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Colorado Technical University Online - Psychology


  • 2012

    Certified Practioner

    Myers Brigg Type Indicator

    GS Consutlants

  • 2007

    Bachelors of Arts

    Speech Communications

    Pennsylvania State University

    Coaching Certification

    American Society for Training & Development

  • 2006

    Masters of Science

    Organizational Psychology

    Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

    Walden University

  • 2001

    Certified Trainer for \"Brian Biro's Beyond Success\" program

    Team Building Program \"Beyond Success\"

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    Career Counseling

    Higher Education

    Staff Development

    Program Development


    Program Management

    Leadership Development

    Customer Service

    Public Speaking

    Team Building


    Event Planning

    Organizational Effectiveness

    Career Development

    Strategic Planning

    Organizational Development




    Nicole Shari





    Adjunct Faculty Member

    Leveraging A Culture of Professional Intelligence!

    Dallas School District

    Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Wilkes-Barre

    Penn State University

    Darling Graphic Design LLC



    Education and Training Specialist

    Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Wilkes-Barre

    Universtiy Park


    Penn State University

    Darling Graphic Design LLC

    Dallas PA

    Darling Graphic Design was a creative agency dedicated to providing creative solutions to both print and electronic marketing projects. It was involved in creating logos and promotional graphics for a large client base; including over 1000 educational and corporate environments. Oversaw all projects

    assessing client’s technical and aesthetic needs along with accounting aspects of business. \n•\tDesigned print and web-based materials with full knowledge of printing industry needs from start to finish\n•\tAssisted client base in developing full year promotional programs with multiple collateral pieces\n•\tEmployed and assisted three other graphic designers providing design services for educational and business organizations

    including logos




    catering guides

    etc.\n•\tCreated customized job scheduling system in order to meet demanding deadlines.\n•\tAttended multiple independent educational design seminars and conferences.\n•\tMaintained a history of superior customer service in a high stress atmosphere.\n•\tKnowledge of large format printers and printing techniques and worked extensively through email and web based software; and PC and Mac environments. \n•\tLaunched company website and promotional materials.\n•\tParticipated in business related trade shows.\n•\tAttained success in running the business for 15 years.\n

    Owner/Graphic Designer



    As the part-time Career Awareness Coordinator I've created a 4 year career-based Completion Project that assists high school students develop post-secondary career plans and skills. I frequently speak on career education topics at educational conferences and seminars.\n\n•\tReceived two letters of commendation from superintendent on ability to develop career programming

    manage role out and provide exemplary career training.\n•\tCreated and developed career programming curriculum using web-based and virtual professional development tools using video and virtual classroom technology.\n•\tPioneered

    developed and managed career education programming in four district buildings for over 2600 students in grades K-12. \n•\tOrganized all facets of career events including of two yearly career fairs

    senior presentations for 200 seniors and over 50 panelists as well many other events.\n•\tEstablished a Freshmen Academy for 225 students including 8 advisors assisting students in career exploration and high school transition skills.\n•\tFormulated a four year career awareness capstone project for high school students’ grades 9th – 12th. \n•\tImplemented three PDE Programs of Study from initiation to PDE approval. \n•\tPromoted the career awareness program throughout the regional area using social media and networking events. \n•\tRecruited over 150 volunteer mentors/year and generated community awareness for high school career education through publications and media interest.\n•\tPrepared 18 career lesson plans per year for a staff of 60 faculty members for over 800 students. \n•\tPresented at three state conferences on career education.\n•\tDesigned and implemented all career awareness promotional materials. \n

    District Career Awareness Coordinator

    Dallas School District

    Wilkes-Barre PA

    As a contract career coach I assist clients identify personal goals and plan their next career moves through self assessment and career resources.

    Career Coach


    Online Faculty member at University of Phoenix

    Colorado Technical University and Purdue University Global. Teaching Team building

    Professional Presence

    and Organizational Psychology courses.

    Adjunct Faculty Member

    Leveraging A Culture of Professional Intelligence!



    Leveraging A Culture of Professional Intelligence!\nI'm dedicated to working with organizational leaders to create more effective workplaces with employees that are eager to increase their Professional Intelligence through customized training!\n\nI'll help your organization take unmotivated and disengaged employees and teach them to understand what Professional Intelligence looks like and how to achieve it by understanding:\n• How to get the most from millennial workers by understanding what drives them to become engaged and purposeful.\n• How to recognize generational communicate blocks and overcome them.\n• How self-awareness is a must for any employee wanting to move forward in an organization.\n• How to add value and how it just might save a job and career.\n• How to communicate in a way that inspires others to do better and commit more. \n PLUS much more!

    Organizational Trainer/Speaker


PSYC 337



PSYC 405



PSYC 130