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New Jersey Institute of Technology

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
N.M. Ravindra Physics 18 Rate
Frank Golon Civil Engineering 6 Rate
Efe Kutuk Architecture 0 Rate
Erica D'Almeida Freshman Seminar 0 Rate
Caitlin Wylie Humanities 11 Rate
Christopher Hanna Civil Engineering 4 Rate
Susan Thomson Computer Science 0 Rate
L Eisenburg Management 0 Rate
Charles Silber Mathematics 4 Rate
Jessica Ross Architecture 7 Rate
I Joga Rao Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Richard Schaefer Civil Engineering 3 Rate
James Haklar Environmental Engineering 0 Rate
C. P. Gulati Mathematics 0 Rate
Paul King Humanities 0 Rate
Victor Passaro Hospitality 5 Rate
John Esche Humanities 6 Rate
Matthew Michal Mathematics 35 Rate
C Koeneke Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
John O'Connor History 0 Rate
Kenneth Welch Management 0 Rate
Thomas Jaworski Civil Engineering 0 Rate
James Cicon Management 0 Rate
Jeff Bruckner Computer Science 0 Rate
Cathy Brown Humanities 0 Rate
Richard Thompson Information Technology 40 Rate
Hieu Nguyen Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
J Limpuma English 1 Rate
William O'Sullivan History 42 Rate
T Tse Mathematics 0 Rate
Mina Botros Engineering 2 Rate
Janice Daniel Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Megan O'Neill Humanities 3 Rate
Vivek Kumar Biomedical 2 Rate
Brittany Hamfeldt Mathematics 0 Rate
Paul Dine Business 0 Rate
Donald Hsu Computer Science 0 Rate
Amy Hoover Information Technology 0 Rate
Mosharrof Sarker Mathematics 9 Rate
David Brothers Not Specified 4 Rate
Salem Mohamed A Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Costas Gogos Chemical Engineering 1 Rate
Alfonso D'Alessio Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Larisa Krishtopa Engineering 0 Rate
Samuel D'Arcangelis Chemistry 8 Rate
Nicholas Occhifinto Accounting 11 Rate
Eon Lee Mechanical Engineering 18 Rate
Abdul Abo'U Alfouthouh Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
George Magou Biomedical 6 Rate
Clarence Hall History 0 Rate
A Wood Humanities 0 Rate
M. Ala Saadegh-Vaziri Civil Engineering 29 Rate
Michael Dentato Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Don Gies Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Jaskirat Sodhi Mechanical Engineering 18 Rate
Maljian Libarid Physics 20 Rate
Xinbo Lau Chemistry 14 Rate
J. Britt Holbrook Humanities 7 Rate
Brian Shiels Civil Engineering 4 Rate
Michael Lee Information Systems 22 Rate
Jae Shin Architecture 1 Rate
Richard Vanderbilt Engineering 0 Rate
Douglas Smith Civil Engineering 0 Rate
D Yassin Biomedical 0 Rate
Harry Blanchard Mathematics 0 Rate
C Ellison Humanities 0 Rate
Allison Lapatka Civil Engineering 10 Rate
Daniel Replogle Mathematics 0 Rate
Sean O'Malley Physics 0 Rate
Michael Ehrlich Accounting 0 Rate
H Elsayed Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Fadi Karaa Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Kwabena Narh Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Ronald Van Cleef History 0 Rate
Casey Diekman Mathematics 0 Rate
Lucie Tchouassi Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
John Lyssikatos Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Khondaker Salehin Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Robert Lopes Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Cleveland Harp Architecture 0 Rate

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