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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Shawn Malone Geology 10 Rate
Matthew Wilson Architecture 4 Rate
Sarah Rentschler Family & Consumer Science 1 Rate
Cynthia Cash Business 0 Rate
Hyun Kim Theatre & Dance 0 Rate
Michelle O'Malley Journalism 17 Rate
Annette Swanson Educational Psychology 2 Rate
Boris Zhukov Economics 0 Rate
T Grim English 0 Rate
Brian Greer English 1 Rate
J Albers Mathematics 0 Rate
Dallis Pike Communication 15 Rate
John Ludwick Art Art History 6 Rate
Nathan Bogert Music 3 Rate
John Disher Journalism 0 Rate
Jodi Cotton Theater 0 Rate
Jerome Stigler Fine Arts 0 Rate
Jeffrey Cohen Marketing 0 Rate
Gregory Callan Educational Psychology 0 Rate
M.J. Zamlauski-Tucker Science 0 Rate
Jill D'Angelo Criminal Justice 11 Rate
W Douglas Barnette Languages 0 Rate
Philip R.P. Coelho Economics 0 Rate
Monte Staton Criminal Justice 12 Rate
Kendra Joy E. Thomas Nursing 1 Rate
Richard Owens Mathematics 0 Rate
P Coehlo Economics 13 Rate
C. Ann Blakey Biology 26 Rate
Shannon Craig Nursing 0 Rate
Bart Huelsenbeck Modern Languages & Classics 25 Rate
Elizabeth Strong Family & Consumer Science 0 Rate
Brian Morrison English 19 Rate
Jeffrey Hiatt Mathematics 34 Rate
Carla Flores Business 27 Rate
Anthony Edmonds History 0 Rate
James Flowers Educational Technology 0 Rate
J. Pyle Chemistry 0 Rate
G. R. Patterson English 5 Rate
Eric Harvey Marketing 13 Rate
J. Michael McGrew Computer Science 0 Rate
Kenneth McCoy Educational Psychology 0 Rate
April Condon Speech/Language/Hearing Sci. 0 Rate
Tara Kingsley Education 2 Rate
Ted Neal Fine Arts 0 Rate
T. Norman Van Cott Economics 0 Rate
Abdullah Hasan English 0 Rate
David Shanks Design 1 Rate
Laura Romano English 11 Rate
Charles Sexton Chemistry 10 Rate
Bhagwan Khanna Accounting 23 Rate
Tracey Chessum Theatre Dance 6 Rate
D. Breck Terheide Marketing 0 Rate
Kathryn Ineich English 0 Rate
Peter Davis English 0 Rate
Douglas Read Business 16 Rate
Kate Elliot Journalism 20 Rate
Gabe Ortiz Languages 4 Rate
Michael O'Hara Theater 48 Rate
Andrew Luttrell Psychology 4 Rate
Deartha Chambers Communication 0 Rate
Kelsey Brasel Accounting 10 Rate
M. Khatun Physics 0 Rate
Mary Rahe Art & Art History 0 Rate
Laura O'Hara Communication 27 Rate
K Campbell Social Work 0 Rate
M Rahe Art & Art History 0 Rate
Lindsey Kesler Family & Consumer Science 0 Rate
Steven Radil Geography 1 Rate
Mitch Isaacs Education 0 Rate
S Martis Art & Art History 0 Rate
Kathryn L. Ineich English 1 Rate
Cassandra Martin Biology 16 Rate
Tara Wood History 23 Rate
David Chalfant Writing 0 Rate
Betsy Ahlsermeyer Journalism 0 Rate
Robert Willey Music 25 Rate
Alex Chalmers Information Security 0 Rate
William Liston English 0 Rate
Catherine Frazee Mathematics 41 Rate
D Marini Health Science 0 Rate
Robert D Mathews Management 0 Rate
Dorice Hankemeier Physical Education 0 Rate
Sheron Fraser-Burgess Education 4 Rate
Sarah Brown History 0 Rate
Phillip Howard Business 4 Rate
S. James Culbertson Communication 0 Rate
Vanessa Wyss Education 2 Rate
F. Renee Nevins Psychology 0 Rate
Matthew Vice Music 0 Rate
Adam Lueke Psychology 1 Rate
James Higgins Accounting 0 Rate
M. Ali Bolgun English 0 Rate
Ryan Groves Business 0 Rate
Keith D'Ambra Marketing 0 Rate
Mohammed Syed A Syed Business 0 Rate
Paige Waters Telecommunication 23 Rate
Molly Winters Communication 0 Rate
Robert Phillips Anthropology 11 Rate
Allison Rober Biology 48 Rate
Craig O'Hara English 18 Rate
John O'Connell Mathematics 24 Rate
Emily Tzucker Theatre amp Dance 0 Rate

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