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Andrea M. Dastrup

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Brigham Young University Idaho - English


  • BYU-Idaho

    Senior Academic Advisor

    Effectively assisted students in setting academic goals, creating graduation plans, and performing class substitutions

    Correlated with faculty, administration, and students concerning course sequencing and advancement requirements

    Produced work schedules for six junior advisors while accommodating unique employee scheduling conflicts

    Trained the BYU-I student advising staff in effective communication and recent process changes

    Performed over 100 hours of employee shadowing and offered constructive feedback to the student advising staff

    Acted as an intermediary between students and the Department of Performing and Visual Arts

    Conducted weekly training meetings regarding overall office performance, procedural continuity and, team building

  • BYU-Idaho

    Adjunct Professor

    Taught English to students with unique needs, learning abilities, and to non-native speakers

    Cultivated an increase in students' grammatical abilities as demonstrated by test performance and essay quality

    Provided individual mentoring to those that required further instruction and qualification

    Created and modified lesson plans on subjects such as: grammar, sentence structure, research essays, and creative writing

    Discerned the needs of my students and authored lesson plans tailored to their preferred method of learning

    Clearly communicated course outcomes, grading methodology, and scholastic expectations to students

    Consistently received high marks on student-teacher evaluations and classroom observations

  • BYU-Idaho

    Research Assistant

    Conducted research regarding the feasibility of certain English classes being offered online

    Worked closely with English faculty to understand the desired learning outcomes of the curriculum

    Presented findings to BYU-I English department and the department of Online Learning

    Delivered a portfolio of the completed research to the BYU-Idaho Board of English Professors


  • Brigham Young University - Idaho

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

    English Language and Literature/Letters
    Provided supplemental teaching to middle school students in Math, English and Science Authored research essays on topics including: educational psychology, era-specific literary theories and criticisms, etc. Edited a 200-page young adult novel in preparaption for publishing Acted as a liaison between an aspiring young adult author and a class of 100 BYU-I English students during the editing process Recipient of the 2013 BYU-Idaho Larry Thompson Award--awarded to three senior level students in each graduating class


ENG 106


ENG 10607