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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Christine O'Connell Science 1 Rate
O Oladipo Economics 0 Rate
Ashley O'Rourke Speech Pathology & Audiology 0 Rate
M Reffsin Accounting 0 Rate
M Schwam Social Work 0 Rate
Lily Lev Marketing 0 Rate
John O'Connor Fine Arts 0 Rate
Celeste Kaufman Political Science 25 Rate
Alvin Estrada Mathematics 6 Rate
S Park Finance 0 Rate
R.H. Doud Business 0 Rate
Joan Caraccio Nursing 0 Rate
Anne D'Antuono Nursing 3 Rate
Margaret Cassidy Communication 0 Rate
Harmon Mercer Nursing 0 Rate
N Adams Psychology 0 Rate
D Morin Psychology 0 Rate
D Boyd Chemistry 0 Rate
C Sandford Writing 0 Rate
Marilyn Urraya Social Work 0 Rate
R. Bruce Swensen Accounting 24 Rate
Dustin Kahoud Psychology 0 Rate
Kenneth Rondello Emergency Management 0 Rate
I Dunn Computer Science 0 Rate
M Potter Mathematics 0 Rate
M Leitch Education 0 Rate
M McGovern Chemistry 0 Rate
M Hart Social Science 0 Rate
M. Ginsberg Social Work 0 Rate
S. Weinstein Education 0 Rate
A. Daneshmand Computer Science 0 Rate
E Rosen English 0 Rate
Jill Artus Health Science 0 Rate
G. Keith Henning Business 5 Rate
Michael D'Emic Biology 18 Rate
Pamela Buckle-Henning Business 0 Rate
Ph.D. Bodner Psychology 0 Rate
Ann Marie D'Angelo Nursing 0 Rate
Katherine Hill English 0 Rate
Sheila O' Neil Education 0 Rate
Jacquelyn Coutre Art History 0 Rate
Mary MacKenzie Music 0 Rate
John Petrizzo Health Science 0 Rate
Laura Brumariu Psychology 0 Rate
Marilyn Klainberg Nursing 5 Rate
Maya Muratov Art History 19 Rate
J Achtziger Business 0 Rate
Michael O'Loughlin Education 0 Rate
R. Ascione Nursing 0 Rate
R. Brazill Art History 0 Rate
T Lawrence Nursing 0 Rate
T DeSantis Psychology 0 Rate
A Hecht Communication 0 Rate
Mary Mantilla Social Work 1 Rate
Zachary Johnson Marketing 8 Rate
Michele Brown Social Work 0 Rate
S Buchholtz Nursing 0 Rate
H Foster Social Work 0 Rate
M. Cristina Zaccarini History 64 Rate
J. Bogenshutz Social Work 0 Rate
J Sheil Psychology 0 Rate
Gordon Welty Social Science 0 Rate
E. Kowalski Physical Ed 0 Rate
David Castro Social Work 2 Rate
Rob Craig Chemistry 0 Rate
Laura Messano Business 9 Rate
Timothy Sonbuchner Chemistry 40 Rate
J Sharf Psychology 0 Rate
J Klein Sociology 19 Rate
Kenneth Rondello Public Health 3 Rate
L Bertino Social Work 0 Rate
N. Gallina Social Work 0 Rate
K Levine Fine Arts 0 Rate
K Valentine Fine Arts 0 Rate
A. Anais-Bar Social Work 0 Rate
K. Maxwell Psychology 0 Rate
Richard Rotanz Not Specified 0 Rate
Matthew Wilson Graphic Arts 0 Rate
P Semeraro Nursing 0 Rate
Donna Marrazzo Theater 0 Rate
M. Joy McClure Psychology 15 Rate
M Vazquez Languages 0 Rate
D Fand English 0 Rate
D Kantor Humanities 0 Rate
John Ozehosky Psychology 15 Rate
Mary Graves Writing 0 Rate
Adelheid Strelick Theater 0 Rate
Sandra Castro Sociology 0 Rate
R Gordon Business 0 Rate
R Maieli Nursing 0 Rate
Cindy Arroyo Communication 0 Rate
Karen Mancini Nursing 0 Rate
H Weiner Education 0 Rate
Georgia Newlin Music 0 Rate
Jacqueline Olvera Sociology 0 Rate
A Oser Criminal Justice 0 Rate
A Diangelo Nursing 0 Rate
Patrick Grehan Psychology 0 Rate
Susan O'Hara Nursing 0 Rate
Michael Weiner Social Work 0 Rate
J. Tannenbaum Psychology 0 Rate
A. Capetandes Biology 0 Rate
A. Karpf Physics 0 Rate
M Clohesy-Pizzingrillo Nursing 0 Rate
Evelyn O'Connor Education 0 Rate

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