rate
Kelly MacLellan Agriculture 0 Rate
David Meyer Anthropology 7 Rate
Tim Muench Engineering 19 Rate
Ann McDonald English 0 Rate
Erin Millions History 0 Rate
Rita Matlock English 0 Rate
John Martin Mathematics & Statistics 0 Rate
Dianne Martz Geography 16 Rate
Elizabeth Matheson Fine Arts 0 Rate
Denise McConney Literature 0 Rate
Dale Miquelon History 0 Rate
Tracy Marchant Science 0 Rate
Mary Marino Languages 0 Rate
John McCannon History 0 Rate
Liz Mooney Native Studies 0 Rate
Dwayne Moore Philosophy 0 Rate
Dustin McNichol History 1 Rate
Lee Murray Nursing 7 Rate
Nadia Maqbool Business 2 Rate
Eric Micheels Agriculture 16 Rate
Arron Metcalfe Psychology 2 Rate
Paul McDermid Spanish 0 Rate
Jessica Morgan Art 0 Rate
Marcia McKenzie Education 1 Rate
Ann Martin English 21 Rate
Mark Meyers History 24 Rate
Tracey Miller Finance 20 Rate
Grant McConnell Art History 7 Rate
Roger Maaka Native Studies 1 Rate
Patti McDougall Psychology 0 Rate
Dan Mitttelholtz Agriculture 0 Rate
John Moffatt Communication 0 Rate
Vlademir Murawsky Biology 0 Rate
James MacMillan Medicine 0 Rate
Gregory Malin Medicine 0 Rate
Alex Moewes Physics 4 Rate
Christy Morrissey Biology 0 Rate
David Miller Native Studies 0 Rate
Darrell McLaughlin Sociology 0 Rate
Jinfeng MA Geology 0 Rate
Sean Mulligan Physiology 17 Rate
Sheelah McLean Education 14 Rate
Veronika Makarova Linguistics & Religious Studies 0 Rate
Lyle Markowski Education 0 Rate
Terry Matheson English 0 Rate
Doug Milne Engineering 7 Rate
Andrew McQuay Art 0 Rate
Aruthur Maradona Chemistry 0 Rate
Suzanne Mills Geography 0 Rate
Henriette Morelli English 43 Rate
Gwen Machnee Biology 2 Rate
Susan McConkey Economics 0 Rate
Barry McLennan Biochemistry 0 Rate
Meghan McKinnie Languages 0 Rate

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