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University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Law School

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Law School

504 East Pennsylvania Avenue
Champaign, IL - 61820

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Amita Sinha Ethnic Studies 0 Rate
Verity Winship Not Specified 8 Rate
Jamelle Sharpe Law 3 Rate
David Meyer Law 9 Rate
Michael Moore Law 0 Rate
Shannon Moritz Law 0 Rate
Michael Murray Law 0 Rate
Michael Vogel Law 0 Rate
Peter Nardulli Law 0 Rate
John Nowak Law 0 Rate
James Pfander Law 0 Rate
Leslie Reagan Law 0 Rate
Laurie Reynolds Law 0 Rate
Larry Ribstein Law 0 Rate
Jennifer Robbennolt Law 9 Rate
Daria Roithmayr Law 0 Rate
Jacqueline Ross Law 0 Rate
Richard Ross Law 10 Rate
Stephen Ross Law 0 Rate
Aylon Schulte Law 0 Rate
Bruce Smith Law 20 Rate
Lawrence Solum Law 4 Rate
Victor Stone Law 0 Rate
Sandra Sperino Law 9 Rate
Lynn Branham Law 0 Rate
Rene Bowser Law 0 Rate
James Taylor Law 0 Rate
Richard Painter Law 0 Rate
Robert Rich Law 0 Rate
T.P. Gallanis Law 0 Rate
C.K. Gunsalus Law 10 Rate
Linda Beale Law 7 Rate
Steven Beckett Law 0 Rate
George Bell Law 4 Rate
Francis Boyle Law 0 Rate
Ralph Brubaker Law 11 Rate
John Colombo Law 21 Rate
Erin Chandler English 0 Rate
James Simon Law 1 Rate
Sean Anderson Law 0 Rate
Mark Palmer Law 0 Rate
Dan Lohse Law 0 Rate
Dhammika Dharmapala Law 1 Rate
Jiming Peng Not Specified 0 Rate
Nicola Sharpe Law 3 Rate
Ebenezer Acquah Not Specified 0 Rate
Donald Davis Finance 0 Rate
Audrey Rubin Law 0 Rate
Dara Purvis Law 0 Rate
Travis McDade Law 0 Rate
Mohammed Khries Law 0 Rate
Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi History 0 Rate
Robert Beard Law 0 Rate
Robin Kar Law 16 Rate
Melissa Wasserman Law 0 Rate
Jason Mazzone Law 8 Rate
Kenworthey Bilz Law 0 Rate
Robin Wilson Law 3 Rate
Suja Thomas Law 4 Rate
Stacey Tutt Law 0 Rate
Susan Hinrichs Electrical & Comp. Engineering 0 Rate
Glenn Newman Law 0 Rate
Eric Johnson Law 10 Rate
Thomas Bruno Law 0 Rate
Paul Healey Law 0 Rate
John Bradley Law 0 Rate
simrun sethi Design 1 Rate
Javid Validashiti Mathematics 0 Rate
Melissa Frydman Law 0 Rate
Rumana Alam Writing 0 Rate
Arden Rowell Law 0 Rate
Yanfeng Ouyang Engineering 0 Rate
Daniel Hamilton Law 5 Rate
Leon Dash Law 0 Rate
William Davey Law 0 Rate
Margareth Etienne Law 20 Rate
Christopher Fennell Law 0 Rate
Jennifer Pahre Law 19 Rate
Janice Pea Law 15 Rate
Natalie DeVooght Law 0 Rate
Christine Hurt Law 0 Rate
Emily Grant Law 0 Rate
Paul Stancil Law 7 Rate
Susan Lauer Law 0 Rate
Charles Tabb Law 11 Rate
Nina Tarr Law 0 Rate
Charles Terry Law 0 Rate
Thomas Ulen Law 7 Rate
Cynthia Williams Law 4 Rate
Ekow Yankah Law 0 Rate
Amitai Aviram Law 16 Rate
Ward McDonald Law 8 Rate
George Mader Law 0 Rate
Cheryl Meier Law 8 Rate
Peter Maggs Law 0 Rate
Anna-Maria Marshall Law 0 Rate
Richard McAdams Law 11 Rate
John McCord Law 0 Rate
Lee Anne Fennell Law 0 Rate
Matthew Finkin Law 0 Rate
Eric Freyfogle Law 0 Rate
Cynthea Geerdes Law 2 Rate
Tom Ginsburg Law 0 Rate
Heidi Hurd Law 40 Rate
David Hyman Law 4 Rate
Janis Johnston Law 4 Rate
Richard Kaplan Law 16 Rate
Patrick Keenan Law 11 Rate
Jay Kesan Law 5 Rate
Kit Kinports Law 0 Rate
Ellen Kordik Law 0 Rate
Harry Krause Law 0 Rate
Andrew Leipold Law 17 Rate
Michael Leroy Law 0 Rate
Victoria Hadfield Law 5 Rate
Miranda Fleischer Law 0 Rate
Eric Leach Law 0 Rate
Melissa Bowles Spanish 0 Rate
Robert Lawless Law 3 Rate
Victor Fleischer Law 0 Rate
Andrew Morriss Law 0 Rate
Feniosky Pena Mora Engineering 0 Rate
Kurt Lash Law 0 Rate
Lesley Wexler Law 7 Rate
Matt Andres Law 0 Rate

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