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Professor Campus Department No. of Reviews
John Bonsell Architecture 4 Rate
Justin Boerma Chemistry 9 Rate
Michael O'Hara Law 0 Rate
J Reames History 21 Rate
James Hayes Geography 2 Rate
Roger Reestman Political Science 29 Rate
Douglas Lederer Law 2 Rate
Jasney Cogua Lopez Humanities 3 Rate
Pamela Kellar Biology 0 Rate
John Grove Political Science 0 Rate
Elaine Nelson History 9 Rate
Maria Walinski-Peterson Humanities 18 Rate
S Kubie Finance 0 Rate
S Vonrentzell Management 0 Rate
Charles King Art History 0 Rate
Heather Giles-Woener Psychology 14 Rate
J Downing Mathematics 0 Rate
Tim Lynch Physics 0 Rate
Lisa Medina Health Science 0 Rate
Patrick O'Neil Public Administration 7 Rate
Catherine Chmidling Women's Studies 7 Rate
W Nekoranec Management 0 Rate
Edward Lueninghoener Film 0 Rate
Nikitah R.A. Imani Black Studies 6 Rate
Z Gonlubol Business 0 Rate
Sarah Cohen English 11 Rate
A'Jamal Byndon Black Studies 1 Rate
Hesham Ali Information Science 3 Rate
Tom Sires Engineering 0 Rate
Dylan King Mathematics 0 Rate
Sara Shinn Computer Science 1 Rate
Allan Fanning Economics 10 Rate
Fredrick Nielsen History 0 Rate
Brandon Weihs Geology 15 Rate
Mark Sundermeier Criminal Justice 2 Rate
D Heinert Finance 0 Rate
James Harrold Public Administration 2 Rate
Michelle Todd Geography 0 Rate
F. Cody Talarico Music 0 Rate
Stephen Nugen Not Specified 0 Rate
Carrie Lacy Anthropology 13 Rate
G Bren Business 2 Rate
Barry Ford Music 0 Rate
Danielle Battisti History 16 Rate
Khuld Hamoudi Mathematics 0 Rate
Rachel Olive Social Work 0 Rate
Samuel Butler-Hunziker Mathematics 0 Rate
Brad Jezewski Biology 0 Rate
Alvin Tarrell Information Science 2 Rate
Eric O'Brien English 0 Rate
Jeffrey Kosse English 4 Rate
P Huerter Marketing 0 Rate
F. C. "Chuck" Powell Gerontology 0 Rate
Gregory Taylor Marketing 0 Rate
Yvonne Tixier Y Vigil Education 0 Rate
Carol Atwater Chemistry 0 Rate
Bonnie O'Connell Fine Arts 3 Rate
Henry D'Souza Social Work 0 Rate
Jeanne Cunningham Computer Science 0 Rate
A. Bryce Hoflund Public Administration 0 Rate
Heidi Macy Management 0 Rate
M Hanna Law 0 Rate
Michael Boylan Physics 2 Rate
James Vnuk English 12 Rate
Ellen Madison-Holts Black Studies 0 Rate
Paul Van Vliet Information Science 19 Rate
M Weiler Economics 0 Rate
Michael Glennon Sociology 5 Rate
Gary Krause Engineering 0 Rate
Alexey Krasnoslobodtsev Physics 2 Rate
Andrea Zardetto-Smith Women's Studies 0 Rate
Carrie Conley Criminal Justice 0 Rate
Robert Shick Public Administration 0 Rate
John Powers Anthropology 8 Rate
J. Mark Leonard Economics 0 Rate
J Snodgrass Psychology 0 Rate
J Casas Psychology 0 Rate
Z. Randall Stroope Music 0 Rate
Alan Osborn Anthropology 0 Rate
R Metz Economics 0 Rate

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