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Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University

1425 W. Lincoln Hwy
DeKalb, IL - 60115

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Z Sands English 0 Rate
Floyd Knight English 0 Rate
Sherry O'Brien Computer Science 2 Rate
Martha O'Gorman Nutrition & Foods 0 Rate
Thomas Pingel Geography 12 Rate
Nicholas Barber Biology 0 Rate
R Hanserd Interdisciplinary Studies 0 Rate
Lindsay Calhoun Communication 4 Rate
Amy Reeb Nursing 18 Rate
Taylor Hartman Foreign Languages 12 Rate
Ryan Pollyea Geology 3 Rate
Melanie Walski Education 2 Rate
D Pascual-Cabo Languages 14 Rate
K Brosier Educational Psychology 18 Rate
J Dickerman Biology 0 Rate
Michael Fagel Technology 5 Rate
D. Phares English 8 Rate
D Rogodzinski-Lisa Languages 0 Rate
Barrie Bode Biology 8 Rate
A Martin Psychology 0 Rate
Greg Russell Communication 0 Rate
Robert Tatara Technology 3 Rate
Linda O'Neill Education 9 Rate
S Wyland Education 0 Rate
Patrick O'Connor Languages 0 Rate
Cynthia Hildner Communication Disorders 1 Rate
D. Kadnikov Chemistry 7 Rate
D Rooj Economics 0 Rate
X Chen Geography 10 Rate
Rebekah Wagner Health & Human Services 0 Rate
J Schwartz Sociology 0 Rate
Sarah Beth V Kitch Political Science 0 Rate
Mitchell Irwin Anthropology 12 Rate
J.M. Einboden English 0 Rate
Sanga I Education 0 Rate
S Dharmasankar Economics 0 Rate
L Gibbs Interdisciplinary Studies 0 Rate
L Davidson Psychology 0 Rate
Daniel O'Reilly Theater 0 Rate
Jennifer Lichamer Communication Disorders 15 Rate
Tom O'Gorman Mathematics 0 Rate
J Scudder Communication 0 Rate
Susan L'Allier Education 15 Rate
Bonnie Miller-O'Dell English 0 Rate
Y.K. Wang Political Science 3 Rate
James Johnson Finance 61 Rate
Ian Burns History 13 Rate
E Myung Hospitality 0 Rate
A. Lash Nursing 20 Rate
Jeremy Floyd Theater 1 Rate
Christine D'Alexander Music 1 Rate
R Curry Not Specified 0 Rate
T Eckard Political Science 0 Rate
Cindy Heinz Art 0 Rate
Holly Jones Biology 12 Rate

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