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Community College of Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island

1762 Louisquisset Pike
Lincoln, RI - 02865

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Jonathan Corey Sociology 2 Rate
Martin Benvenuti Communication 0 Rate
Christopher Zoto Chemistry 11 Rate
Jessica Fede Humanities 0 Rate
Joanne Lomas-Neira Biology 0 Rate
Gail O'Rourke Accounting 0 Rate
Maureen Masse Writing 0 Rate
G. R. Williams Biology 0 Rate
Maryhelen MacInnes Social Science 0 Rate
Kevin Fontaine Psychology 24 Rate
Liane Czirjak English 0 Rate
John Cipollini Mathematics 0 Rate
timothy stewart Film 7 Rate
Alwyn D'Souza Science 25 Rate
Luke Sutherland Theater 0 Rate
Jacqueline Mongeau Humanities 0 Rate
Kevin Sailsbury Psychology 0 Rate
Francine Luizzi-Bench Dental Hygiene 0 Rate
Kathleen Gazzola Dental Hygiene 0 Rate
Michele Etzold Accounting 0 Rate
Thomas Procaccini Psychology 0 Rate
Stevenson Wachira Computer Science 14 Rate
Edward Zannella Mathematics 0 Rate
Jeanne McColl P Health Science 0 Rate
Victor Omoayo English 0 Rate
Karen Corry Nursing 9 Rate
William Johnson History 23 Rate
Leislie Faraone-Wolff Nursing 1 Rate
Zenaido Ramos-Bustos Languages 0 Rate
William Dalessio English 0 Rate
Dan Cox Law 0 Rate
Joseph Carroll English 28 Rate
Sharon Remillard Health Science 0 Rate
Sharon Remillard Health Science 0 Rate
Catherine Kesack Sociology 0 Rate
Glenn Archetto Biology 0 Rate
Michelle Baghdadi Languages 2 Rate
John Dennewitz Music 0 Rate
Melissa Sullivan Dental Hygiene 0 Rate
Richard Iadevaia Biology 0 Rate
Joesph Carroll English 0 Rate
Henry Chango Mathematics 4 Rate
Sarah Cichon Accounting 0 Rate
Sarah O'Dowd Psychology 0 Rate
Janet Christensen Nursing 0 Rate
Matthew Rodolewicz Mathematics 2 Rate
Paul Dutra Law 0 Rate
Denise Parrillo English 3 Rate
Virginia Pasonelli English 0 Rate
Susan Buckley Mathematics 2 Rate
Douglas Pettis Law 6 Rate
Robyn Younkin English 0 Rate
Eric Kravitz Mathematics 0 Rate
John McGrath Health Science 0 Rate
Katherine Harrison Biology 13 Rate
Daniel O'Neil Art History 0 Rate
Michael Basileo Psychology 0 Rate
Michael Torregrossa English 0 Rate
Jodys Cowdin Science 0 Rate
Stanley Spencer Business 0 Rate
E Ardent Chemistry 0 Rate
Bradford Monroe Mathematics 0 Rate
Denise DeCaporale English 0 Rate
Kira Trainor English 3 Rate
James Miller History 0 Rate
Yevgeniya Panova Mathematics 0 Rate
Matthew Mannix Law 0 Rate
Kenneth Lyon English 0 Rate
Maryann Mitchell Accounting 0 Rate
Ethan Stapleton Mathematics 0 Rate
Sharon Remilard Culinary Arts 0 Rate
Brenda McGill Psychology 0 Rate
Daniel Novak Philosophy 0 Rate
Sandra Megerdichian Health Science 0 Rate
Yoon Chung Mathematics 0 Rate
Harvey Tripp Psychology 0 Rate
Kristin K. Coombs Mathematics 0 Rate
J Cicilline Psychology 0 Rate

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