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Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Mallory Bonnette Psychology 6 Rate
Donald Shepard Biology 0 Rate
Leonidas Iasemidis Biomedical 2 Rate
Kristen Burton History 2 Rate
A J Burns Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
J.T. Shim Computer Information Systems 6 Rate
L Thomas Education 0 Rate
Danielle Newman Psychology 0 Rate
D Cabrera Psychology 0 Rate
R Rucnicki English 0 Rate
Philip McMullan Chemistry 52 Rate
Raymond McKinney Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
R Hoffmann Psychology 0 Rate
Gregory Mancil Education 0 Rate
Mallory Garza Psychology 2 Rate
Edward Miller Education 0 Rate
Dr. C Lloyd Halliburton Spanish 0 Rate
J Alan Bennett Economics 0 Rate
B Schroeder Mathematics 20 Rate
Aaron Lusby Agriculture 12 Rate
D'eana Sheehan School of Biological Sciences 202 Rate
H Lynn Walker Biology 0 Rate
Beatrice Mosier Psychology 0 Rate
Mary Fontenot Nutrition 3 Rate
Anna Kelley English 0 Rate
K Phillips Speech 0 Rate
J Shaw Physics 23 Rate
Thomas Blick Journalism 0 Rate
Jamie Newman Biology 8 Rate
J. M. Wakeman Biology 0 Rate
Steven Wells Physics 0 Rate
Patrick McConnell Sociology 0 Rate
Dileep Sule Engineering 8 Rate
R. Alfred Gunasekaran Engineering 0 Rate
P Garrett English 0 Rate
R Lester Business 0 Rate
A Alexandrov Marketing 0 Rate
A Simon English 0 Rate
R Belton History 0 Rate
S. Walden English 0 Rate
James Deleon Psychology 0 Rate
Edward O'Boyle Economics 0 Rate
John O'Connor Health Science 0 Rate
John Waits Psychology 0 Rate
John Petzet Music 10 Rate
Rhonda Syler Computer Information Systems 5 Rate
Chad O'Neal Engineering 6 Rate
Patrick O'Neal Biomedical 6 Rate
G. Zhang Mathematics 0 Rate
G Maddox Speech 0 Rate
C. Strebeck English 0 Rate
Michele Maasberg Computer Information Systems 5 Rate
M. Guclu Atinc Management 5 Rate
Daphne Jewell Biology 0 Rate
C. Smiley Reeves Kinesiology 3 Rate
P Ramsey Biology 0 Rate
C Reeves Health Science 0 Rate
Lydia Andreu English 3 Rate
Julie Rutledge Human Ecology 1 Rate
H. Dwayne Jerro Engineering 0 Rate
Charles Scott Economics 0 Rate
Jo Richardson Political Science 0 Rate
V Thompson History 13 Rate
H Hunt Biology 0 Rate
M Culpepper English 0 Rate
Mike O'Neal Computer Science 0 Rate
Brad Deal Architecture 2 Rate

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