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 Brianna Mount

Brianna J. Mount

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Dec 29, 2019
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Physics is incredibly difficult. However, Doctor Mount is very well trained and does great work during office hours.


Black Hills State University - Physics


  • Black Hills State University

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Constructed an optics/laser spectroscopy lab from the ground-up, including electronic, optical, vacuum and software systems. Built a fully-functional Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy (CRDS) system to detect trace impurities in underground liquid noble gas detectors for dark matter and neutrino applications.

  • Black Hills State University

    Research Assistant Professor

    Lab Director of the BHSU Underground Campus, a cleanroom and staging facility located on the 4850' level of the Sanford Underground Research Facility (

    PI of the NSF MRI: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Multi-Disciplinary Research in South Dakota (8/2014 - 7/2017)

    PI of the NSF REU Site: Multidisciplinary Underground Science at the Sanford Underground Research Facility : (4/16-4/19)

    Co-Organizer of the 2016 BHSU Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (

    Organizer of the 2015 South Dakota Davis Bahcall Scholar Program: a five-week program for exceptional students from across South Dakota interested in STEM disciplines.

    Have taught both algebra and calculus based physics as well as astronomy

  • Black Hills State University

    Assistant Professor Of Physics

    Brianna worked at Black Hills State University as a Assistant Professor Of Physics


  • Florida State University

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    High Precision Atomic Mass Spectrometry with Applications to Neutrino Physics, Fundamental Constants and Physical Chemistry

  • University of Idaho

    Bachelor’s Degree

    Physics and Mathematics

PHYS 185


PHYS 211