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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Melissa Gotlieb Communication 15 Rate
Patricia Delucia Psychology 5 Rate
Osariemen Osaghae English 1 Rate
James (j.B) Ward Hospitality 1 Rate
David White Education 2 Rate
William Marcy Engineering 10 Rate
Katharine Scherff Art History 3 Rate
Joaquin Gonzales Exercise & Sport Science 3 Rate
Thinh Kieu Mathematics 5 Rate
Daniel Carpenter Education 0 Rate
Keira Williams Honors 9 Rate
Ricardo Schmidt Languages 3 Rate
J Rudine Psychology 4 Rate
David Ernst Engineering 8 Rate
J Duane Hoover Management 21 Rate
Jeremy Deans Geology 11 Rate
Donald Jones Information Science 2 Rate
Steven Cobb Atmospheric Sciences 16 Rate
Justin Keene Communication 11 Rate
Gregory McKenna Chemical Engineering 0 Rate
Barry Broughton Business 20 Rate
Stacey O'Brien English 0 Rate
Mary Lagasse Computer Science 0 Rate
Ralph Viator Accounting 11 Rate
Catherine Epkins Psychology 2 Rate
Amanda Miller Chemistry 0 Rate
Mark Vaughn Engineering 12 Rate
Christopher Smith Music 10 Rate
Rhonda Boros Science 52 Rate
Dorothy O'Connell English 2 Rate
L. J. Gould Education 0 Rate
Rachel Jordan Human Dev amp Family Sciences 2 Rate
Sean Cunningham History 36 Rate
Theodore Wiesner Chemical Engineering 9 Rate
Eric Rasmussen Communication 6 Rate
Kirsten Poff Agriculture 1 Rate
J Johnson Agriculture 4 Rate
Talal Gamadi Engineering 16 Rate
Sean Rice Biology 3 Rate
H SCOTT NORVILLE Engineering 19 Rate
Delia O'Steen Communication 16 Rate
N Reyes English 1 Rate
Patricia Hawley Education 18 Rate
Linda Krefting Business 3 Rate
Rebecca Howell English 6 Rate
John Schumacher Psychology 0 Rate
C Seaquist Mathematics 5 Rate
Carell John Engineering 1 Rate
Brandon Shuler English 12 Rate
Sara English Health Science 0 Rate
Matthew Watson Anthropology 6 Rate
Seth McKee Political Science 23 Rate
Joseph Salvaggio Classics 1 Rate
J.D. Booker Agriculture 2 Rate
Glenn Browne Business 2 Rate
Danny Reible Chemical Engineering 3 Rate
Charlene Key Psychology 1 Rate
Jason Smith Communication 0 Rate
Mohamed Soliman Engineering 2 Rate
James Wilcox Marketing 0 Rate
M. Rafiqul Awal Engineering 1 Rate
Chris Smith Music 1 Rate
Andrew Harned Chemistry 9 Rate
L. Marie Parkinson Communication 10 Rate
Iracema Quintero English 1 Rate
Ashley Harry Health Science 2 Rate
J. Kirk Communication 12 Rate
Christopher Stanley Physics 4 Rate
Justin Weaver Atmospheric Sciences 56 Rate
Andy King Communication 16 Rate
Blakelee Kemp Sociology 10 Rate
Benjamin Owen Physics 4 Rate
Jonathan Thompson Chemistry 13 Rate
M.A.K. Lodhi Physics 8 Rate
Stefano D'Amico History 1 Rate
Eric Allen Music 4 Rate
Robin Blanchard English 3 Rate
Chang Yeo Engineering 5 Rate
Scott Baugh English 6 Rate
Rachel Anderson Design 1 Rate
Jones Amy Academic Advisement 0 Rate
C Rebecca Oldham Human Dev Family Sciences 4 Rate
Poy Lertchaipitak Business 1 Rate
A. Loving Business 1 Rate
Su Shin Design 1 Rate
D'Amico History 11 Rate
Chad Smith Exercise & Sport Science 14 Rate
Alberto Perez Languages 1 Rate
Samina Khan Design 4 Rate
Anthony Kaye Physics 17 Rate
Chandani Dissanayake Mathematics 7 Rate
John D'Auria Chemistry 15 Rate
Scott Longing Agriculture 9 Rate
Bruce Daniels History 2 Rate
Brandon Burris Exercise Sport Science 1 Rate
Robert Morehead Science 34 Rate
Eugene Wang Human Dev & Family Sciences 1 Rate
Nicole Wesley Fine Arts 1 Rate
Jennifer Brown Psychology 0 Rate
K. Rachelle Smith Psychology 1 Rate
Ann Rodriguez Communication 19 Rate
Autumn Lass History 12 Rate
Anna Ribeiro Philosophy 10 Rate
Joyce Robinson Design 2 Rate
Garvin O'Neil Health Science 0 Rate
Conrad Francis Finance 7 Rate
Allan Kuethe History 1 Rate
Chris Trank Management 5 Rate

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