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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Cornelius Sippel History 20 Rate
(Ron) Ronald B. Hirsen Theater 1 Rate
Mohammad Al Sharoa Science & Math 0 Rate
Kirsten D'Aurelio Communication 0 Rate
Siobhan O'Donoghue Community Studies 0 Rate
Carmel O'Kane Languages 0 Rate
Peter O'Leary Theology 0 Rate
Jerome Arkenberg History 1 Rate
Patricia Hull Political Science 0 Rate
Thomas O'Brien Finance 11 Rate
Timothy Kane Information Science 6 Rate
Michelle Martin Social Work 0 Rate
Vadim Krongauz Chemistry 0 Rate
James Rudyk Public Service 3 Rate
Mary Elizabeth O'Mara Religion 0 Rate
Ashley Bohrer Philosophy 0 Rate
Gregory Gilmore Social Science 0 Rate
Sunny Park-Johnson Education 3 Rate
Angela Nissing English 0 Rate
Louella Ward Computing & Technology 0 Rate
Erica Vogel Chemistry 13 Rate
Mary Mindak Accounting 24 Rate
Louis Aquila Jr Mathematics 0 Rate
Anna Groh Education 0 Rate
Sonia Lascelles Education 0 Rate
Megan Lombardi Psychology 0 Rate
M. Kemal Isik Philosophy 0 Rate
Rafael Tenorio Economics 23 Rate
Jessica Frank English 15 Rate
Eileen O'Halloran English 0 Rate
Stephen Koerning Marketing 41 Rate
Daniel Abben Psychology 0 Rate
J.M. Ash Mathematics 0 Rate
Kenneth Saltman Education 0 Rate
Robert O'Hara Performing Arts 0 Rate
Mike O'Brien Film 0 Rate
Heather Hughes Not Specified 0 Rate
Norma Sutcliffe Computer Science 13 Rate
JaNae Contag English 0 Rate
D. Vincent Thomas Political Science 0 Rate
Judith McCray Philosophy 2 Rate
T. Kyle Petersen Mathematics 24 Rate
Meredith O'Sullivan Finance 17 Rate
James Walker Philosophy 0 Rate
Daniel McNeil History 0 Rate
C. Leeb English 0 Rate
Lauren Blanc Chemistry 0 Rate
Derise Tolliver School for New Learning 7 Rate
J. Woesthoff History 0 Rate
Jessica Presto T. Communication 0 Rate
George Sipos History 0 Rate
Robert O'Keefe Marketing 0 Rate
T Mastin Communication 0 Rate
R. C Sautter Education 0 Rate
Brian Thompson Finance 30 Rate
Yohannes Fre Ethnic Studies 0 Rate
Jean-Philippe Labruyere Computer Science 25 Rate
William O'Connor Theater 0 Rate
Thomas O'Brien Religion 45 Rate
I-Ping Chu Computer Science 0 Rate
Susan Fischer Physics 0 Rate
Frederic Kopp History 0 Rate
Jaqueline Hara Languages 0 Rate
E. Amanda Boutot Education 0 Rate
B. Rich Cinema 2 Rate
B Tashjian Music 0 Rate
Joseph L'Africain Communication 7 Rate
L. Joyce Mariano English 0 Rate
Donald Opitz Mathematics 0 Rate
Rajit Mazumder History 0 Rate
Steven Jones Cinema 0 Rate
James Mourey Marketing 0 Rate
Charles Groth Mathematics 66 Rate
Mark Sentesy Philosophy 8 Rate
John Simon Business 0 Rate
Mark Shore Finance 3 Rate
Sasha Dekleva Business 40 Rate
Chernoh Sesay Religion 57 Rate
Jaclyn Jensen Management 0 Rate
L Zecker Education 0 Rate
McLaughlin Gerald W Management 0 Rate
Lily Kim Business 25 Rate
Margaret O'Brien Communication 0 Rate
Katelynne Finnegan Mathematics 0 Rate
Jason Sandri Art Media Design 0 Rate
Windsor Aguirre Biology 12 Rate
Michael Jacobs Law 2 Rate
Jay Beck Communication 0 Rate
Hernando Estevez Education 0 Rate
L Abrahms Communication 0 Rate
Ana Schaposchnik History 0 Rate
Myril Bruns Marketing 0 Rate
Kristin Fitzpatrick Writing 0 Rate
Noella D'Cruz Physics 20 Rate
Jill O'Brien Communication 0 Rate
Margaret O'Neill Communication 0 Rate
O'Donavan Johnson Business 3 Rate
Robert Elliott Finance 0 Rate
Polly Mangerson Languages 0 Rate
Khalil Marrar Political Science 0 Rate
David Sieren Psychology 0 Rate
Joanna Takla Finance 0 Rate
B Needles Accounting 0 Rate
Molly O'Donnell Public Service 1 Rate
William Krenzer Psychology 2 Rate
Seth Horning Communication 0 Rate
Albert Payson Music 0 Rate
R Isackson English 0 Rate
Anna Johnson Philosophy 2 Rate
A Cedzich Religion 0 Rate
Jon Norman Sociology 3 Rate
Stephen Haymes Philosophy 42 Rate
David Dixon Finance 63 Rate
Mary Stolper Music 1 Rate
John Hepp Accounting 0 Rate
A. Eduardo Gatto Mathematics 0 Rate
Mofak Hassan Mathematics 136 Rate
Ayse Sahin Mathematics 0 Rate
Brian O'donnell Computer Science 7 Rate
J. Kelly Marketing 0 Rate
Wendell O'Gorman Religion 0 Rate
Robert Bills Finance 0 Rate

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