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Borough of Manhattan Community College

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
Joel Barker Accounting 84 Rate
G Levy Communication 8 Rate
Anthony Drago English 11 Rate
Royal Fisher Education 0 Rate
Steven Beyer Science 0 Rate
C.A. Stamos Psychology 0 Rate
Jane Brof Mathematics 0 Rate
Ronald Cooperman Marketing 0 Rate
Jack Lowenthal Physics 0 Rate
Juan Lopez Criminal Justice 2 Rate
T Rodell Fine Arts 0 Rate
Beicer Tapia Biology 0 Rate
Fanny Rodriguez Modern Languages 36 Rate
M. Claire Pamplin English 48 Rate
Marguerite Rivas English 24 Rate
Patricia Dresch Health Science 0 Rate
S. Sikri Mathematics 0 Rate
Darcy Sternberg Communication 22 Rate
B. Ramamoorthy Economics 0 Rate
J.D. goldstein Marketing 0 Rate
Herbert Fischer History 13 Rate
June Gaston Mathematics 0 Rate
C. Ghartey Mathematics 16 Rate
Georgette Clay Speech 0 Rate
Gil Santos Health 0 Rate
Robin Selvin English 0 Rate
A J Creaco Physics 23 Rate
Suzanne Guillette English 0 Rate
Benjamin Haas Speech 40 Rate
Edward Boles Health Science 1 Rate
Michael Cacciola Health Science 0 Rate
Y. Hassebo Mathematics 0 Rate
Shenique Thomas Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Rosalie Gleicher Human Services 14 Rate
Diane Tishler Not Specified 0 Rate
J. C. Polanco Ethnic Studies 0 Rate
X.R. Qian Physics 0 Rate
Sharon Bourgeois Psychology 0 Rate
Brenda Wyatt Nursing 0 Rate
J Harlacher Mathematics 0 Rate
Harry Lutrin English 0 Rate
J. Axis Biology 0 Rate
M. Tennent English 0 Rate
B. K. Phillips Psychology 0 Rate
Michael Raphael Criminal Justice 28 Rate
M. Andria Biology 0 Rate
L Fow English 0 Rate
Hani Ahmar Mathematics 0 Rate
Barry Cooper Accounting 47 Rate
Alan Greenhalgh Mathematics 38 Rate
Eggers John P English 0 Rate
Myra Hellerstein Health 0 Rate
Julie Cassidy English 24 Rate
John Eggers English 0 Rate
Mitchell Preiss Mathematics 11 Rate
C Weber History 0 Rate
Connett Powell Accounting 48 Rate
Lashawna O'Faire Computer Science 0 Rate
Patricia O'Mara-Nordby Mathematics 0 Rate
Joseph Russo English 0 Rate
John Trujillo Political Science 0 Rate
Jose Del Pilar Psychology 24 Rate
Dwight Pierre Mathematics 105 Rate
Shirley Toplan Mathematics 0 Rate
Michelle Martin Not Specified 0 Rate
Megan Oneil Art 1 Rate
E.J Vaughn Fine Arts 0 Rate
M Chisholm Art History 0 Rate
Aaron Weinstein History 0 Rate
Andrea Alonzo English 0 Rate
Emerson Nobbee Accounting 16 Rate
Harry Miller Accounting 0 Rate
Deborah Gambs Sociology 30 Rate
Marcos Gonzalez Not Specified 0 Rate
Phillip Klepper Science 16 Rate
Anna K. Andrade English 0 Rate
Virginia Lee Education 18 Rate
Samah El Naggar Modern Languages 0 Rate
Charles Mahon Social Science 0 Rate
Allan R Felix Mathematics 0 Rate
Lanny Lester English 0 Rate
Ray Devonish Chemistry 0 Rate
Edward Skiba Psychology 0 Rate
A. Papoutisis English 0 Rate
A. Maurici Languages 0 Rate
Thomas Joyce Accounting 0 Rate
Elizabeth Chaney Theater 11 Rate
Marygrace O'Shea Media 0 Rate
O'rita Johnson Mathematics 0 Rate
Cara O'Connor Philosophy 8 Rate
N. Zukic Zukic Speech 0 Rate
Kouame N'guetta Mathematics 0 Rate
R Hughes English 0 Rate
Lina Villegas Gutierrez Law 0 Rate
Ester Smith Art History 0 Rate
David Rothenberg Art 0 Rate
Jill Richardson English 0 Rate
Sonia Scheindlin French 0 Rate
Andrew Gains Communication 1 Rate
P Brown Business 0 Rate
Herath Anuradha Speech 0 Rate
Welton Wisham Accounting 0 Rate
Carlos Chaparro Physics 0 Rate
Rosa George I Biology 1 Rate
Gary Welz Mathematics 20 Rate
J. Wynter English 0 Rate
Carl Johnson Sociology 0 Rate
J Clark English 20 Rate
A Barbara Ashton Mathematics 0 Rate
Alex D'Erizans History 112 Rate
Marcus Harvey Speech 0 Rate
Andy Harricharan Computer Applications 0 Rate
Mehdi Semmouni Mathematics 0 Rate
Bryan Zarou Political Science 0 Rate
J Rhodebeck Music 0 Rate
Marry Walsh Speech 0 Rate
L. Stevenson Computer Science 0 Rate
Barbara Lawrance Mathematics 0 Rate
Phillip Penner Biology 0 Rate
Leonard Rosenbaum Social Science 0 Rate
Darryl Brock History 5 Rate
Harold Spevack Chemistry 43 Rate
J Adler Psychology 0 Rate
Angela Jervis Accounting 163 Rate
K. E. Ford Saavik Social Science 0 Rate
K.E. Saavik Ford Humanities 0 Rate
D Sergio Biology 0 Rate
Domenico D'Orazio Mathematics 0 Rate
A. Posezneck Anthropology 0 Rate
P Biolas Mathematics 0 Rate
Jaime Smith Speech 0 Rate
Barbara Lawrence Mathematics 90 Rate
C. Linares Computer Science 0 Rate
Steven Mandelkorn Accounting 0 Rate
Samuel Sackeyfio Mathematics 0 Rate
C.S Rani Computer Science 0 Rate
A Hacey Education 0 Rate
N. Solyen Communication 0 Rate
Felecia Harrelson Communication 0 Rate
Steven R Tousley Spanish 7 Rate
Kevin Johnson Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Jonathan Jones Communication 27 Rate
Robert Sorensen Health Science 0 Rate
A. Ponder Biology 0 Rate
A Jaikaran Engineering 0 Rate
Rebecca Collier Speech 25 Rate
Mabel Asante English 0 Rate
Maria Santos Languages 0 Rate
W Noel Noel Mathematics 0 Rate
Aundrey Mitchell Music 6 Rate
Jonathan Smithersen Chinese 0 Rate
Sherry Engle English 0 Rate
Frank D'Esposito Computer Science 0 Rate
J Ostacher English 0 Rate
Leigh C LaBerge English 0 Rate
C. Ray Borck Sociology 23 Rate
Shannon Quinlan English 0 Rate
Ahmet M Kok Computer Science 0 Rate
Dena Utne Biology 0 Rate
D. Okor Business 0 Rate
Aleah Ranjitsingh Sociology 15 Rate
Joseph Logiudice Human Services 0 Rate
Dexter Forde Health Science 0 Rate
Douglas Machovic Health Science 0 Rate
Ori Duhockey Theater 0 Rate
Michael Basile Health Science 0 Rate
Ronald Ronald J Clare Jr Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Margeret O'Connor English 0 Rate
Karl O'Brian Williams Theater 0 Rate
Cara O' Connor Philosophy 0 Rate
Frederick Reese Mathematics 0 Rate
Tarak Sharma Chemistry 0 Rate
Steven Tousley Languages 21 Rate
Joseph Derima Accounting 78 Rate
Eugenia Cawley English 0 Rate
Lissie Carrasquillo Speech 0 Rate
Shanti Rywkin Health 0 Rate
M Miller English 0 Rate
Paula Humphreys Chemistry 0 Rate
Girija Dubey Science 0 Rate
Edith Robbins Biology 0 Rate
D Pryce Communication 0 Rate
Harvey Man Accounting 67 Rate
Margaret Dean Mathematics 0 Rate
P. DeFillippo Health 0 Rate
Andrei Nikonov Biology 0 Rate
A. Zaman Education 0 Rate
Aldo Balardini Economics 0 Rate
Antonio Cao Languages 0 Rate
Anthony Source Not Specified 0 Rate
Peter Fullerton Mathematics 0 Rate
Elizabeth Rolston Nursing 0 Rate
John O'Sullivan Computer Science 8 Rate
Dermot O'Reilly Science 0 Rate
R. Kane Social Work 0 Rate
David Krauss Biology 111 Rate
Rafael T Corbalan Spanish 0 Rate

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