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Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Physical Sciences


  • 2003



    Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

    Princeton NJ


    Theoretical Physics

    Research in Theoretiical Physics

    City University of New York Graduate Center

  • 2002


    Mathematical Physics

  • 1996



    Gave public weekly public lecures at City College Planetarium with Garnik Alexanian.

    City College New York

  • 1978


    My main mentors are Stefano Bellucci of INFN Frascati; a friend and colleague for many years. Also Jim Gates (who had the patience to argue with me for almost a year)

    and who made me master Latex. Jim began the work in D=10. The whole framework. Thanks Jim.\nAlso thank you Sultan (Catto)

    and Ramzi (Khuori)

    at Baruch.\nThanks Antoli; (we miss you Anatoli Pashnev tragically killed outside Moscow); remembered by his great friend and a founder of Supersymmetry here in CUNY

    Vladimir Akulov...on the way to a Nobel? (soon) maybe this year if CERN is lucky.


    King's College London

    U. of London


  • Theoretical Physics




    Microsoft Word





    Mathematical Modeling

    Information Theory



    Higher Education



    University Teaching





    I have had some success in cracking long standing problems in Theoretical Physics. I have also worked in the application of Mathematica to quantum gravity and also to financial engineering. I have given lectures and classes to large and small audiences in astronomy

    physics and mathematics

    from middle school through graduate level. \nMost recently Embry Riddle University

    in Daytona Beach

    FL. Back in NYC full time now.\n\nERAU is a technical university on a magnificent campus in Daytona Beach. Large ROTC contingent


    Navy Air Force and Marines. \nOBJECTIVE\nI wish to apply my broad experience and these modest successes to problems and strategies in finance


    energy and environmental problems. Developing strategies and innovating technologies. For example I have set up Mathematica to solve problems in financial engineering

    and I continue to develop this. I am also working on a light weight automotive transmission system and sources of clean energy.\nHowever I might be best suited to marketing ie

    .explaining complicated strategies clearly. That is what Dave Donoho of Renaissance Technologies thinks.\n\nSpecialties: I enjoy figuring things out and giving lectures and presentations in an entertaining way.\n\nI have had success in solving some apparently intractable problems in physics. I have also had success in explaining my own ( or someone elses ) work clearly. I refer you to \"The Art of The Lecture\" by Michael Faraday. Doing and ...too many lets...for later. One thing that I know is that a great way to really learn something it to teach it well.


    Marymount Manhattan College

    The Chapin School

    City University of New York

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    The Chapin School

    Professor of Mathematics

    Taught undergraduate mathematics

    Calculus I

    II and III and Quantitative Methods

    Marymount Manhattan College

    Visiting Professor of Physics

    Visiting Professor of Physics at Embry Riddle Aviation University

    \nDaytona Beach Florida.\nERAU produces 80% of all pilots in the USA (mostly military: Airforce


    Marines and Army). It also has a strong business school with aviation applications and an engineering school with aerospace aplications. It has strong links with the dept. of defence


    Lockheed Martin

    General Electric

    NASA etc

    . A great percentage of students are ROTC. I teach them physics with aeronautical applications. I can do this as my dad was an aeroplane mechanic

    and i have a few hours flying experience also

    I also do my research.\nQUOTES\n\"If I have seen further than others it is because I have been standing on the shoulders of giants\"\nIsaac Newton\n\n\"If I have not seen as far as others it is because I have been standing behind giants\"\nPredrag Cvitanovic (Chaos Theory)\nPHILOSOPHY\nSolving apparently intractable problems involves long hours of application and ingenuity. If the problem appears intractable it is because others more capable have failed while pursuing known avenues and methods. Hence we have to innovate. Think differently. Also such problems demand eliminating all the things that we can find which will not work. (Ref. Edison). It is important to become absorbed

    zen like

    and not ever to give in to frustration

    which means failure. It is just a puzzle to be enjoyed. Never blame your tools. Never use a swear word. It wont help.

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


    of Physics

    Teacher of Physics

    and Astronomy

    student and researcher.

    City University of New York

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