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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Jonathan Singer Social Work 8 Rate
Gayl Hunter-O'Reilly Biology 0 Rate
Paul Kubik Economics 4 Rate
Shipra Parikh Social Work 0 Rate
Joseph Milanovich Biology 21 Rate
Daniel Vaillancourt Philosophy 0 Rate
Daniel O'Gorman History 0 Rate
Michelle Yapo Social Work 0 Rate
Sean O'Brien English 3 Rate
M Hand Fine Arts 0 Rate
M Kerns Communication 0 Rate
J. Breezer Rickey Social Work 40 Rate
B Rockwell Communication 6 Rate
B. Berlowitz Mathematics 0 Rate
Jo Beth D'Agostino Science 40 Rate
T.W. Li Communication 0 Rate
John Smith Finance 0 Rate
Michael Dentato Social Work 18 Rate
Julian Diaz Economics 13 Rate
R. Divito Theology 0 Rate
R Lombardo Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Karen Egenes Nursing 16 Rate
G.J Bensinger Criminal Justice 0 Rate
E. Reimer-Barry Theology 0 Rate
Kenneth O'Connor Sociology 8 Rate
Lauren O'Connell Theology 61 Rate
J.D. Trout Philosophy 60 Rate
Jessica Thigpen Theater 0 Rate
Vijay Shah Languages 0 Rate
William Ewell English 0 Rate
L Magnavite Communication 0 Rate
S.J. Phillips English 0 Rate
K. Madden Philosophy 0 Rate
Brendan Horan Political Science 0 Rate
J. Jensen Fine Arts 0 Rate
J Gescheidler Sociology 0 Rate
J.G. Steenken Theology 0 Rate
Mary Gilbert Social Work 0 Rate
Rn McCarron Nursing 0 Rate
Kevin O'Connor Communication 7 Rate
John Krenzke History 5 Rate
Bob O'Gorman Theology 0 Rate
Diana Cafi Nursing 0 Rate
John O''Malley Jr. Business 0 Rate
Kathryn O'Toole Psychology 4 Rate
Burton Abrams Management 0 Rate
John Cashy Mathematics 0 Rate
Timothy O'Brien Mathematics 22 Rate
Thomas O'Brochta Philosophy 20 Rate
J. Marshall Eames Science 19 Rate
Charles Bilodeau Science 4 Rate
M. Bailey Economics 0 Rate
M Glogowski Biology 64 Rate
M Chiarelli Chemistry 0 Rate
M Propp Fine Arts 0 Rate
Anastasios Malliaris Economics 0 Rate
J. Bannan Philosophy 0 Rate
Maryellen O'Brien Theology 0 Rate
Kelly O'Connor History 51 Rate
D Tribble Physics 0 Rate
C Rabenold Fine Arts 0 Rate
C Holdsworth Languages 0 Rate
M Shelly Conner English 5 Rate
Phil O'Donnell Psychology 0 Rate
J Jackson Psychology 0 Rate
David Pankratz Languages 0 Rate
Emily O'Keefe English 11 Rate
Jill Bugajski Art 0 Rate
D. Helfgott Biology 57 Rate
M. Gabriel Germann Theology 0 Rate
Alrick Knight Jr. Spanish 0 Rate
Y Shylnov Mathematics 0 Rate
C Ozgur Business 0 Rate
P Giblin Theology 0 Rate
D Petrovski Science 0 Rate
R. Webster English 0 Rate
T. Jerome Overbeck Theology 0 Rate
Lillian O'Connell Not Specified 0 Rate
James O'Shaughnessy Philosophy 3 Rate
Michael O'Connell English 0 Rate
John O'Leary Political Science 11 Rate
Timothy O'Connell Not Specified 0 Rate
Mark Schukas Computer Science 0 Rate
Margaret O'Neill Communication 0 Rate
Vicki Bacidore Nursing 4 Rate
Badia Ahad English 22 Rate
D. Scott Hendrickson Spanish 9 Rate
R. Dye Jr. Psychology 0 Rate
Paul Moser Philosophy 21 Rate
Brian Stanko Accounting 0 Rate
Bastiaan Vanacker Communication 21 Rate
J. Brooks Bouson English 22 Rate
James DeFrancesco Chemistry 0 Rate
Hugh Cole Social Work 0 Rate
Benjamin Johnson History 12 Rate
Daniel Dickson Psychology 0 Rate
Martin Buntinas Mathematics 0 Rate
Joseph Heiney Economics 7 Rate
Timothy Hoellein Biology 0 Rate
A. Collins Philosophy 0 Rate
John O'Malley Business 0 Rate
Hunter O'Reilly Biology 0 Rate
G Dobrov Classics 0 Rate
Michele Dephilip Biology 0 Rate

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