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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Andrew Smith Religion 0 Rate
Diane Lipsett Religion 2 Rate
Kevin Richardson Music 6 Rate
Harold O'Bryant Health Science 2 Rate
Carol O'saben Counseling & Educational Psych 0 Rate
Patrick Donoghue Chemistry 25 Rate
Ira Smith Education 0 Rate
Rachel Smith Physics 3 Rate
Jenna Sorrells Health 22 Rate
Kelly Jones English 1 Rate
William Pollard Business 0 Rate
Amanda Finn English 8 Rate
E. Hatch Psychology 0 Rate
Chris Waldon Computer Science 8 Rate
Lucinda Smith Psychology 0 Rate
George Shows Marketing 0 Rate
john Billheimer History 0 Rate
Paul Phelps English 0 Rate
F. Doug Roberts Accounting 24 Rate
Garry Cooper Geography 0 Rate
Chris Patti Communication 33 Rate
Joseph Dowdy English 0 Rate
N. Travis Triplett Health Science 0 Rate
R.W Van Devender Biology 0 Rate
Margaret Sugg Geography 0 Rate
Briana Kidd Physical Education 0 Rate
J. Kenneth Shull Biology 0 Rate
Scott Hayward Management 0 Rate
Catherine Altice Art 9 Rate
Leslie McLees Geography 0 Rate
Zachary Morgan Psychology 0 Rate
Lisa McNeal First Year Seminar 1 Rate
A. T. Bly History 0 Rate
Kathryn Greene Health Science 0 Rate
O'Hyun Park Theology 0 Rate
Christopher Dunnagan Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Johnathan Sugg Geography 0 Rate
Gwen Schug Anthropology 13 Rate
G Patterson English 6 Rate
Christoff Biggelaar Not Specified 0 Rate
Samuel Tunstall Mathematics 0 Rate
Lee Williams Women's Studies 0 Rate
Eileen Carbia English 0 Rate
A.L. Harris Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
Brock Stoddard Economics 10 Rate
Timothy Perri Education 0 Rate
E. Nowacek Languages 0 Rate
David Miller Technology 0 Rate
George Glisan Graphic Arts 0 Rate
Dennis Grady Political Science 0 Rate
Elaine O'Quinn English 19 Rate
Caroline Smith Health Science 24 Rate
Roy McCraw Business 1 Rate
David Harrison Design 0 Rate
Shawn Roberts Music 0 Rate
A. Hortal Philosophy 0 Rate
E. Mansure Languages 0 Rate
Benjamin Good English 0 Rate
Jerri Allison Art 0 Rate
James Solinsky Physics 0 Rate
Edward Brewer Communication 7 Rate
Justin Garwood Education 7 Rate
Marilou Wheeler Chemistry 0 Rate
Richard Reid History 0 Rate
Thalia Coleman Communication 4 Rate
Jason Copeland Psychology 0 Rate
C.C. Hendricks English 0 Rate
James Shook Technology 0 Rate
Jacqueline Ignatova Sustainable Development 0 Rate
J Rudine Psychology 0 Rate
Christopher Marsh Mathematics 0 Rate
R. Wayne Van Devender Biology 0 Rate
Laurel Sanders History 0 Rate
Ray Mize English 0 Rate
John Mazzochi TA 0 Rate
William Hutchins Religion 0 Rate
Brian Graves TA 1 Rate

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