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UNC School of Law

UNC School of Law

160 Ridge Rd
Chapel Hill, NC - 27514

About UNC School of Law

  • Phone: (919) 962-5106
  • Website: http://www.law.unc.edu
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UNCSchoolofLaw
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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Glenn George Law 0 Rate
Melissa Jacoby Law 3 Rate
Mary Basile Law 0 Rate
Joseph Kennedy Law 0 Rate
John Orth Law 0 Rate
Kevin Haynes Law 1 Rate
Julie Kimbrough Law 0 Rate
Patricia Bryan Law 0 Rate
Eric Muller Ethnic Studies 0 Rate
Julius Chambers Law 0 Rate
Donna Nixon Public Service 1 Rate
Kenneth Broun Law 0 Rate
S. Elizabeth Gibson Law 2 Rate
Ann Scales Law 0 Rate
Robert Smith Law 0 Rate
Lisa Lukasik Writing 0 Rate
Deborah Weissman Law 0 Rate
Theodore Shaw Law 0 Rate
Carol Brown Law 0 Rate
Laura Gasaway Law 0 Rate
Tamar Birckhead Law 2 Rate
David Ardia Law 5 Rate
Richard Myers II Law 0 Rate
Sara Sampson Legal Skills 0 Rate
Gene Nichol Law 0 Rate
Deborah Gerhardt Copyright Law 0 Rate
Kimberly Krawiec Law 0 Rate
Margaret Hall Law 0 Rate
Thomas Kelley III Law 0 Rate
Scott Baker Law 0 Rate
Barbara Fedders Law 0 Rate
Alice Ratliff Law 0 Rate
Steven Melamut Law 0 Rate
Nichelle Perry Law 0 Rate
Gerald Postema Philosophy 0 Rate
Michael Gerhardt Constitutional Law 0 Rate
William Turnier Law 0 Rate
William Marshall Law 6 Rate
Robert Mosteller Law 0 Rate
W. Mark C. Weidemaier Law 0 Rate
Holning Lau Law 0 Rate

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