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Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University

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Chicago, IL - 60605

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Brent Barker Physics 1 Rate
Anna Schuh Political Science 6 Rate
Wayne Jones Management 0 Rate
Sarah Elliott Psychology 9 Rate
Frank Chaten Philosophy 0 Rate
Kelsey Poulson-Ellestad Chemistry 3 Rate
Christian Tebordo English 0 Rate
Peter Fallon Journalism 9 Rate
Gerald O'Keefe Psychology 0 Rate
Amanda Lucchetti Psychology 0 Rate
Charles Berry Psychology 0 Rate
Ellen O'Brien English 15 Rate
Heidi Truax Counseling amp Human Services 0 Rate
Laura Kopff Chemistry 4 Rate
S Chandra Biology 0 Rate
Donnette Noble Professional Studies 0 Rate
Howard Sass Writing 0 Rate
Margaret Rowley Psychology 0 Rate
Steven Meyers Psychology 8 Rate
Jasmine Knight Education 0 Rate
Dilip Deb Biology 4 Rate
Onajole Oluseye Chemistry 6 Rate
Gary Wolfe Professional Studies 0 Rate
J. Michael Holmes Music 1 Rate
Warren Ginsberg Accounting 1 Rate
Andrew Streidenberger Psychology 0 Rate
Heather Dalmage Sociology 9 Rate
Kavita Ajmere Psychology 0 Rate
Daniel Headrick Business 0 Rate
Shari Berkowitz Psychology 0 Rate
Edward Niedermaier Music 0 Rate
R Seiser Biology 0 Rate
Michael Bryson Social Science 4 Rate
Cheryl Kettler Paralegal Studies 0 Rate
Alexis Cosco Psychology 0 Rate

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