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Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College

Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College

200 I St NE
Miami, OK - 74354

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Ruth Sutton Nursing 3 Rate
Thomas Callan Social Science 7 Rate
Tyler Dewey Agriculture 1 Rate
Chelsie Huseman Agriculture 1 Rate
Andrew Olson English 2 Rate
Jeffrey Christiansen Social Science 4 Rate
Sue Bauer Computer Science 0 Rate
Jeb Dehanas Engineering 10 Rate
Chip Hammons Computer Science 3 Rate
David Loving History 15 Rate
Alan Batt Mathematics 3 Rate
James Webster English 16 Rate
Beth Blalock Social Science 6 Rate
Pat Creech Business 4 Rate
Sue Mudrick Health Science 1 Rate
Julie MacFarron Health Science 1 Rate
Lashawna Powers History 4 Rate
Ron Lawson Business 5 Rate
Mrs. Gaines Science 1 Rate
Leon Manning Criminal Justice 2 Rate
Lesli Deichman Psychology 8 Rate
Vickie Berry Mathematics 2 Rate
Hank Coiner History 11 Rate
Barbara George Theater 4 Rate
Coach Rose History 3 Rate
Randy Jones Chemistry 13 Rate
Betty Spradlin Medicine 12 Rate
Shannon Cunningham Agriculture 3 Rate
Mary Whaley Music 7 Rate
Ethel Hayes Business 4 Rate
Jary Douglas Agriculture 3 Rate
Lori hackwell Computer Science 2 Rate
Brenda Lucas Accounting 3 Rate
Mark Grigsby Biology 8 Rate
Moses Martinous English 11 Rate
Kurt Witten Computer Science 1 Rate
Roger Ward Physical Education 2 Rate
Melinda Huff Political Science 2 Rate
Donnie Bigby Not Specified 0 Rate
Matthew Mayfield Physics 5 Rate
Jordan Boyd History 1 Rate
Carol White English 1 Rate
Ashley Jackson Education 4 Rate
Seonae Habirdsong English 3 Rate
Calvin Becker Business 3 Rate
Julianna Rohde Biology 19 Rate
Keith Sutton English 5 Rate
David Dallas Science 7 Rate
Kathy Blundell Psychology 1 Rate
Rachel Lloyd Psychology 1 Rate
Steve McCurley Theater 8 Rate
Jeff Birdsong Social Science 13 Rate
James Greuel Chemistry 14 Rate
Brian Hauck Communication 4 Rate
Becky Kirk Journalism 6 Rate
Shannon Samples Science 1 Rate
Jeff Aldridge Mathematics 8 Rate
George Largent Political Science 3 Rate
Janet Roach English 3 Rate
Brad Henderson Communication 2 Rate
Jamie Weaver English 6 Rate
Ben Whaley Fine Arts 2 Rate
Cheryl Butler Psychology 3 Rate
Kathleen Chrismon English 10 Rate
Rachelle Manion Psychology 0 Rate
Carrie Steele Mathematics 0 Rate
Mike Bradley Science 2 Rate
Fred Crapse Biology 0 Rate
Greg Pierce English 0 Rate
Marcia Tynon Education 3 Rate
John Lomax Mathematics 9 Rate
John Sullivan Political Science 1 Rate
Jon Stelle Business 0 Rate

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