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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Roberta Merrill Family Life 9 Rate
Jeremy Johnson Chemistry 16 Rate
Lauren Todacheenie Writing 18 Rate
J B Henrickson Accounting 10 Rate
Susan Mullen Religion 22 Rate
William Zundell Religion 0 Rate
Ryan Starks Not Specified 0 Rate
Adam Fries African Studies 0 Rate
Francis Jones Computer Science 12 Rate
Karel Simms Elementary Education 0 Rate
Amanda Slater Art 0 Rate
Bart Kowallis Science 43 Rate
Edward Carter Communication 0 Rate
Jimmy Bethke Italian 0 Rate
William Wright Dance 0 Rate
Brodrick Brown Psychology 4 Rate
Rebecca Walker English 4 Rate
William Dyer Religion 0 Rate
Leigh Johnson Biology 20 Rate
Barta Heiner Theatre & Media Arts 2 Rate
Michael Robinson Nursing 0 Rate
Christopher Creek Visual Arts 5 Rate
Lauren Matthews Writing 0 Rate
Jo Ann H Seely Religion 0 Rate
Shannon Vance Dance 12 Rate
D. Collingridge Psychology 0 Rate
Gregory Snow Statistics 3 Rate
Gaye Ray Nursing 12 Rate
Brent Nelson Electrical Engineering 9 Rate
David Larsen Religion 0 Rate
Mark Elkins Religion 27 Rate
Douglas Richards Biology 0 Rate
Emily R. S. Putnam Psychology 0 Rate
Gerrit Dirkmaat Religion 10 Rate
Kyle Robinson Physical Education 5 Rate
Trisha Weeks Family Life 0 Rate
John Hughes Communication 0 Rate
Cynthia Wallin Management 1 Rate
William Tayler Accounting 2 Rate
Elodie Petelo French & Italian 13 Rate
Paul Schmidt Spanish 6 Rate
D. Russell Crane Family & Consumer Science 11 Rate
Meghan Dewitt Mathematics 10 Rate
Jeffrey Shumway History 44 Rate
Brett Campbell Psychology 4 Rate
Jacob Rawlins Linguistics 5 Rate
Blaine Griffen Biology 0 Rate
Harold Mitchell Civil Engineering 1 Rate
Alan Heath Chinese 7 Rate
James Carroll Religion 3 Rate
Robert Colson Humanities 17 Rate
Daniel Hughes Visual Arts 17 Rate
Jordan Cox Mechanical Engineering 20 Rate
David Allred Science 64 Rate
Dallin Oaks English 77 Rate
S. Thomas Foster Business 2 Rate
W. Gibb Dyer Business 21 Rate
P. Scott Richards Psychology 2 Rate
Michael Adams Psychology 10 Rate
H. Patrick Debenham Dance 6 Rate
Lars Oveson Spanish 40 Rate
Kevin Franke Civil Engineering 3 Rate
Brenden Rensink History 0 Rate
Joshua Lytle Mathematics 2 Rate
Spencer McBride History 0 Rate
Russell Hitchcock Student Life 3 Rate
Arkin Hill Business 1 Rate
Russel Havens Information Technology 2 Rate
Robert Russell Japanese 3 Rate
Hal Moore Mathematics 0 Rate
Kristina Narvaez Business Administration 5 Rate
E Harrison Powley Music 0 Rate
Daniel Williams Statistics 21 Rate
Ray Meyers Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Teri McCabe Dance 0 Rate
Matthew Heaton Statistics 46 Rate
David Johnson Anthropology 32 Rate
John Darowski Humanities 7 Rate
Todd Hendricks Student Services 0 Rate
Logan Robison Italian 0 Rate
Philip Matheson Physical Sciences 20 Rate
Catherine Jeppsen Sociology 5 Rate
K. Malina Duff Mathematics 0 Rate
Jeff Farrer Physics 0 Rate
Allison Hymas Writing 9 Rate
Allan Escobar Spanish 4 Rate
Christian Heimburger History 0 Rate
Amy Easton-Flake Ancient Scripture 55 Rate
Bethanne Andersen Visual Arts 0 Rate
Morris Argyle Engineering Technology 11 Rate
Maria Breitman Biology 0 Rate
R. Paul Evans Biology 71 Rate
Sean Bullock Italian 0 Rate
Mickey Cochran Religion 0 Rate
Gary Mack Exercise Science 0 Rate
V Stanley Benfell English 0 Rate
Douglas Tree Chemical Engineering 12 Rate
Michael Kraczek Theatre Media Arts 3 Rate
Jeremy Evans Russian 0 Rate
J. Ward Moody Physics 49 Rate
John Baron Spanish 3 Rate
Rachel Meyers Comparative Literature 0 Rate
Melissa Hansen Life Sciences 29 Rate
Donald Davis Manufacturing & Construction 0 Rate
Elliot Wise Visual Arts 33 Rate
Juan Arroyo Physiology 56 Rate
Michael Scott Civil Engineering 15 Rate
Benjamin Wagner Writing 0 Rate
George Pierce Religion 30 Rate
John Price Chemistry 13 Rate
Jennifer Bussio History 9 Rate
Christopher Jones History 27 Rate
John McBride Geology 0 Rate
A. Keith Lawrence English 0 Rate
A.H. Green History 0 Rate
Ugo Perego Religion 0 Rate
Christopher Guzman Mathematics 0 Rate
John Pace Counseling Psychology 0 Rate
Kim O'Neill Biology 35 Rate
Rebecca Lloyd Art 0 Rate
Shawn Gale Psychology 0 Rate
Christopher Droubay Accounting 1 Rate
Ryan Stewart Life Sciences 0 Rate
Marianna Thurston Italian 0 Rate
Miles Ogden Student Life 0 Rate
Warren Hatch English 0 Rate
Jeannine Mosarsa Arabic 0 Rate
Paul Hafen Exercise Science 0 Rate
Toni Pilcher English 5 Rate
Samuel Clement Education 0 Rate
Daniel Barney Art 9 Rate
Lisa Tait Religion 0 Rate
Thomas Stephens Computer Science 0 Rate
M. Gawain Wells Religion 4 Rate
D. Pauline Williams Nutrition & Food Science 23 Rate
Meghan Witt Mathematics 1 Rate
Krystal Pierce Religion 0 Rate
Justin Peatross Physics 0 Rate
Paul Anderson Visual Arts 0 Rate
Brent Johnson Microbiology 0 Rate
Grant Madsen American Studies 4 Rate
Scott Woodward Religion 44 Rate
David Nelson Family Life 4 Rate
Neil Hansen Life Sciences 0 Rate
Michael Griffin Mathematics 6 Rate
Charles Hamilton Religion 0 Rate
David McClellan Biology 20 Rate
Frank Fox History 0 Rate
David McMillan Psychology 0 Rate
Brinton Wilkins Communication 0 Rate
A. Woodruff Miller Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Thomas Farrer Psychology 3 Rate
J. Michael Farmer History 0 Rate
Michael Richardson Education 13 Rate
George Taylor Religion 0 Rate
Robert Nelson Physical Education 0 Rate
Mikko Laitinen Business 0 Rate
Brigham Frandsen Economics 18 Rate
Michael Scott Physiology 0 Rate
Perry Ridge Biology 24 Rate
Csaba Jevtic-Somlai Music 0 Rate
Daniele D'Apuzzo Mathematics 0 Rate
David Penry Electrical Engineering 9 Rate
David Seay German 1 Rate
Joseph McConkie Religion 0 Rate
A. Kim Smith Finance 8 Rate
Randy Demetter French & Italian 0 Rate
Keith Crandall Biology 10 Rate
Mark Johnson Art History 18 Rate
Kau'I M Tuia Dance 15 Rate
Austin Gillespie Chemistry 0 Rate
Seth Howard Information Systems 0 Rate
Kevin Cook Computer Science 1 Rate
Jared Kelson Dance 3 Rate
Kylie McQuarrie Writing 3 Rate
Rushell Crane Management 2 Rate
Roger Koide Biology 51 Rate
Daniel Burr Health Science 4 Rate
Cory Sackett Religion 0 Rate
Chris Silvia Business 5 Rate
D. Jonathan Felt History 30 Rate
Spencer Magleby Mechanical Engineering 22 Rate
Stephanie Sorensen Religion 18 Rate
Michael Barrus Mathematics 6 Rate
Brett Dowdle Church History 0 Rate
Vance Hawkins Visual Arts 0 Rate
Richard Galbraith Family Studies 0 Rate
Robert Johnson Biology 0 Rate
Samantha Sanders Computer Science 0 Rate
Willie Harrison Electrical amp Computer Engineering 0 Rate
Erich Wilson Religion 0 Rate
Darius Hughes Foreign Languages 14 Rate
Daniel Ames Civil Engineering 5 Rate
Stephen Hales Visual Arts 0 Rate
Kenneth Christensen Chemistry 8 Rate
W. Spencer Guthrie Civil Engineering 12 Rate
Van Gessel Japanese 3 Rate
Paul Pixtox Religion 0 Rate
David Dahl Statistics 11 Rate
Brian Baxter Organizational Ldrshp Strat 1 Rate
Christopher Blythe Religion 0 Rate
Jennifer Wimmer Elementary Education 0 Rate
James D'Arc American Studies 0 Rate
Michael Joner Physics 0 Rate
Stephen Ehat Accounting 0 Rate
John Harb Chemical Engineering 1 Rate
Mark Pickering Philosophy 1 Rate
Hokulea Conklin Psychology 0 Rate
Mark Allen Mathematics 0 Rate
Stephan Taeger Religion 53 Rate
Jeffrey Parkin Theatre & Media Arts 8 Rate
Nicole Romney Art 10 Rate
Kate Lemay Visual Arts 0 Rate
Skyler Simmons Mathematics 19 Rate
Greg Thompson Spanish 3 Rate
Scott Steffensen Neuropsychiatry 0 Rate
Timothy Price Computer Science 0 Rate
Robert Black Microbiology 19 Rate
Alan Stallings Communication 0 Rate
Casey Garland French & Italian 7 Rate
R Kent Crookston Religion 0 Rate
Donna Breckenridge Religion 0 Rate
Benjamin Farthing Writing 1 Rate
M. Brett Borup Civil Engineering 0 Rate
Christopher Reese Statistics 17 Rate
Mark Mathews Religion 31 Rate
Matthew Kershaw Comparative Literature 0 Rate
J Paul Warnick Japanese 0 Rate
Joseph Featherstone Sign Language 12 Rate
Geoffrey Williams Spanish 2 Rate
Sheri Tesseyman Nursing 0 Rate
Christian Swenson Humanities 16 Rate
Ryan Magoffin Physical Education 0 Rate
Kristin South Humanities 0 Rate
Jennifer Giauque Physical Ed 0 Rate
Hagen Haltern Fine Arts 0 Rate
Maddison Colvin Visual Arts 3 Rate
J. Michael Pinegar Finance 10 Rate
Madeleine Dresden Writing 12 Rate
Stephen Moody Japanese 13 Rate
R. Vencil Skarda Mathematics 0 Rate
Mike Hendron Business 1 Rate
Dane Christensen Foreign Languages 2 Rate
Robert Ramos Exercise & Sport Science 6 Rate
Tennery Norton English 0 Rate

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