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Loyola University Chicago - Psychology


  • 2015


    Society for Teaching Psychology

  • 2014

    ILA was formerly International Reading Association (IRA)


    International Literacy Assocation

  • 2013


    Midwestern Psychological Association

  • 2012

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Developmental Psychology

    Loyola University Chicago

    GPA 3.98

  • 2011


    Cognitive Development Society

  • 2010


    Society for Research in Child Development

    The James E. Johnson Award is given annually to one Ph.D. student instructor in the Department of Psychology whose teaching exemplifies excellence.

    Department of Psychology

    Loyola University Chicago

    Merit Award Scholarships

    \"Graduate assistantships are awarded to students with excellent academic records and scholarly promise. The awards ordinarily include a stipend

    tuition scholarship

    and health insurance coverage and are renewable. Stipend amounts for Ph.D. students ranged from $14

    000 to a maximum of 25

    000.\n\nDepartmental Assistantships are divided into teaching assistantships

    research assistantships and program assistantships. Accordingly

    a student who accepts an assistantship is required to provide teaching or research assistance

    or to engage in other duties relevant to the discipline and program. Assistantship duties should provide students with educational and professional benefits while enhancing their pedagogical


    and/or administrative skills. Assistantship duties cannot exceed 20 hours per week and students are not allowed to hold additional employment while holding an assistantship. Students should contact their graduate program director for details regarding eligibility

    application procedures and deadlines

    stipend levels

    and specific expectations required of recipients.\" - http://www.luc.edu/finaid/scholarships_loyola.shtml\n

    The Graduate School

    Loyola University Chicago

    Graduate Student Scholarship

    The major criteria are related to the research proposal. Proposals will be rated on the description of the context for the research (a brief literature review)

    the clarity and comprehensibility of the research question

    the appropriateness of the research design

    the general importance (theoretical

    applied) of the research and the use of requested funds (with preference given for funds to actually conduct the research as opposed to tuition


    books and journals). Secondary criteria are related to the student's background

    including previous publications or presentations at conferences

    awards won at the student's institution

    the letter of recommendations from the major advisor

    breadth of courses taken and grades in courses.\n\nProject: An Electronic World: Effects of Print and E-books on Word Learning in Preschoolers\n\nhttp://www.apa.org/apf/funding/cogdop.aspx?tab=4

    American Psychological Foundation Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology

    Research Mentoring Fellowship

    The Research Mentoring Program (RMP) is designed to support doctoral students in their dissertation research while providing an opportunity for undergraduates to learn more about graduate studies and graduate-level research. As a participant

    doctoral students will receive a stipend for their summer mentoring and a budget of up to $500 for their research costs. Undergraduates will also receive a stipend for serving as a research assistant.

    The Graduate School

    Loyola University Chicago

    Child & Family Fellowship

    The Child and Family Fellowship is for Ph.D. students whose academic work focuses on child/family issues which enhance development of research excellence in this area. These nine-monthawards carry a stipend

    a tuition scholarship

    and health insurance.

    The Graduate School

    Loyola University Chicago

  • 2009

    Master of Arts (M.A.)

    Developmental Psychology & Statistics

    Loyola University Chicago

    GPA 3.98

  • 2007

    Executive Board Member (2008-09)

    Psi Chi

  • 2005

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


    Psi Chi 2007-2009 (Executive Board 2008-2009)

    Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity 2005-2009

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    GPA 3.64

  • 2003


    American Psychological Association

  • SPSS


    Microsoft Word

    Developmental Psychology


    Microsoft Office

    Event Planning

    Social Media


    Higher Education



    North Park University

    Loyola University Chicago

    North Park University

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Infant and Early Childhood Cognition Lab

    Duties included designing and implementing experiments aimed to examine the development of attention in infancy and early childhood

    managing day-to-day tasks in the lab (e.g.

    designing protocol for experiments

    scheduling appointments

    operating computer programs and other technical equipment)

    and directly training and supervising over 60 undergraduates on carrying out experiments

    conducting behavioral data coding

    and recruiting participants.

    Research Assistant

    Loyola University Chicago

    Infant Cognition Lab

    Assisted in data collection and coding

    which required learning the protocol for 18-22 experiments designed to understand how infants and toddlers perceive physical reality

    social expectations (e.g.


    and false-beliefs (i.e.

    the development of theory of mind).

    Research Assistant

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Courses: Introduction to Psychology

    Developmental Psychology

    Laboratory in Developmental Psychology

    Loyola University Chicago

    North Park University


    Courses: Introduction to Psychology

    Human Lifespan Development

    Developmental Psychology

    Research Methods in Psychology

    Psychology of Language

    Learning & Cognition

    Media Psychology

    Multicultural Psychology

    Visiting Assistant Professor



    Assistant Professor Of Psychology

    North Park University

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