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Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College

7000 Rivers Ave
Charleston, SC - 29406

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Wilson Gautreaux Environment 4 Rate
Frank Puricelli History 5 Rate
Stanley Ziobro Social Science 10 Rate
L. Washington Psychology 5 Rate
Bobbi Handy Nursing 6 Rate
Dawn Heldreth Biology 15 Rate
Jason Bremer Computer Informational Tech. 1 Rate
K Kuncken Biology 3 Rate
J Randall Mathematics 1 Rate
Linda Fernandes Psychology 0 Rate
Sonya Allen Business 3 Rate
Daniel Wallace Mathematics 1 Rate
A. Hazel Mathematics 8 Rate
G. Cornmesser English 4 Rate
M O'Quin Mathematics 21 Rate
Alan Bosch Biology 3 Rate
Kathryn Sterrett Mathematics 23 Rate
Earl Bisel Computer & Informational Tech. 1 Rate
Theresa O'Quin Mathematics 2 Rate
Joseph Ginn Iii Legal Assisting 5 Rate
Michael Shanshala Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Michael O''Neill Physics 0 Rate
G. Overstolz Nursing 17 Rate
C Kister Biology 8 Rate
Constance Davis Criminal Justice 1 Rate
Ann Walsh Legal Assisting 2 Rate
Katie Beckham Spanish 4 Rate
Erin O Neal English 3 Rate
M Stoudrenmire Music 5 Rate
Whitney Adams English 3 Rate
J. Ellen Aspinwall Theater 2 Rate
Brenda Strange Allied Health 0 Rate
Deborah LeaMond Law 2 Rate
Sharon Holden Nursing 7 Rate
C Milligan Accounting 11 Rate
J Solomon Biology 1 Rate
E. Gibbons English 16 Rate
C. Small-Russell Pharmacy 3 Rate
R Dewitt-Marshall Biology 42 Rate
Donna Donaldson Medical Technology 3 Rate
Jamie Reetz Mathematics 22 Rate

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