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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Terence Ryan Economics 0 Rate
Donald Coscia Mathematics 8 Rate
Jason Dayboch Engineering 0 Rate
Kenneth O'Brien Accounting 0 Rate
Kamal Mahajan Engineering 0 Rate
Timothy O'Shea Mathematics 0 Rate
Daniel Arcieri Biology 0 Rate
Worku Bitew Mathematics 26 Rate
James O'Brien Business 18 Rate
Cara O'Connor Philosophy 0 Rate
Jeffrey Guillot Political Science 3 Rate
Sonia Zervakos Languages 0 Rate
David Price English 13 Rate
Paul Angelo Business 26 Rate
Joanne Grasso History 0 Rate
Ronald Snyder Criminal Justice 13 Rate
Paul Cozzolino Graphic Arts 0 Rate
Robert Temme Aviation 0 Rate
David Panetta Criminal Justice 18 Rate
Jennifer Oksenhorn Anthropology 7 Rate
Rachel Andoscia Criminal Justice 9 Rate
Sylvia Schuste English 0 Rate
Douglas Johnston Mathematics 19 Rate
Maureen Tsokris Dental Hygiene 2 Rate
K Boone Van Hoff English 0 Rate
Vito D'Anna Aviation 0 Rate
Ileng Ramachandran Biology 0 Rate
Donna D'Ambrosio Mathematics 17 Rate
Paul Papenhausen Physics 0 Rate
Kim Miller Psychology 0 Rate
Gerald Grayson Economics 0 Rate
Carol Rivera Chemistry 0 Rate
Leslie Lamb Sociology 0 Rate
Carlos Marques Mathematics 20 Rate
Erick Alburez English 0 Rate
Christine Tudor Art History 1 Rate
Diane Bachor Communication 6 Rate
Kenneth Kassinger Criminal Justice 13 Rate
Irina Neymotin Mathematics 0 Rate
Caitlin Lapine Psychology 10 Rate
Malisa Ali Sociology 12 Rate
Holly Hilary Psychology 0 Rate
William Pfeiffer Business 0 Rate
Joseph Correa English 0 Rate
John McDermott English 0 Rate
Susan Paraspolo Sociology 61 Rate
Theodore Sapeta Business 10 Rate
Yeshwant Purandare Chemistry 14 Rate
David Phillips Mathematics 0 Rate
Jason Rudish Accounting 27 Rate
Joseph Cassano Marketing 33 Rate
William Capitano Biology 0 Rate
Alina Feld English 0 Rate
David Gerstl Computer & Information Systems 25 Rate
Robert Barry Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Jennie Thwing Visual Communications 1 Rate
Eileen Hein Management 0 Rate
Ray D'Sanza English 0 Rate
Andrea Henderson Business 2 Rate
Bruce Waldner Mathematics 27 Rate
A.T. Short Business 0 Rate
Maxine Greenidge Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
Barbara Applegate Art History 0 Rate
Ahmad Al-Daraiseh Engineering 3 Rate
Michelle Miranda Criminal Justice 32 Rate
Michael Dipasquale Biology 4 Rate
Maria Anderson Psychology 36 Rate
Jeanne D'Brant Biology 0 Rate
Eric Morgan Biology 7 Rate
Michael Pascale History 0 Rate
Thomas Azzara Physical Education 0 Rate
Mary Clifford Business 58 Rate
Janna Liggan English 3 Rate
David Abecassis Biology 0 Rate
Teresa Tomaselli-Connolly English 0 Rate
Maria Manaseri Business 0 Rate
Eric Anderson Architecture 2 Rate
Michael Itzkowitz Psychology 0 Rate
Donald O''Keefe Engineering 0 Rate
Katherina Carroll Psychology 44 Rate
Todd Mayo Writing 0 Rate
Rose D'Angelo Mathematics 0 Rate
Diane D'Angelo Languages 0 Rate
Anton Nikias Accounting 13 Rate
Andrew Kenny Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Lori Ditaranto English 0 Rate
Douglas Russell Psychology 0 Rate
James Bird Mathematics 3 Rate
Michael Passero English 9 Rate
Dudley Blossom Business 0 Rate
A Marsillo Biology 3 Rate
Jeffrey Egan Business 27 Rate
Jeffrey Goldberg Psychology 13 Rate
Nelson Sterner Agriculture 0 Rate
Christopher Olsen Biology 0 Rate
Nastassja Bissoon Biology 0 Rate
Loretta Mariano Health Science 0 Rate
Joseph Rossi Criminal Justice 21 Rate
Allison McGovern Anthropology 0 Rate
Nicholas Losito Mathematics 0 Rate
John Kosak Mathematics 23 Rate
Joseph Granitto English 0 Rate
James Rooney Criminal Justice 29 Rate
Dae Lee Economics 0 Rate
Eric Schwartz Biology 0 Rate
Carlos Jativa Electrical Engineering 0 Rate
Keith Brady Accounting 0 Rate
Andrew Frisch Computer Information Systems 0 Rate
Sona Brahmbhatt Computer Science 18 Rate
Beverly Sherringham English 0 Rate
Travis Holloway Philosophy 0 Rate
William Fauth Business 0 Rate
Steve Tricarico Geography 0 Rate
Wafa Daoud Foreign Languages 23 Rate
Eric Shircliff Sociology 0 Rate
Chris Agee Sociology 0 Rate
Gary Levanti Business 0 Rate
Robert Greenberg Criminal Justice 18 Rate
Chris Nehlen Not Specified 0 Rate
Antonio Munoz History 29 Rate
Grace Girardi Political Science 0 Rate
Patricia Bologna Visual Communication Design 0 Rate
Jody King Psychology 0 Rate
Thomas Carey Physics 0 Rate
Jill O'Sullivan Business 91 Rate
Brian O'Keefe Visual Communications 0 Rate
Wayne Horsley History 0 Rate
Robert Guarino Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Francis Curran History 0 Rate
Alexandra Giordano Art History 0 Rate
Charles Berger Physics 0 Rate
Mark Chambers History 0 Rate
Hope Terris English 0 Rate

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