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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Justin Fuller Lafayette English 11 Rate
William Spears Lafayette History 71 Rate
Thomas Credeur Lafayette Mathematics 8 Rate
Maria Seger Lafayette English 6 Rate
Cris Matochi Lafayette Communication 19 Rate
Amanda Ewoldt Lafayette English 2 Rate
Nicole Bruchez Lafayette Accounting 22 Rate
Misty Karin-D'Arcy Lafayette Psychology 0 Rate
D'Weston Haywood Lafayette History 19 Rate
L. Dwynn Lafleur Lafayette Physics 0 Rate
Sherry Krayeski Lafayette Biology 0 Rate
Christie Maloyed Lafayette Political Science 11 Rate
Randy Aldret Lafayette Kinesiology 5 Rate
Clifford Benjamin Lafayette English 14 Rate
Ryan Simon Lafayette Biology 3 Rate
Thomas Michot Lafayette Engineering 0 Rate
Cian Robinson Lafayette Management 17 Rate
E.R. Desormeaux Lafayette Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Robert Difabio Lafayette Physics 29 Rate
Michael Larson Lafayette Psychology 0 Rate
Daniel Gang Lafayette Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Nicole Harris Lafayette Anthropology 2 Rate
Ashley Mikolajczyk Lafayette Engineering 10 Rate
Temitope Gaudet Lafayette Mathematics 20 Rate
Daniel Hebert Lafayette Engineering 0 Rate
Harry Whitlow Lafayette Physics 11 Rate
Emma Manes Lafayette English 0 Rate
James Dore Lafayette Management 0 Rate
Elizabeth Skilton Lafayette History 28 Rate
C. Ray Brassieur Lafayette Anthropology 20 Rate
Karen Wiens Lafayette Biology 0 Rate
Pattie Chambers Lafayette Visual Arts 0 Rate
Hannah Lahaye Lafayette Psychology 13 Rate
Holli Tatum Lafayette Mathematics 6 Rate
Michael Pratt Lafayette Engineering 0 Rate
Brian Schubert Lafayette Geology 26 Rate
Sun-A Lee Lafayette Child Family Studies 0 Rate
C Terranova Lafayette Mathematics 0 Rate
Mohammad Madani Lafayette Engineering 0 Rate
Keita Wilson Lafayette Special Education 6 Rate
David Palmer Lafayette Anthropology 4 Rate
Susan Jakopac Lafayette Nursing 0 Rate
Halvor Aakhus Lafayette English 0 Rate
James Anderson Lafayette English 0 Rate
Kyle Sarver Lafayette History 0 Rate
Phyllis Griffard Lafayette Biology 66 Rate
August Gallo Lafayette Nursing 0 Rate
Jennifer Guzman Lafayette Chemistry 0 Rate
J St. Pierre Lafayette Communication 0 Rate
Micheal Kightley Lafayette English 0 Rate
Daniel Calhoun Lafayette English 0 Rate
Patterson Willis Lafayette English 0 Rate
Julia O'Carroll Lafayette English 0 Rate
Charles Lenox Lafayette Communication 0 Rate
Arranette Polite-Bobb Lafayette Health Education 0 Rate
Eric Cerwonka Lafayette Psychology 0 Rate
R. Baker Kearfott Lafayette Mathematics 14 Rate
Jane O'Brien Lafayette Health Education 0 Rate
Sally Donlon Lafayette Honors 0 Rate
H Alan Deramus Lafayette Agronomy 0 Rate
Elizabeth Owuor Lafayette Chemistry 8 Rate
Joan Warner-Finley Lafayette Environmental Science 7 Rate
John Mangum Lafayette English 0 Rate
Sun Lee Lafayette Child Family Studies 0 Rate
Samantha Griffin Lafayette English 0 Rate
Constantin Mihalcea Lafayette Mathematics 0 Rate
Shannon Hayes Lafayette Health Education 0 Rate
Angellia Crosier Lafayette Nursing 0 Rate
Jill Crosby Lafayette English 3 Rate
Ramona Olvera Lafayette Sociology 0 Rate
Lucy Begnaud Lafayette Education 4 Rate
Sheila Haynes Lafayette Nursing 11 Rate
Norma Cantú Lafayette Psychology 3 Rate
Marguerite Blanchard Lafayette Business Sys Analysis Tech 9 Rate
Jessica Pearce Lafayette Sociology 22 Rate
Christy McDonald Lenahan Lafayette Nursing 0 Rate
Holly Damico Lafayette Communicative Disorders 0 Rate
Zachary Highland Lafayette Chemistry 19 Rate
Ernest McIntyre Lafayette Chemical Engineering 0 Rate
Patel Sudha Lafayette Nursing 8 Rate
X Tang Lafayette Mathematics 0 Rate
Diogo Tavares Lafayette Recreation 1 Rate
Manavi Jadhav Lafayette Physics 5 Rate
Whitney Storey Lafayette Psychology 31 Rate
Elizabeth Nyman Lafayette Political Science 19 Rate
J Wooderson Lafayette History 0 Rate
Bronwynrose Frederick Lafayette Psychology 0 Rate
James Dent Lafayette Physics 17 Rate
Roxanne Speer Lafayette Education 1 Rate
Sean Illing Lafayette Political Science 0 Rate
Lori Crain Lafayette Communication 5 Rate
Anthony Maida Lafayette Computer Science 0 Rate
Jane Heels Lafayette Computer Science 0 Rate
Peter Smoak Lafayette Kinesiology 3 Rate
Andrei Chistoserdov Lafayette Biology 13 Rate
Elwin Cotman Lafayette English 0 Rate
Danielle Burns Lafayette Visual Arts 10 Rate
Brent Archer Lafayette Communicative Disorders 0 Rate
Charles Richard Lafayette English 0 Rate
Benedicte Mauguiere Lafayette Languages 0 Rate
Renuka Jindal Lafayette Engineering 0 Rate
Brooke Breux Lafayette Psychology 2 Rate
Katrina Burtt Lafayette Communication 0 Rate
George Such Lafayette English 1 Rate
Christie Charles Lafayette Psychology 9 Rate
Heather Birdsong Lafayette Biology 0 Rate
Sarah Hoagland Lafayette English 0 Rate
J Locheed Lafayette Visual Arts 0 Rate
K. Marie Labro Lafayette Communication 0 Rate
Ray Robertson Lafayette Criminal Justice 7 Rate
Valerie Guidry Lafayette Business Law 9 Rate
Zachary Licciardi Lafayette Mathematics 0 Rate
William Hollerman Lafayette Physics 0 Rate
Andreas Loewy Lafayette Industrial Design 0 Rate
Mostafa Elsayed Lafayette Mechanical Engineering 1 Rate
Ricky Bonin Lafayette Management 1 Rate
Dustin Waguespack Lafayette Mathematics 12 Rate
Kiwana McClung Lafayette Architecture 9 Rate
Dylan Charpentier Lafayette English 1 Rate
Allison Cointot Lafayette Mathematics 36 Rate

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