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Langston University

Langston University

701 Sammy Davis Jr Dr
Langston, OK - 73050

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
W Brownell Accounting 2 Rate
F Edoho Business 0 Rate
C Kornegay Health Science 2 Rate
C Canada English 4 Rate
D Carrell English 4 Rate
D Freeman English 2 Rate
D Williams English 2 Rate
D. Bailey Mathematics 4 Rate
C Carter Ethnic Studies 0 Rate
E Kloh English 5 Rate
E Vick English 2 Rate
R. Hunt Psychology 4 Rate
K Lim English 2 Rate
L. Simpson English 2 Rate
L Skeen Nursing 4 Rate
M Hamilton Management 3 Rate
J Clark English 2 Rate
P Seyum Sociology 1 Rate
P Hawkins Nursing 0 Rate
P Maker English 3 Rate
R Grayson Computer Science 3 Rate
R Allen Management 1 Rate
T Hunter Nursing 3 Rate
S Kwankye Science 1 Rate
B Bates Theater 3 Rate
B Craig English 2 Rate
J Mann English 2 Rate

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