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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Mohammad Abdus Salam Computer Science 1 Rate
Clyde Bennett Biology 0 Rate
Clyde Benett Biology 0 Rate
Rosalynn Thyssen Nursing 0 Rate
Cynthia Bryant English 2 Rate
Elouise Spencer Sociology 8 Rate
Michael Fontenot History 4 Rate
Blanche Smith Political Science 0 Rate
La'tricia Greggs Select department 0 Rate
Gwendolyn Livious Select department 0 Rate
Anyadie Onu Nursing 0 Rate
Eva Baham History 12 Rate
Elizabeth Cook Chemistry 0 Rate
Jing-Fong Wei Chemistry 0 Rate
Michael Firven Jr. History 24 Rate
Caroline Maria Telles Biology 13 Rate
Okoye Ahmose Communication 0 Rate
Fatima Chajia Languages 0 Rate
Michael Anthony Architecture 0 Rate
L Kasturi English 0 Rate
Cynthia Picou Law 0 Rate
Melissa Waters Economics 1 Rate
Hubert Lammotte Mathematics 0 Rate
Shenequa Grey Law 0 Rate
Ernest Easterly Law 0 Rate
Jo Ann Marx English 8 Rate
Ladonna Spencer Accounting 1 Rate
Kristie Perry Sociology 0 Rate
Stephen Akwaboa Engineering 0 Rate
Michelle Ghetti Law 12 Rate
E. Wilson Law 0 Rate
Prentice White Law 8 Rate
W Riddick Law 0 Rate
Veronica Freeman History 7 Rate
B.J. Johnson Education 0 Rate
Damien Ejigiri Political Science 2 Rate
Katrina Cunningham Mathematics 7 Rate
Frank Cook Education 2 Rate
Carolyn Jacobs Mathematics 0 Rate
Ava Brewster-Turner Fine Arts 0 Rate
Dwanye Jerro Engineering 1 Rate
Marilyn Seibert Social Science 0 Rate
Jeryl Williams Physical Education 0 Rate
George Kirk Marketing 2 Rate
Christopher Cottrell Geography 0 Rate
William Turner History 4 Rate
Shawn Comminey History 0 Rate
E. Hines Fine Arts 0 Rate
George Williams Biology 7 Rate
Ruby Jean Simms History 0 Rate
Michelle Claville Chemistry 3 Rate
Gordan Natal Nursing 0 Rate
Katreece Dyer -Albert Marketing 0 Rate
Alice Johnson Biology 0 Rate
Melanie Johnson Political Science 5 Rate
B Sibley Psychology 0 Rate
Frank Gipson Philosophy 0 Rate
Summer Davis History 6 Rate
Brian Bissonnette History 0 Rate
Hattie Lacy English 0 Rate
William Broussard English 3 Rate
Rambabu Bobba Physics 10 Rate
M. Ali English 0 Rate
M. Movassaghi Languages 0 Rate
Donna Frilot-Porche English 7 Rate
Bertha Howard Nursing 0 Rate
Ruby Andrew Law 0 Rate
Tonya Rose Education 0 Rate
Pushpa Samkutty Biology 3 Rate
Herbert Brown Law 2 Rate
Hendricks Theater 2 Rate
Cobbins Biology 0 Rate
Benita Nwokolo Nursing 0 Rate
Jacob Willis Biology 2 Rate
Linda West Biology 0 Rate
Ora McFarland Mathematics 0 Rate
Charles Vincent History 0 Rate
Randell Henry Fine Arts 10 Rate
Carolyn Roberts Mathematics 0 Rate
John Guidry Political Science 0 Rate
Della Perkins Not Specified 0 Rate
Fred Lacy Engineering 0 Rate
Gregory Porter Mathematics 0 Rate
Christopher Marshall Mathematics 16 Rate
Rasheedah Jenkins English 0 Rate
Kinesha Harris Chemistry 0 Rate
Ashton Warner History 1 Rate
Donna Porche English 0 Rate
Terrell JohnsoN History 4 Rate
Cheria Lane-Mackey Child Dev & Family Studies 0 Rate
Carolina Delgado Languages 2 Rate
Oleg Starovoytov Computer Science 18 Rate
Ali Rezaie English 3 Rate
Walter Craig Engineering 0 Rate
Mary Carruth English 0 Rate
Reginald Rackley Psychology 5 Rate
Vadel Shivers Science 0 Rate
Scott Wicker Chemistry 1 Rate
Antoinette McDonald-Ellis Communication 0 Rate
Tanganika Johnson Biology 3 Rate
Brian Dunbar Music 1 Rate
Clarence Coleman English 0 Rate
Sumita Roy English 0 Rate
Anthony Igiede Sociology 9 Rate
Rabiul Hasan English 1 Rate
Gordon Natal Nursing 0 Rate
Doris White History 0 Rate
Gerry Hecht Psychology 20 Rate
Marlina Baptise Mathematics 0 Rate
Rita Hill English 8 Rate
Wanda Spurlock Nursing 0 Rate
Camen Del Rio Languages 2 Rate
Terrence Reece Physics 0 Rate
Andrea Poole Biology 3 Rate
Edith Harris Health Science 6 Rate
Marilyn Goff Communication 0 Rate
Jeffrey Thomas Mathematics 0 Rate
Shervia Taylor Biology 25 Rate
Ora McFarladn Mathematics 0 Rate
Louis Hightower Health Science 0 Rate
Hightower Louis Health Science 0 Rate
Don Hernandez History 9 Rate
Morgan Thomas English 0 Rate
Robert Kelly Health Science 0 Rate
Derald Chriss Chemistry 7 Rate
Phaedra Wells Mathematics 12 Rate
Katrina Watterson Languages 0 Rate
Yolanda Campbell Communication 2 Rate
MY Nguyen English 0 Rate
Addie Dawson-Euba Fine Arts 0 Rate
Rita Singleton English 1 Rate
Cathy Scott Accounting 0 Rate
Judy Guilbeaux James Music 0 Rate
Roslynn Richardson Social Work 0 Rate
Huey Perry Political Science 0 Rate
Kanagagaja Prabaharan Mathematics 0 Rate
Natalie Lamotte English 0 Rate
Aloyce Kaliba Economics 2 Rate
Alfred Diamond Law 0 Rate
Michael Garrard Law 0 Rate
Leah Cullins Nursing 0 Rate
Joshua Joseph Engineering 0 Rate
Wendy Shea Law 0 Rate
Marilyn Antoine Computer Science 4 Rate
Oswald Dauvergne Biology 21 Rate
Marsha Robins Physics 2 Rate
Tiffany Vappie Mathematics 13 Rate
Melanie Powell Rey Education 0 Rate
Thomas Miller Languages 5 Rate
Eugene Radcliff Law 0 Rate
N/a Coleman English 0 Rate
Melanie Washington Social Work 0 Rate
Jesse DeLong English 3 Rate
Robin Marshall Chemistry 0 Rate
Paul Race Law 0 Rate
Donald Tibbs Law 0 Rate
Adrienne Shields Law 3 Rate
Lorraine Fuller Communication 0 Rate
Robert Cox Fine Arts 0 Rate
Riad Yehya Sociology 5 Rate
Thomas Morgan English 0 Rate
Nadia Nedzel Law 13 Rate
Lewis Blair Nursing 0 Rate
Joycelyn Johnson Biology 0 Rate
Doris Hall Music 0 Rate
Irma Cobb Languages 0 Rate
Marlena Batiste Mathematics 0 Rate
Maryam Jahan Chemistry 12 Rate
Alvin Allen Computer Science 0 Rate
DR. Echols Chemistry 0 Rate
Russell Jones Law 0 Rate
Sharon Chriss Chemistry 0 Rate
Erma Hines Fine Arts 0 Rate
Kimberly Powell Marketing 2 Rate
Frank Puckett Social Science 0 Rate
Catrice Tolbert Psychology 0 Rate
Martin Payton Fine Arts 0 Rate
Chanika Jones Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Deidre Atkins-Ball Biology 0 Rate
Albert Education 0 Rate
Clyde Johnson Biology 0 Rate
Jocelyn Freeman Psychology 12 Rate
Arthur Tolson History 0 Rate
Warner Anderson Languages 2 Rate
Elaine Barham Nursing 0 Rate
Ezhamkulam Samkutty English 0 Rate
Pamela Ross Communication 0 Rate
Kissie Anderson Mathematics 0 Rate
Rasheda Perine Psychology 2 Rate
Cynthia Manson English 7 Rate
Ollie Christian Sociology 2 Rate
Latrenda Williams-Clark History 8 Rate
Fareed Dawan Engineering 6 Rate
Conrad Jones Chemistry 6 Rate
Ronald Coleman Mathematics 0 Rate
Leslie Taylor Political Science 0 Rate
Evelyn Albert English 0 Rate
Nwaeze Unaeze Biology 0 Rate
Raife Smith Engineering 0 Rate
Williams Gerald Physical Education 0 Rate
Walfredo Javier Mathematics 0 Rate
V Henderson English 0 Rate
Regina Taylor Chemistry 2 Rate
Kendric Coleman English 0 Rate
Cleveland Coon Law 6 Rate
Olivia Pass English 0 Rate
Judith Perhay Law 0 Rate
William James Parker Mathematics 0 Rate
Kenuatra Smith Mathematics 5 Rate
Peter Breaux History 0 Rate
Donna Newman Mathematics 6 Rate
Charise Hudson Music 0 Rate
Anderson Dotson Law 1 Rate
Anna Woodard English 12 Rate
Stella Ashford Mathematics 1 Rate
Francis Danquah History 6 Rate
Darryl Scriven Philosophy 5 Rate
DR. Means Mathematics 0 Rate
Teresa Lavastida Languages 8 Rate
Vasantha Chigurupati Finance 0 Rate
Russell Dawkins Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Ebrahim Khosravi Computer Science 1 Rate
Stacy Jefferson Sociology 0 Rate
Patricia Stallman English 0 Rate
Yuriy Malozovsky Physics 1 Rate
Yetunde Ogunkoya Biology 0 Rate
Stephone Addison Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Thelma Jones Accounting 10 Rate
Malinda Carmouche Nursing 0 Rate
Freddie Spencer Mathematics 4 Rate
Derrick Cole Biology 0 Rate
Janice Crosby English 0 Rate
Rajinder Kakar Biology 0 Rate
Stephen McGuire Physics 1 Rate
Olufemi Idowu Mathematics 0 Rate
Edward Doomes Chemistry 0 Rate
Zackeus Johnson Education 0 Rate
Virginia Listach Law 0 Rate
David Geralds Health Science 0 Rate
Jesus Avila English 0 Rate
Xiaoping Yi Biology 0 Rate
William Moore Chemistry 2 Rate
John Hainly Philosophy 0 Rate
Eugene Wade Fine Arts 9 Rate
Deadra James Mackie Biology 11 Rate
Laurie Patterson Accounting 4 Rate
Cecil Cecil Duncan Philosophy 0 Rate
Cecil Duncan Psychology 0 Rate

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