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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Donetta Cothran Health Physical Education 9 Rate
Chase Smith Sports Management 0 Rate
Krista Glazewski Education 0 Rate
Sione Ma'U Mathematics 0 Rate
Tim O'Dae Chemistry 0 Rate
Russell Valentino Languages 6 Rate
E Tatari Political Science 0 Rate
E. Sweany English 0 Rate
Brian Delong Public Affairs 5 Rate
Stephen Hayford Business 6 Rate
A Jay Wagner Journalism 0 Rate
J. McDowell Not Specified 0 Rate
John Mikesell Public & Environmental Affairs 2 Rate
Shelli Yoder Business 26 Rate
Julie Lafollette Education 0 Rate
James Brown Social Work 5 Rate
Julie Merseth Political Science 0 Rate
Gabriel Lubell Astronomy 0 Rate
S O'Bryan History 0 Rate
James Whitlatch Law 0 Rate
Paige Coulter-Kern Psychology 2 Rate
Conrad Hartman Health & Physical Education 0 Rate
Eric Wright Sociology 14 Rate
Ryan Hines Recreation Parks Tourism 0 Rate
L. Amine International Studies 0 Rate
William Winecoff Political Science 14 Rate
Greg Crouch Environmental Studies 0 Rate
Y Alex-Assensoh Political Science 10 Rate
Juan Hatchondo Economics 0 Rate
Scott Wissink Physics 1 Rate
David Rogers History 0 Rate
Shalini Navale Health Science 5 Rate
J. L. Findley English 0 Rate
M Lynch English 0 Rate
Matt Bochman Biology 0 Rate
Sarah Lawson Literature 0 Rate
Steven Janowiecki Astronomy 0 Rate
Jacob Miller Sociology 0 Rate
S Christian Albright Business 0 Rate
Scott Setchfield Sociology 0 Rate
Alex Jerden Physical Education 0 Rate
Sherman Charles Spanish & Portuguese 7 Rate
David Giedroc Chemistry 0 Rate
Patrick Shih Information Science 0 Rate
Kimberly McBride Psychology 10 Rate
Faye Gleisser Art History 0 Rate
R. Andrew Butters Business 2 Rate
Mark Levin Public Environmental Affairs 2 Rate
Kenneth Draper Classics 0 Rate
Paul Spade Philosophy 0 Rate
C.J. Jackson Economics 0 Rate
Edward Vargas Public & Environmental Affairs 5 Rate
Brian D'Onofrio Psychology 0 Rate
Gary Hieftje Chemistry 0 Rate
A. Brant Cook Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Dustin Bailey Education 20 Rate
Messod Beneish Business 7 Rate
Bernard Fraga Political Science 27 Rate
Caroline Jarrold Chemistry 0 Rate
N Tsujimura Languages 0 Rate
Bianca Manago Social Science 1 Rate
James Pershing Education 3 Rate
Alyssa Lederer Health Science 2 Rate
Elizabeth Goldsby Health Science 0 Rate
Thomas Busey Psychology 6 Rate
Sarah Myers Kinesiology 2 Rate
Brian O'Donnell Psychology 0 Rate
Jennifer Juszkiewicz English 3 Rate
Eric Hultgren English 0 Rate
Lynn Coyne Public & Environmental Affairs 0 Rate
Sarah Young English 0 Rate
Diane Biagioni Business 22 Rate
Tanya Marsh Business 0 Rate
Matthew O?donnell English 5 Rate
Valerie O'Loughlin Science 23 Rate
David Clemmer Chemistry 0 Rate
Anne Stright Psychology 3 Rate
Christopher Cockerham Finance 2 Rate
G Dougherty Medicine 0 Rate
Roger Morris Public & Environmental Affairs 16 Rate
Herbert Fertig Physics 2 Rate
Reginald Blockett Educational Leadership & Policy Studies 2 Rate
Melissa Loria Psychology 7 Rate
David Good Public & Environmental Affairs 0 Rate
Babak Seradjeh Physics 0 Rate
Domenico Meli History 0 Rate
Allison Santarossa Design 0 Rate
J. Waity Sociology 0 Rate
Ladonna Blueeye Health Science 0 Rate
James Hayes Geography 1 Rate
Sarah Reynolds Communication Culture 0 Rate
M McGinnis Political Science 8 Rate
Nancy Magill Biology 2 Rate
Emile Naoumoff Music 0 Rate
Saleha Vuyyuri Biology 3 Rate
Trevor Loney Sociology 0 Rate
Donna Nagy Law 0 Rate
Brittany Brothers Psychology 4 Rate
M. Cooper Cooper Harriss Religion 0 Rate
L Ginger Business 0 Rate
Dave O'Guinn Public Environmental Affairs 2 Rate
Daniel O'Brien Economics 0 Rate
Pedro MacHado History 0 Rate
Robert S Moore Moore History 0 Rate
Jeremy Schott Religion 0 Rate
W Eilenberger International Studies 0 Rate
Tim O'Conner Philosophy 0 Rate
J Heusel Communication 0 Rate
M. Kim Saxton Marketing 3 Rate
Tracie.L Wilson Communication 0 Rate
Brian O'Connor English 7 Rate
Jay Lennon Biology 4 Rate
Jerry Hanson III International Studies 0 Rate
Paul Wright Telecommunications 11 Rate
Cristiano Guarana Management 0 Rate
Greg Zobel Theater 0 Rate
Jay Levy Chemistry 0 Rate
Tim O'Brien Sociology 3 Rate
Will McConnell Sociology 0 Rate
Samuel Buelow Gender Studies 1 Rate
Charles Horowitz Physics 0 Rate
J. Reed Smith Business 0 Rate
Justine D'Amico Languages 0 Rate
David Cox Law 22 Rate
Julia Lawson Languages 2 Rate
Andrea Siqueira International Studies 12 Rate
Jonathan Raff Chemistry 0 Rate
Elwadura Probath s Silva Mathematics 0 Rate
E. Haghverdi Information Science 0 Rate
A. Adesokan Literature 0 Rate
Joshua Sites Telecommunications 0 Rate
D. Adam Nicholson Sociology 0 Rate
Melissa Wilkinson Psychology 1 Rate
Bettina Kehoe Biology 0 Rate
Rob O' Connel Mathematics 0 Rate
O Jah-Hyun English 0 Rate
Jonathan Benedek Sports Management 1 Rate
James Gilmore Communication Culture 0 Rate
Da Johnston Geography 0 Rate
Thomas Jackson Statistics 5 Rate
Leonie Moyle Biology 20 Rate
James Yount Graphic Arts 0 Rate
R. Kent Dybvig Computer Science 0 Rate
Matt Grace Sociology 0 Rate
Jessica O'Reilly International Studies 0 Rate
Daniel James O'Neill Education 3 Rate
Denver Whittington Physics 0 Rate
Jonathan Beckmeyer Engineering 0 Rate
M Balk Chemistry 0 Rate
Richard Miller Religion 0 Rate
R.J. Woodring Management 0 Rate
T. Lewis Social Work 0 Rate
Laura Clapper English 15 Rate
Erik Nelson Science 0 Rate
Damián Solano Escolano Spanish Portuguese 4 Rate
Wasantha Jayawardene Health & Physical Education 0 Rate
Catherine Pilachowski Science 0 Rate
Josh Caffery Folklore 0 Rate
Elizabeth Geballe Literature 0 Rate
Edward Amsden Informatics 0 Rate
Erin Fogarty Health & Physical Education 0 Rate
John Cady Marketing 0 Rate
J. Albert Harrill Religion 0 Rate
J. Amy Dillard Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Judge John G. Baker Public Affairs 0 Rate
Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez Business 0 Rate
Ryan Newton Computer Science 0 Rate
Valerie O'Laughlin Anatomy 7 Rate
Scott O'Bryan History 0 Rate
Sonja Rego Accounting 0 Rate

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