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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
James Murphy Accounting 13 Rate
Alex Hughes Philosophy 0 Rate
David Hoffman Management 15 Rate
Russell McDermott English 0 Rate
Jennifer Bradford Criminal Justice 11 Rate
Chad Latta Psychology 3 Rate
Carol Tkach Biology 0 Rate
Steven Coddington Mathematics 0 Rate
Emory Wilder Health Science 9 Rate
Adrian Stone Biology 26 Rate
Kimberly Klimek History 0 Rate
George Donovan Mathematics 0 Rate
Edgar Cross Management 2 Rate
P Marquez History 0 Rate
Trent Hudley English 18 Rate
Doug Hurst Accounting 0 Rate
Carla Pacheco Hospitality 0 Rate
Nhu Nguyen Human Performance 0 Rate
Michele Clark Management 0 Rate
Caryn Fraundorfer Mathematics 0 Rate
T.J. Cole Political Science 22 Rate
Joy Pieper Health Science 4 Rate
Ramon Griffin Finance 0 Rate
Scott Szechenyi Chemistry 0 Rate
Joseph Cordova Political Science 0 Rate
David Farrell Music 2 Rate
Hudley Trent English 1 Rate
Melanie Whittington Health Science 1 Rate
James Brosemer Speech Communication 7 Rate
Jennifer Cullingford Health Science 1 Rate
Abigail Schreiber Psychology 0 Rate
Francis Sullivan Biology 0 Rate
James Drake III Hospitality 0 Rate
G. McCarthy History 0 Rate
Christine Kuglin Accounting 20 Rate
Kelly Cambell Mathematics 0 Rate
Gary Paulson Human Performance 1 Rate
Lois Deitrich Accounting 0 Rate
Zachary Villegas English 0 Rate
Robert Miller Music 0 Rate
Michael Garcia History 0 Rate
Donna Washington Human Performance 0 Rate
Jolie Fontenot Speech Communication 3 Rate
Connie Sander Theater 0 Rate
Wilburn Boykin Jr Marketing 0 Rate
Summer Trentin Art History 18 Rate
Paul Harrison Accounting 10 Rate
Reyna Ulibarri Sociology 0 Rate
Jovan Hernandez Psychology 27 Rate
Bethany O'Halloran Journalism 0 Rate
Richard Johnson Computer Science 8 Rate
Norman Pence Computer Information Systems 4 Rate
Kristen Lyons Psychology 18 Rate
M McGivern Communication 0 Rate
Yasmin Cassini Recreation 2 Rate
Linda Lange Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
Christopher Spears Science 0 Rate
Christy Derr Sociology 9 Rate
Peggy O'Neill Jones Technology 1 Rate
Abel Moreno Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
J.R Gilness English 0 Rate
Randi Brazeau Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 19 Rate
Nancy Shanks Health Science 5 Rate
Amy Cardillo Accounting 22 Rate
Glenn Ziemba Technology 1 Rate
Leila Armstrong Art History 7 Rate
Ivo Georgiev Computer Science 2 Rate
Stephen O'Bryan History 0 Rate
Kathy O'Donnell Communication 10 Rate
Ronald Nohr Chemistry 0 Rate
Emma Jean S Yoder Communication 0 Rate
Jeffrey Lewis Marketing 0 Rate
Kenneth Jacobs Finance 0 Rate
Patrick Ryan Biology 11 Rate
Marilyn /k Starrett Journalism 6 Rate
Bong Jeong Computer Information Systems 23 Rate
Lawrence Borom Sociology 1 Rate
Nancy Moke Human Services 0 Rate
Gerald Shultz Computer Science 0 Rate
Buckley Charlie Education 0 Rate
M.L. Shwayder Social Science 0 Rate
Vicki Nilles Education 7 Rate
Carol Tiegs Journalism 0 Rate
Kelly Campbell Mathematics 0 Rate
Barbara Koehler Criminal Justice 35 Rate
Katia Campbell Communication 0 Rate
Pamela Dumaine Mathematics 0 Rate
David Weiden Social Science 0 Rate
David Beckwith Culinary Arts 1 Rate
Erik Peterson Music 0 Rate
Rebecca Faulkner Chemistry 6 Rate
Tanya Chesney Biology 0 Rate
Tracy Bealer English 0 Rate
Ernest Heyman Physical Education 0 Rate
Patrick Carver Speech Communication 2 Rate
Chalane Lechuga Chicano Studies 0 Rate
K. Bradford Mathematics 0 Rate
Bruce Leber Physical Education 0 Rate
Andrew Holt Accounting 0 Rate
Nicolette Giasolli Biology 19 Rate
Jiansheng Guatney Languages 0 Rate
Pamela Troyer Humanities 0 Rate
Betsy Forrest Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 0 Rate
Elizabeth Klepper Communication 0 Rate
T.J. McInerney History 0 Rate
Tyler Bachelder Aviation 5 Rate
Christina Sigala Political Science 14 Rate
Robert Matthews History 0 Rate
David Jackson Iii African-American Studies 0 Rate
Rebecca Trammell Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Arnold Kautz Philosophy 0 Rate
Wayne Chancellor Not Specified 0 Rate
Thomas Rudman Engineering 0 Rate
Julia Excell English 0 Rate
Jerald Foote Health Science 0 Rate
Kelly Sandoval Design 0 Rate
Christina Huber Economics 13 Rate
Micaela O Connor Health Science 5 Rate
R Baxendale Accounting 0 Rate
W Robert Talbot Engineering 0 Rate
Shaun Schafer Journalism 0 Rate
Jeffrey Gleason Music 4 Rate
Guy Heyl Criminal Justice 0 Rate
David Hill Anthropology 0 Rate
Julie Rummel Mancuso Human Performance 7 Rate
Mandi Schaeffer Mathematics 0 Rate
Amanda Gonzalez Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Robert O'Connell English 0 Rate
Stephen O'Hara Physics 0 Rate
Theresa O'Donaughy Biology 0 Rate
Kristine Jones Art 0 Rate
Mark Ballenger Finance 0 Rate
Qamrul Choudhury Biology 0 Rate

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