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State Fair Community College

State Fair Community College

3201 W 16th St
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Levi Flint Languages 0 Rate
Eric Fudge Graphic Arts 0 Rate
Kevin Gnuschke Agriculture 0 Rate
Melissa Bussey Nursing 1 Rate
Daniel Hamilton Computer Science 0 Rate
Dara Bigler Psychology 0 Rate
Amanda Harvey Business 0 Rate
Meghan McClellan Fine Arts 0 Rate
Shelby Pirtle Geography 0 Rate
Brenda O'Neill Psychology 0 Rate
Shayna Burchett Chemistry 0 Rate
Mark Anderson History 0 Rate
Beverly Marquez Medicine 1 Rate
Joy Abney English 0 Rate
Courtney Ahnen Nursing 0 Rate
Betty Baldwin Languages 0 Rate
Mary Abele English 0 Rate
Michael Davis Political Science 10 Rate
Brady Abel Communication 0 Rate
Drew Ashley Mathematics 0 Rate
Jayme Post Biology 0 Rate
Amy Carr Nursing 1 Rate
Dana Gillig Agriculture 0 Rate
James Gumbel Mathematics 1 Rate
Russ Lewis Political Science 0 Rate
Jennifer Norton Medicine 0 Rate
Jennifer Pedersen Psychology 0 Rate
Jeanne Wilson Biology 0 Rate
Danielle Beumer Medicine 0 Rate
John Degonia Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Shari Harrington English 3 Rate
Bryon Freeman Computer Science 0 Rate
Dustin Walbom English 5 Rate
Sara Dunn Nursing 0 Rate
Darrell Everett Engineering 0 Rate
Kristen Henning Theater 0 Rate
Douglas Hunolt Health Science 0 Rate
Dawn Johnico Social Work 0 Rate
Jennifer Lapusan Mathematics 0 Rate
Donald Luper Fine Arts 0 Rate
P. C. Thomas English 0 Rate
Emily Kliethermes Biology 0 Rate
Kevin Bond Criminal Justice 0 Rate
John Burns Science 0 Rate
Rosemarie Hartner Literature 0 Rate
Regina Haynie Business 0 Rate
Kathleen Jeffries History 0 Rate
Angie Fousie History 0 Rate
Dolores Grable Education 0 Rate
Rebecca Hart Computer Science 0 Rate
Michael Hoos Computer Science 0 Rate
Sue Larkin Medicine 0 Rate
Lisa Kimmel Fine Arts 0 Rate
Kaela Lockard Fine Arts 0 Rate
Rickey McBride Mathematics 0 Rate
Melissa Reynolds Biology 1 Rate
Renee O'Daniel Mathematics 2 Rate
Ashlee McQueen Mathematics 0 Rate
Debra Lehman Mathematics 0 Rate
Nathan Bechtold Literature 0 Rate
Elizabeth Hines Mathematics 0 Rate
Angela Robertson English 0 Rate
Franziska Malsy-Murphy Mathematics 0 Rate
Sheryl Lazenby Mathematics 0 Rate
Erin Lucas Medicine 0 Rate
Kimberley Miller Mathematics 0 Rate
Reginald Nelson Mathematics 0 Rate
Shari Nelson Nursing 0 Rate
Thomas Heywood Political Science 0 Rate
Kevin Ditzfeld Physical Education 0 Rate
Renee Fiquet Medicine 0 Rate
Paula Garfias Nursing 0 Rate
Charles Hibbard Communication 0 Rate
Kayla Kimbrough Nursing 0 Rate
Amanda Kindle Sociology 0 Rate
Sarah Nail Communication 0 Rate
Farrell Thompson Political Science 0 Rate
Jenie Bruce Medicine 0 Rate
Debra Foster Science 0 Rate
Samuel French Business 0 Rate
Jodi Fudge Business 0 Rate
Cynthia Groff Music 0 Rate
Tammy Hamilton Engineering 0 Rate
Nicole Hopper Sociology 0 Rate
Rhonda Jetmore Nursing 0 Rate
Ronald Johnson Business 0 Rate
Tialisa Kolb Sociology 0 Rate
Juan Bobadilla Languages 0 Rate
Matt Shomaker History 0 Rate
Robin Grice Sociology 0 Rate
Bradley Anders Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Charles Ayers Philosophy 0 Rate
Marshall Durham Architecture 0 Rate
Cheryl Hibbard Mathematics 0 Rate
Tom Andreas Architecture 0 Rate
Kelly Cady Early Childhood Education 0 Rate
Rochelle Hockett Business 0 Rate
Carmen Dotson Psychology 0 Rate
Patricia Dump English 0 Rate
Britt Faaborg Music 0 Rate
Martin Harrison Business 0 Rate

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