Benjamin Wilhite

 Benjamin Wilhite

Benjamin Wilhite

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Jan 4, 2020
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Prof. Benjamin is very disorganized and unresponsive. He doesn't seem to know his stuff. His lectures were over everyone's heads and he's rarely accessible outside of class. Most of the time, he wasn't in his office hours.


Texas A&M University College Station - Chemical Engineering

Associate Professor at Texas A&M University
Bryan/College Station, Texas Area
My research expertise is in catalytic reaction engineering, with 10+ years experience in gas-liquid-solid reactor design, membrane reactors and materials and micro reactor technologies. Our research group is currently focusing upon (i) understanding how multiphase transport impacts reactor performance and lifetime in gas-liquid-solid catalytic processes, (ii) manipulating separations and reactions in membrane reactors and sorption-enhanced processes, (iii) novel polymeric and electroceramic materials for natural gas processing and flue gas recycling, and (iv) heat-exchanger micro reactors for natural gas processing.

Our educational efforts have focused upon generating interactive lecture materials on reactor and heterogeneous catalyst design, and separations processes. I am also interested in quantitatively understanding how scheduling decisions (curriculum design and course offering frequencies) impact student retention and graduation rates for maximizing the impact of faculty workload and effectiveness in higher education.


  • Texas A&M University

    Associate Professor

    Benjamin worked at Texas A&M University as a Associate Professor

  • University of Connecticut

    Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

    Benjamin worked at University of Connecticut as a Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering


  • University of Notre Dame

    Ph.D. Chemical engineering

    Reaction engineering

  • University of Notre Dame

    Graduate Research Associate

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