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Rose State College

Rose State College

6420 SE 15th St
Midwest City, OK - 73110

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
V N Burr Tharp English 0 Rate
V. Baillie Dunlap Geography 1 Rate
S S Seale Political Science 2 Rate
B. D. Van Dorn Health Science 3 Rate
Joseph Campbell Political Science 28 Rate
D McCauley Physical Education 0 Rate
Carlo Ledesma Health Science 0 Rate
Leigh Smith Psychology 1 Rate
Mark D'Andrea Biology 3 Rate
E. Denise Haught Nursing 4 Rate
John Campbell Health Science 17 Rate
Rick Nelson Theater 11 Rate
J. Wiley-Caughron English 7 Rate
Sarah Engel Humanities 0 Rate
Sarah McKinney Political Science 20 Rate
B M Baumeister Health Science 2 Rate
A. R. Tilley Science 3 Rate
Barron Winters Business 5 Rate
Sue O'Brian Journalism 1 Rate
Alicia McCullar Social Sciences 4 Rate
Janelle Montgomery Accounting 9 Rate
Tiffany Herbert Biology 2 Rate
Megan Herren Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Kerri Felmlee Science 1 Rate
Joyce Schultz Mathematics 1 Rate
Jack O'Donnell Social Sciences 20 Rate
Jack Moeller Mathematics 22 Rate
John O''Donnell Psychology 3 Rate

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