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 John O'Neill

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Virginia Commonwealth University - Graphic Arts


  • 2002


    Major Emphasis: Design methods

    processes and theory

    history of modernism

    \ninformation design and cross-disciplinary interaction.\n\nMinor: Time-based design.\n\nThesis: Completed a year-long research project regarding Design Literacy for Children.\nThe project discovered ways of using professional design methods and information\ndesign components to teach children at the eighth-grade level communication skills\nacross all subject matters

    including math


    and language arts.

    Graphic Design

    Rochester Institute of Technology

  • 2001

    United Network for Organ Sharing

    Virgina State University

    Chowan University

    Virginia State University

    University of Minnesota Duluth

    Drew upon interpersonal and design skills to work with public relations and medical professionals to provide in-house design services for this contractor serving the U.S. Department of Health. UNOS maintains the national data-base for organ donations and transplants. Used project management skills by collaborating with copywriters to produce a monthly newsletter. Tasks included organizing files

    and leading the publication’s design and production.

    In-house Graphic Designer


    Virginia Area

    United Network for Organ Sharing

  • 2000

    BRTRC Technology Group


    A Socially Conscious Graphic Design Company



    Worked for the federal contractor to produce projects for the U.S. Army and U.S. Department of Defense. Served as a member of a team of designers and project managers to produce trade show exhibits promoting the latest technology used in the Armed Forces. Employed knowledge of scanning and photo retouching

    and four-color printing procedures. Worked with vendors to acquire work estimates

    and coordinated the output of full-color trade show exhibit graphics.

    In-house Graphic Designer

    BRTRC Technology Group

    Founded a socially conscious graphic design company serving local

    regional and national clients to prepare them to meet communication


    and branding challenges for a more sustainable and transparent business environment. Operates as design director

    leading the design process from concept development to final production. Projects include a variety of applications for brand development

    such as identity design



    collateral and environmental design. Works completed at Thinkhaus have been awarded internationally.

    Founder and Design Director


    Minnesota Area


    A Socially Conscious Graphic Design Company

    Taught graphic design courses covering various subjects including image making

    2D design

    computer and software technology

    Flash media

    and HTML/CSS. Tasks include managing and directing students

    course planning

    and providing lesson plans to meet course goals and objectives. Uses a deep understanding of visual communication and design concepts

    leadership skills

    strong communication skills

    and art directing skills in these positions.

    Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design


    Virginia Area

    Virginia Commonwealth University

    Rochester New York

    Richmond Virginia and Port St. Lucie Florida

    Supported nonprofit organizations and small businesses with effective

    compelling graphic design solutions. Used interpersonal

    technical and design skills to produce print material

    brand identity and websites for a variety of clients. Communicated concepts with clients to ensure smooth operations and design satisfaction at every step. Worked under demanding requirements while engaging in positive

    team-based collaboration.

    Graphic Designer

    Sole Priorship Business

    petersburg va

    Taught a 3/3 load in both semesters with courses in two-dimensional design

    digital photography

    graphic design and web design courses.

    Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design

    Virgina State University

    Sign Languages

    Lens-flare - A Photography Exhibition

    Photograph; Untitled

    Las Laguna Gallery

    Laguna Beach California

    MarCom Awards

    International Competition\n\nThe Awareness Campaign's Instagram Illustrations\nCategory: Instagram Site\nAward: Gold

    Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

    2016 American Graphic Design Awards

    The Awareness Campaign's Disability101 Panels

    Graphic Design USA

    2016 American Graphic Design Awards

    Posters for the Duluth Pepperkakar Gingerbread City

    Graphic Design USA

    MarCom Awards

    International Competition\n\nThe Awareness Campaign's Disability101 Panels\nCategory: Pro Bono\nAward: Platinum

    Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

  • 1998

    VCU Design Center



    Was solely responsible for teaching the graphic design curriculum in the Visual Art Department

    including freshman design foundation


    design history

    graphic design and typography courses. Duties included serving as a registration advisor and overseeing the Mac Lab operations by monitoring equipment

    developing guidelines and policies

    and managing the student workers. Worked with the administration to design a variety of promotional materials for the university.\n\nChowan University Committee Service: Institutional Review Board


    Visiting Professor of Graphic Design

    Chowan University

    Petersburg Va

    Taught a 2/2 load in both semesters with courses in two-dimensional design

    graphic design and computer graphic design.

    Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design

    Virginia State University

    Worked with nonprofit organizations to meet their print communication needs. Attained knowledge of the design process

    from concept to final print production.

    Graphic Designer


    Virginia Area

    VCU Design Center



    Duties entail teaching

    service to the university and conducting creative activities.\n\nTeaching\nTeaching responsibilities involve courses that teach theory and practice of interactive and web-based design.\n\nService\nService to the University has enabled me to serve the Department of Art & Design

    School of Fine Arts (SFA)

    and other university committees in a variety of ways.\n\nCreative Activities\nCreative activities are divided into three areas of study and practice.\n\nSocially Conscious Graphic Design\nMy professional creative practice focuses on socially conscious graphic design.\n\nPhotography\nI produce fine art photography.\n\nLecture/Public Speaking\nI have gave presentations nationally at several conferences discussing critical thinking

    teaching web-based and interactive design

    and socially conscious design.

    Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

    University of Minnesota Duluth

  • 1995


    Major Emphasis: History of graphic design

    design process

    and typography.\n\nMinor: Photography.

    Graphic Design

    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Logo Design

    Brand Development


    Visual Communication

    Corporate Identity


    User Interface Design

    Design Education

    Web Design


    Adobe Creative Suite


    Branding & Identity




    Marketing Strategy

    Graphic Design



    The Awareness Campaign

    Regardless of having a disability or not

    everyone’s had a moment in their life when they’ve been judged

    underestimated or looked down upon.\nThe sting is immediate but the wound can last for years. The three As in our name capture this feeling and share the exasperating impact Whaaat?! moments create for people with disabilities. But

    the As also do more than express an emotion. They capture our campaign’s three key missions:\nAwareness\nWe are focused on raising awareness in the general community about how to respect people with disabilities and avoid creating a Whaaat?! moment. By shining a light on both overt and subtle discrimination through personal stories rather than preachy advice

    we hope to show everyone’s role in eliminating Whaaat?! moments from our culture.\n\nAction\nTogether

    we will unite people with disabilities in sharing their own Whaaat?! moments through a unified social media platform. Joining the voices and passions of people with disabilities

    their family and friends

    and the general community

    we will create a new view of how to respect our differences — and celebrate our similiarities.\n\nAdvance\nThrough increased awareness and action

    our movement will create real change for the disabled community and the United States as a whole. If people with disabilities are able to live their lives and be seen for the people they are — rather than their disabilities — they fulfill their true potential for themselves

    for their loved ones and for society. Everyone wins.


    Sole Priorship Business

    Virginia Commonwealth University

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