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Hudson County Community College

Hudson County Community College

70 Sip Ave
Jersey City, NJ - 07306

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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
B Fersobe Biology 1 Rate
Jayne Murphy Sociology 0 Rate
Kevin O'Malley Culinary Arts 4 Rate
Elaine Domingo Education 0 Rate
Joseph Kaminski Humanities 0 Rate
Dionya Webb Humanities 0 Rate
Deborah Kanter English 6 Rate
N Mohammed Accounting 11 Rate
Jamila Hedhli Biology 0 Rate
G Riccardone Biology 0 Rate
Jason Minami Fine Arts 0 Rate
Metin Teke History 0 Rate
Noel Pura Biology 18 Rate
Jeffrey De Muro English 0 Rate
Steven Wilson Philosophy 17 Rate
Nor Fares Mathematics 0 Rate
Emily Skinner Sociology 13 Rate
Mundy Gerard Philosophy 0 Rate
C Chen Mathematics 0 Rate
Noelle Spellmeyer English 0 Rate
Fatima Amkouk Education 0 Rate
Jose Casanova Computer Science 9 Rate
Cesar Jaramillo Mathematics 0 Rate
Kathryn Buckley Information Science 0 Rate
Mohammedrafiq Siddiqui Geography 0 Rate
Angela Pack Education 0 Rate
J. Buscholtz Biology 0 Rate
R Pechter Mathematics 0 Rate
Demian.R Prince Not Specified 0 Rate
U Sabat Computer Science 0 Rate
Karina Veiga Languages 0 Rate
Sunanda Vaidya English 0 Rate
A. Estey English 0 Rate
Ghada Abdel-Halim Education 0 Rate
Armantina Pelaez Psychology 2 Rate
Teipen Jeremiah Art History 6 Rate
Lori Siddiqui Biology 0 Rate
Jose Montalvo Biology 0 Rate
Kathryn Buckley English 0 Rate
Kathleen Coughlin Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Tonisha Taylor Psychology 0 Rate
J Botros Mathematics 0 Rate
J Tawfik Mathematics 0 Rate
J Doku Mathematics 0 Rate
Joseph Segriff Not Specified 0 Rate
Elaine Maresca Mathematics 1 Rate
J Rosen Accounting 0 Rate
J. Segriff English 0 Rate
Michael Rossilli Psychology 0 Rate
K Perkins English 0 Rate
Sharon D'Agastino English 0 Rate
Fanta Jacqueline J Keita-William Mathematics 0 Rate
Edward Streeter English 3 Rate
Mary Daane Literature 2 Rate
I Ennis English 0 Rate
Michael De Matas Mathematics 0 Rate
Adam Bailey Social Science 3 Rate
John O'Hara Sociology 15 Rate
M. Bel Haj Abdallah Computer Science 0 Rate
Khalil Sandu Biology 0 Rate
S. Ponder English 0 Rate
Kasaun Henry History 0 Rate
Usha Wadhwani English 7 Rate
K Robb Psychology 0 Rate
H Raoudi Mathematics 0 Rate
Corey Hoelscher Mathematics 0 Rate
Victoria Lane Health Science 0 Rate
Gustave Ado Biology 0 Rate
Victor Moruzzi Culinary Arts 4 Rate
Mohamed Bel Haj A Computer Science 0 Rate
Amaechi Okoro History 0 Rate

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