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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Emma Marquina Castillo Spanish 32 Rate
William Mitchener Mathematics 22 Rate
Bethany Beyer Spanish 1 Rate
Sarah Davis Education 5 Rate
Molly Kane Geology 3 Rate
Ornaith O'Dowd Philosophy 5 Rate
Antonio Ellis Education 20 Rate
Anna Steenerson Music 3 Rate
E. Matthew Walter Theater 1 Rate
William Alevizon Biology 2 Rate
Paige Wagoner Art History 0 Rate
James Hyer Mathematics 2 Rate
Sean O'Neill Classics 3 Rate
Margaret Burton Biology 6 Rate
Katie Snyder Sports Medicine 2 Rate
Ernest Rigney Social Science 40 Rate
David Kuczkir Accounting 0 Rate
Erin Butcheck Theater 3 Rate
Gerald Gonsalves Business 20 Rate
Brooke Permenter Not Specified 6 Rate
Mari Crabtree African-American Studies 12 Rate
Peter Lee Biology 2 Rate
Kristin Fieseler Theater 2 Rate
Russell Day Biology 0 Rate
Stephen Short Psychology 11 Rate
Jason Taylor International Studies 1 Rate
William Ian O'byrne Education 7 Rate
Katie Haurd Theater 3 Rate
R. Durbin Communication 20 Rate
Scott Clifton Philosophy 3 Rate
R Phillips Finance 9 Rate
K. Wiechman French 6 Rate
John Sieverdes Health Science 7 Rate
H. Thomas Hallberg Education 2 Rate
Jessica Smith Communication 4 Rate
T. Cuff Chemistry 5 Rate
Thomas O'Donnell Hospitality 7 Rate
Timothy Johnson Classics 10 Rate
James Young Mathematics 11 Rate
Beatriz Maldonado Bird International Studies 18 Rate
D Nielsen Sociology 20 Rate
John Warner English 18 Rate
Hephzibah Strmic-Pawl Sociology 7 Rate
Y Guy Art History 5 Rate
Ruth Schwartz Computer Science 3 Rate
Amanda Szwarc Biology 1 Rate
Elizabeth Jurisich Classics 0 Rate
Erica Buchberger History 11 Rate
E Kelley Languages 20 Rate
Michael O'Brien Music 10 Rate
Latasha Chaffin Political Science 5 Rate
C Bond Business 19 Rate
P.B. Fisher Political Science 0 Rate
Charissa Owens Education 9 Rate
Jeremy Pelt Art 5 Rate
Melissa O''Connor Biology 9 Rate
Daniel O'Neal German 9 Rate
J. Walter Biffle Fine Arts 1 Rate
Thomas Langley Physical Ed 9 Rate
Caroline Foster Freshman Seminar 9 Rate
James Lohmar Classics 21 Rate
Jessica Bower Management 5 Rate
Rachel Graefe-Anderson Finance 3 Rate
Jonathan Marble German 8 Rate
George Benson Business 1 Rate
Wesley Davidson Business 2 Rate
C. Thomas English 40 Rate
M Olive Psychology 3 Rate
Marion Rector Physical Education 0 Rate
Irina Erman Russian 4 Rate
Harriet Hetzel Education 8 Rate
Tara Bynum African-American Studies 2 Rate
Siobhan O'Reilly-Green Geology 2 Rate
Joshua Lynn Art 15 Rate
Whitney Adams English 12 Rate
Christopher Birkel Business Law 15 Rate
L. Grace Zhang Business 6 Rate
John Hoell Spanish 12 Rate
Jason White Arts Management 25 Rate
Michael King Physical Education 0 Rate
Cara Delay History 40 Rate
David Slucki Judaic Studies 21 Rate
Robert Hogan Accounting 12 Rate
Maggie Majors German 1 Rate
Janalyn Byrne Spanish 15 Rate
David Chadwick Geology 5 Rate
Jeff Shockley Business 5 Rate
Jessica O'Leary Mathematics 14 Rate
Hayden Smith History 17 Rate

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