Jessica Oladapo

 Jessica Oladapo

Jessica M. Oladapo

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Kankakee Community College - Social Science

Diversity and Inclusion Cert. at Cornell University, Sociologist and Social Justice Worker, Professor, Teacher, Trainer
Higher Education
Greater Chicago Area
Ms. Oladapo provides a series of interactive and engaging training sessions and lectures focused on identity, diversity, inclusion, and allyship based on current social science research and data driven empirical evidence. She is also very active as a full time professor of Social Sciences, Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, and takes part in several campus and community based organizations aimed at equality, equity, and peace.



  • Rock Valley College

    Chair of Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geology

    Hiring & managing Adjunct Professors
    Scheduling courses for full and part time faculty members
    Completing reviews and reports of classes within the department

  • Rock Valley College

    Assistant Professor

    Full Time Tenured Faculty - Sociology & Psychology

  • Kankakee Community College

    Associate Professor Of Sociology

    Jessica worked at Kankakee Community College as a Associate Professor Of Sociology

  • Diversity2Inclusion

    AntiOppression Worker, Diversity & Inclusion Trainer

    Ms. Oladapo has provided training sessions and lectures for a variety of entities, including police departments, school districts, social service agencies, and national organizations.


  • University of Illinois at Chicago

    Bachelor of Arts (BA)

    Psychology and African American Studies

  • DePaul University

    Master of Arts (MA)


  • Cornell University


    Diversity and Inclusion
    Certificate of Diversity and Inclusion with an emphasis on engagement and creating inclusive spaces


SOCY 2513