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Oklahoma City Community College

Oklahoma City Community College

7777 S May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK - 73159

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Teresa Kuhlman Languages 2 Rate
Mary Chalaire English 2 Rate
Monica Gallamore Humanities 3 Rate
Linda Breslin English 1 Rate
J. Larry Delozier Psychology 17 Rate
Noble Diven English 2 Rate
S Mullens Psychology 16 Rate
Glen Roberson History 2 Rate
Emily Stacey Political Science 4 Rate
Beth Wallo English 17 Rate
James Clay Business 2 Rate
Amy Post-McCorkle Communication 0 Rate
Morgan Ashworth Biology 21 Rate
M Teregun Mathematics 6 Rate
Scott Carter Journalism 12 Rate
Dirk Neitzel Mathematics 7 Rate
K. Chris Williams History 9 Rate
K Moery Psychology 3 Rate
S Colbert Sociology 2 Rate
W Rice Political Science 3 Rate
Mark Johnson Music 0 Rate
D. Cook Bruce Psychology 8 Rate
S. Smith Psychology 14 Rate
S. Tirrell Biology 20 Rate
C Rupert Political Science 4 Rate
J. Maisano Mathematics 11 Rate
J. Nixon Biology 1 Rate
J. Hough Political Science 10 Rate
F. Dale Crabtree English 14 Rate
M Cowan Accounting 2 Rate
M McCullar History 11 Rate
Lydia Couvas English 0 Rate
C. Pilkington Medicine 2 Rate
K Hurley Health Science 9 Rate
Janet Clanton Biology 8 Rate
Angela Slovak Biology 1 Rate
Diana Campo Geology 1 Rate
N Ramahi Mathematics 3 Rate
Katarina Brunski Computer Science 3 Rate
J. Wiley-Caughron English 10 Rate
M Winn English 10 Rate
D. Anderson Accounting 0 Rate
Cristina Moershel Mathematics 10 Rate
C Wallace Biology 2 Rate
James Cooper English 1 Rate
T. Louviere English 3 Rate
A. Bachhofer History 14 Rate
Ryan Perkins Mathematics 9 Rate
R. Boling Mathematics 7 Rate
R. Tate History 7 Rate
Aseem Nevrekar Physics 2 Rate
Loretta Bonds Computer Science 1 Rate
Michelle Seelig Chemistry 15 Rate
M MacH Mathematics 4 Rate
B.J. Higgins Science 23 Rate
Boyan Ganchev Chemistry 4 Rate
Kamille Soutee Accounting 14 Rate
J Harrelson Mathematics 5 Rate
W. Gorden History 2 Rate
T McCallister Biology 10 Rate
J Ludlow Sociology 112 Rate
Katherine Baker Art History 7 Rate
Randall Abrams Mathematics 15 Rate
J Whiley-Caughron English 2 Rate
Brandy Champeau Computer Science 0 Rate
Sandra Herron Languages 5 Rate
Collin Walke Political Science 4 Rate
P.J. Brooks Languages 9 Rate
McNair Moore Mathematics 0 Rate
Richard Young Jr Mathematics 1 Rate
S Ellington Political Science 7 Rate
L Farr Writing 20 Rate
C. Max Simmons Physics 24 Rate
C Neely Nursing 2 Rate
A Harvey Health Science 9 Rate
Robert Farrah Finance 0 Rate
Harvey Jenkins Biology 1 Rate
B. Belz Business 2 Rate
Steven Monroe Social Science 6 Rate
Ross Temple English 0 Rate
S Alwazzi Mathematics 20 Rate
P Decastro Mathematics 1 Rate
C Verschange English 3 Rate
Dana Passek English 11 Rate
John Campbell Biology 11 Rate
Felix Aquino Sociology 2 Rate
Hugh Hancock English 14 Rate
R Hopkins Political Science 101 Rate
M Pruitt Economics 1 Rate
L Ganick Sociology 12 Rate
Erin Latham Arts Humanities 0 Rate
Alexander Matveev Biology 15 Rate
K Anderson Writing 7 Rate
P Tello Languages 11 Rate
R Harvey History 22 Rate
Paul Ketchum Sociology 0 Rate
Corey Wilson Mathematics 1 Rate
M Shaughnessey Biology 9 Rate
Cari Deen Biology 1 Rate

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