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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Eric Haschke Chemistry 11 Rate
Osama Elattar Biology 5 Rate
Sandra Quinton Mathematics 3 Rate
Donna Goodwin Communication 1 Rate
Brian Potter English 3 Rate
Cait O'Darling Humanities 4 Rate
Beverly Price Biology 12 Rate
Jimmy O'Mealy Business 14 Rate
Emily Whitney Geography 7 Rate
S Usmani Chemistry 20 Rate
S Trout Psychology 13 Rate
Susan O'Neal English 44 Rate
Tony O'Connor Economics 49 Rate
Patty O'Shea Not Specified 15 Rate
E. McIntosh Chemistry 7 Rate
Katera J. Meachem Mathematics 5 Rate
D. Chandler English 20 Rate
D Noland Psychology 12 Rate
L Shope Mathematics 20 Rate
S Thomas Languages 4 Rate
Charles Ford Computer Science 7 Rate
B Sporleder Chemistry 17 Rate
T Gambill Accounting 4 Rate
C McFarland Fine Arts 4 Rate
K Holland Geography 19 Rate
Vivianna Fancher Computer Science 1 Rate
Marilyn Schuller Speech 2 Rate
Sydney Teel English 3 Rate
R Spainhower Computer Science 1 Rate
R. Burch Music 1 Rate
Joseph Myers English 8 Rate
D Hougardy Biology 3 Rate
D Newcomb Biology 40 Rate
Stephanie Cagle English 3 Rate
J Gaikwad Biology 10 Rate
R Egbert Biology 20 Rate
Sondra Simpson Mathematics 5 Rate
Weston Pringle Chemistry 5 Rate
Glenn Jones English 0 Rate
Jackie Cleary Psychology 0 Rate
C Clinkscales Biology 7 Rate
D.M. Coggins Psychology 4 Rate
Susan McFadden Accounting 0 Rate
Anna Bauman-Francois Biology 0 Rate
Thomas Henderson Engineering 6 Rate
Marilee Magnuson English 8 Rate
Michael Finn History 1 Rate
M Tjahjadi Chemistry 6 Rate
Matthew Edwards Film 1 Rate
April Dalto Biology 4 Rate
John Rush Music 0 Rate
Zachary Giano Communication 17 Rate
Shannon Campbell Biology 6 Rate
Chi Y (forrest) Lin Political Science 8 Rate
Mark Anderson Political Science 6 Rate
Joy Betz Languages 21 Rate
L Boyd Geography 14 Rate
L Leslie Fine Arts 1 Rate
Martin Banschbach Biology 1 Rate
J Price Mathematics 20 Rate
P Idwasi Chemistry 44 Rate
Anna Thompson Communication 21 Rate
Samantha Extance English 3 Rate
Fred Crapse Biology 102 Rate
M Cantrell English 12 Rate
Patricia Belcher English 1 Rate
Wiley White Mathematics 5 Rate
Jordan Witt English 2 Rate
Kimberly Daniel Business 3 Rate
Barbara Woodfin English 6 Rate
M.J. Stromberg Mathematics 7 Rate
Kay Behar English 4 Rate
Shelly O'Mealey Mathematics 4 Rate
Stephen Hughes English 4 Rate
Tracy Ballinger Psychology 5 Rate
Carroll Jones Computer Science 0 Rate
Teresa Cash Speech 3 Rate
Jennifer Hicks English 9 Rate
Patricia Foster Mathematics 3 Rate
Ramona Piearcy Mathematics 8 Rate
Valeria Rader English 1 Rate
Joseph Boyne English 30 Rate
Stacy Nobles Psychology 22 Rate
Connie Hebert Chemistry 0 Rate
Richard Walcott Mathematics 43 Rate
Cheryl Hughes Philosophy 3 Rate
James Dorrell Management 1 Rate
Sergey Dezhnyuk Liberal Arts 31 Rate
Charles Mansfield Criminal Justice 3 Rate
K. White Biology 12 Rate
F. Bornemann Mathematics 5 Rate
F Prato Languages 1 Rate
K Humphrey Mathematics 4 Rate
Michael Buotot Political Science 5 Rate
Sherita Bebout - Shatwell Psychology 21 Rate
Kenneth Lovealnd Computer Science 1 Rate
P Wilson Psychology 20 Rate
P Robbins Humanities 5 Rate
Maria Cristina M Reinoso Languages 3 Rate
R Pogue Criminal Justice 5 Rate
Christopher Day Languages 2 Rate
R Stewart Chemistry 7 Rate
J Alexander Biology 3 Rate
J Caseboldt Chemistry 41 Rate
Angela Bias Biology 20 Rate
Jane Warren Health Science 3 Rate
Stacy Kidd English 0 Rate
John Claney Mathematics 0 Rate
Valerie O'Brien Biology 25 Rate
Lynette Sweet Biology 2 Rate
lisa spears English 8 Rate
Jeffrey Greco Chemistry 2 Rate
Sarah Hudson English 6 Rate
Matthew Smith Chemistry 52 Rate
Aaron Christensen Communication 11 Rate
T Martindale Chemistry 12 Rate
D. Bereolos Political Science 35 Rate
Johnson Carol English 8 Rate
Janice O’Meilia Biology 27 Rate
Nancy Volavka Psychology 6 Rate
Jon Bouyne Languages 0 Rate
Cathy O'Dell Mathematics 9 Rate
Janis O''Meilia Biology 0 Rate
C Cook Accounting 4 Rate
Brian Potter Writing 20 Rate
Joe Parli Chemistry 40 Rate
Kenneth Claney English 28 Rate
Gwendolyn Naiman Mathematics 9 Rate
Rhett Henderson Health Science 5 Rate
Michelle Degear Biology 0 Rate
G Walsh Chemistry 20 Rate
Melinda S Clonts Mathematics 1 Rate
Latisha Harper Criminal Justice 1 Rate
Lori Knight English 5 Rate
Natalie Mallory Science 6 Rate
Roger Johns History 0 Rate
Richard Gilman History 29 Rate
Tim Degeer Computer Science 13 Rate
Andrew Kwon English 0 Rate
Stephen Tedder Chemistry 2 Rate
J Jedamski Psychology 2 Rate
J Asad-Pratt English 2 Rate
David Charlson English 44 Rate
William Poole Psychology 1 Rate
Antonio Alonso Languages 12 Rate
David LeCount Business 14 Rate
Christopher Perkins English 30 Rate
Virginia Cannon English 10 Rate
E Stith Biology 13 Rate
S Quinton Mathematics 10 Rate
S McClendon Mathematics 2 Rate
S. Neubauer Biology 41 Rate
L Lurnpkin Chemistry 1 Rate
K Blutcho Psychology 1 Rate
Kristin Hudson Mathematics 5 Rate
V Brust Languages 3 Rate
A. Diane Taylor Psychology 6 Rate
Y Goolsby Business 3 Rate
Anna Bauman Biology 0 Rate
Jenette Royster English 7 Rate
Edna Peters English 9 Rate
Angeline Leleux-Bajzek Music 2 Rate
W. Marshall Writing 1 Rate
L.arry Sternberger Mathematics 20 Rate
Katera Meachem Mathematics 1 Rate
Logan Phillips Business 67 Rate
Cynthia O'Donnell Biology 1 Rate
Nathan Bennett Music 6 Rate
Najla Watkins English 6 Rate
David Sollars Physics 6 Rate
Michael Morrison Biology 6 Rate
S Teague Psychology 1 Rate
S Holt English 9 Rate
S Baranet Chemistry 13 Rate
Debbie Hendryx English 18 Rate
Terry Buxton English 1 Rate
Monica Webb Humanities 3 Rate
Ronnie Stephens English 5 Rate
Wilmon Brown P Psychology 2 Rate
D Turman Biology 20 Rate
D Wemhaner Sociology 60 Rate
Michael Boutot Political Science 29 Rate
C Wilson Accounting 4 Rate
Yvonne Goolsby Business 0 Rate
Callen Johnson Physics 12 Rate
Jim O'Mealey Business 11 Rate
J. McElyea Political Science 4 Rate
Janice O'Meilia Biology 19 Rate
Timothy Robinson Computer Science 2 Rate
Shiranjini Threadgill Mathematics 10 Rate
David Charleson English 2 Rate
Randall K Gibson Mathematics 2 Rate
Lea Nolen English 1 Rate
P. Lantz McClain Political Science 3 Rate
Derek Sharp English 7 Rate
Freeman Culver History 3 Rate
E Lindsey Mathematics 18 Rate
Ron Wilcox Mathematics 2 Rate
Brian Wilson English 13 Rate
C. Lyn Larson Sociology 8 Rate
Catherine Campbell Languages 27 Rate
Tracie Lewis Criminal Justice 6 Rate
Jan Clayton History 0 Rate
Kendra White Psychology 0 Rate
Phillip Forkner Engineering 3 Rate
David Brennan Humanities 11 Rate
Marian Hilton Mathematics 13 Rate
Wesley Mosier History 30 Rate
Aaron Prickett Chemistry 9 Rate
David Nees Humanities 12 Rate
M Elkady Biology 4 Rate
T. Caldwell Science 5 Rate
Andrea Anderson History 23 Rate
Ana Trujano Biology 9 Rate
Edward Cizek Health Science 14 Rate
Shontelle Dixon Biology 10 Rate
Dennis Devoe Mathematics 8 Rate
Dale Kufahl History 0 Rate
Whitney Ray English 12 Rate
K. Craig Woolsey Languages 17 Rate
Jeff D Gaffen Mathematics 0 Rate
Jennifer Haase Biology 2 Rate
Jonathan Digby Biology 4 Rate
Kelly Stiller Geography 0 Rate
A. Fleak Law 14 Rate
A. Roz Mathematics 5 Rate
Susan O' Neil English 14 Rate
B Hilton Physics 11 Rate
B Pryor Chemistry 12 Rate
B Ross Fine Arts 3 Rate
Randall Loudamy Humanities 27 Rate
Joshua Wann English 11 Rate
Michael Morrow Mathematics 1 Rate
Janice O'Melia Biology 3 Rate
M Foreman Languages 1 Rate
Diane Rubey Political Science 1 Rate
M. Peters Mathematics 14 Rate

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