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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Nicole Waguespack Anthropology 0 Rate
Saman Aryana Engineering 0 Rate
Renee Laegreid History 7 Rate
Jeanne Holland English 0 Rate
Scott Crawford Statistics 0 Rate
Craig Vaske Health Science 3 Rate
John Pierre Electrical Comp. Engineering 0 Rate
Lawrence Jackson Theater 1 Rate
Jason Tangeman Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Jon Pikal Electrical Comp. Engineering 0 Rate
Michael Smith Law 2 Rate
Guinevere Jones Biology 0 Rate
John McInroy Electrical Comp. Engineering 2 Rate
Richard Vercoe Geography 0 Rate
Andrew Baker Communication 0 Rate
Nancy Peck Mechanical Engineering 0 Rate
Conor O'Malley Physics 4 Rate
Thomas Edgar Civil Engineering 1 Rate
Roberta Webster Geography 0 Rate
Nancy Shea Women's Studies 0 Rate
B. Patrick Sullivan Chemistry 0 Rate
Benjamin Wilkowski Psychology 0 Rate
J. Daniels Geography 0 Rate
Hannelore Mundt Modern and Classical Languages 0 Rate
Patrick Johnson Chemical Engineering 0 Rate
Darrell Jackson Law 2 Rate
David Bell Chemical Engineering 0 Rate
Tonia Dousay Education 1 Rate
J. Daniel Rodgers Agriculture 0 Rate
E. Lee Belden Veterinary Sciences 0 Rate
Lacey Teigen Animal Science 0 Rate
M Bretfeld English 0 Rate
William Rice Physics 1 Rate
Rachel Shimek Anthropology 0 Rate
Derek Montague Atmospheric Sciences 0 Rate
Yelena O'Brien Electrical & Comp. Engineering 8 Rate
John O'Hagan Theater 1 Rate
Kennedy Penn-O'Toole Political Science 0 Rate
Mary Bruce Psychology 0 Rate
Michael Urynowicz Civil Engineering 0 Rate
A.J. Barghothi Political Science 0 Rate
Timothy Considine Business 3 Rate
Urszula Norton Agriculture 0 Rate
Donal O'Toole Veterinary Sciences 0 Rate
Klaas Van't Veld Economics 10 Rate
Eric Moorhouse Mathematics 2 Rate

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